Los Angeles SoFi Stadium Accident Attorney Attorney

When you go to a stadium, it is typically to watch a sporting event or a concert. Stadiums are meant to be a place where you create new memories and enjoy your favorite past times. It is not the place you expect will cause you harm and injury. The unfortunate truth is that you can be injured at a stadium in several ways, including slips and falls, construction accidents, motor vehicle/car collisions, and flying objects.

Motor Vehicle collisions can include Auto vs. Pedestrian, Bus vs Vehicle, or Pedestrian. Collisions often occur in large venues as a result of distracted or careless driving and can cause serious damage. You should contact a SoFi stadium accident attorney immediately after being injured in a stadium accident.

Slip and Fall Accidents at SoFi Stadium

Stadiums must keep safe conditions, and a wet or slippery floor would not be considered safe. Like any other slip and fall accident on a property, you will need to be able to prove certain elements in a case:

  • The area where you fell was dangerous or had a hazardous condition
  • The owner knew or should have reasonably known there was a hazard and did nothing to correct it.
  • Their negligent actions led to your injuries.
  • You have suffered significant physical injuries and damages from the accident.

These elements must be proven in any premises liability or personal injury case. Any spectator who attends an event in a stadium is owed a special duty of care. Owners and managers need to maintain the property with routine inspections and correct any conditions that could lead to an injury. Examples include broken seats, missing handrails, flooded floors, leaking pipes, and poor lighting. If these issues are not corrected, this can lead to serious injury.

SoFi Stadium Construction Accidents

Another way that someone can be injured at a stadium is due to construction. Whether you are a construction worker or patron who unknowingly walks onto a construction zone, you should be kept safe and negligent parties should be held liable. A construction worker who is injured on the job has protections under OSHA and legal options. Others are injured as a result of negligent construction or defects in conditions created during construction.

Flying Objects at SoFi Stadium

You may think that a foul ball that ends up hitting you is part of the game and that no one can be held liable. However, that is not the case, as parties can be responsible for your injuries. Even though there are warning signs, protective netting, and other preventive measures in place, you should still have a SoFi Stadium accident attorney investigate the incident that caused your injury.

Injuries From a SoFi Stadium Accident

Several injuries can occur during a SoFi stadium accident. These include:

There may be other injuries that you suffer when injured at a stadium. It is essential to report the incident to stadium officials, obtain medical attention, obtain contact information for witnesses, and take photos of the hazardous condition. Contact a SoFi stadium accident attorney following a stadium accident.

Contact a SoFi Stadium Accident Attorney

Premise liability relates to a property owner keeping safe conditions for all guests. When you buy a ticket to an event at a stadium, you become a guest and are owed a duty of care by the property owner. Suppose you are injured on the premises; they can be held liable for your injuries and damages. You will need to document everything, including contact information for witnesses, filing an accident report with the venue, getting medical attention, and contacting a SoFi stadium accident attorney. Call the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg at 310-997-0904 today.