San Fernando Valley Wrongful Death Attorney

No one can possibly prepare for the emotional repercussions and financial burdens the loss of a loved one can leave on you or your family. If your loved one has been taken from you due to the negligence of another, counsel with the best possible legal representation at no risk. You may have a wrongful death claim. The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg in San Fernando Valley can listen compassionately as you explain your case and help you to decide the best legal course of action to take. Let our experts investigate your case, compile testimony, consult with experts, and meticulously document all evidence gathered. We gain nothing if we do not win for our clients. Wrongful death claims can be complicated and difficult to prove. Speak to our experienced wrongful death attorney with over thirty-five years of practicing law. Allow our offices to seek all possible damages. You may be owed compensation for emotional trauma, medical bills, and funeral costs.

Possible Wrongful Death Cases

  • The driver and/or employer who may be at fault in an auto or transportation accident
  • Construction accidents
  • The designer and/or builder of defective roadways
  • A government delegate who failed to provide
  • Death caused by a poisonous workplace environment (Asbestos/Mesothelioma)

Possible Damages Awarded in a Wrongful Death Case

  • Expenses from any medical bills, caused by the accident, for the care of the deceased before they died.
  • Expenses related to the funeral, burial, or cremation.
  • Amount of money the deceased would fairly have earned had he or she remained alive and able to provide
  • Loss of financial stability for you and/or your family
  • Loss of companionship, affection, or emotional trauma

Award-winning trial attorney Howard Craig Kornberg has over thirty-five years of experience in building, filing, and litigating wrongful death claims. Our offices in San Fernando Valley are not afraid to stand up to negligent corporations, drivers, medical doctors, or even employers. Wrongful death claims are a civil matter and can still be filed even if the negligent party is not convicted in criminal court. Those guilty of being negligent should be held, at least, monetarily accountable for their negligence. Every situation is unique and no one can adequately put a price tag on the loss and grief you and your loved ones have had to endure.

The Code of Civil Procedure in California sets the statute of limitations on filing a wrongful death claim. The claim must be filed within two years of the wrongful death. Do not hesitate to consult with the proper legal representation to help investigate your claim and inform you of all legal avenues at your disposal. Our well known wrongful death attorney is a formidable litigator and trial attorney. Let us ensure that those guilty of the worst possible negligence, are held liable in civil court and made to pay restitution and damages. Our offices in San Fernando Valley are known for showing our clients compassion, and for being intimidating in the courtroom as their representation. Call us today at 310-997-0904 or email us to request a free consultation.