June 27, 2023
Navigating the Streets of Los Angeles: E-Scooter Accidents and Steps to Take Electric scooters, or e-scooters, have zoomed onto the streets of Los Angeles, bringing with them a wave of convenience, fun, and unfortunately, accidents. With companies like Lime, Bird, and Uber providing e-scooter rental services, their usage has exploded in recent[...]
June 13, 2023
Steering Through The Legal Complexities After a Car Accident Car accidents are, unfortunately, common occurrences. While the immediate aftermath often involves dealing with physical injuries and damaged vehicles, it's also essential to consider the legal implications. Knowing when to involve an attorney can greatly assist in navigating this challenging[...]
May 30, 2023
Summer Dangers on the Road – Understanding Truck Accidents in Los Angeles Summer is a time for vacations, road trips, and increased commercial activities, leading to an uptick in traffic on the roads of Los Angeles. Among the various road users, large trucks often stand out not just because of their size[...]
May 16, 2023
Summer Strife: Investigating the Link Between Summertime and Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles Motorcycles, synonymous with the thrill of open roads and a sense of freedom, are a common sight in Los Angeles, especially during summer. However, the increase in motorcycle usage during these sun-drenched months often coincides with a rise in motorcycle[...]
April 26, 2023
LA Pedestrian Etiquette Rules (That Will Also Boost Your Safety) Anyone who lives in Los Angeles or a similar crowded city understands that there are certain unspoken etiquette rules all pedestrians should follow. Doing so doesn’t just ensure that pedestrians don’t get in the way of one another. Following these[...]
April 12, 2023
Are Car Accidents More Common in Construction Zones? Practicing safe driving habits is important in any setting. However, this may be particularly important when driving in a construction zone. Because there are people at work nearby, you need to obey the rules of the road and remain aware[...]
March 21, 2023
Planning a Road Trip: Essential Safety Tips Road trips offer an opportunity to explore new places and forge memories with friends and family. This is particularly true in a gorgeous state like California. However, it’s worth remembering that motor vehicle accidents can happen on road trips. Planning[...]
March 7, 2023
Items to Have in Your Car in Case an Accident Ever Occurs Virtually anyone can be involved in a car accident. While this isn’t an experience you might like to think about, it’s important to be prepared when driving. Along with obeying the law and generally practicing safe driving habits, you can[...]
March 7, 2023
Factors That Increase the Risk of Pedestrian Accidents Pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries or even death due to the fact that pedestrians are quite vulnerable on the road. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are also somewhat common in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety[...]
February 21, 2023
How Tourism Impacts Motor Vehicle and Pedestrian Accident Rates in LA Tourism is an important industry for many major cities around the world. Los Angeles is a prime example of a city in which tourism plays a major role in the local economy. That said, tourism can also have unintended consequences,[...]
January 26, 2023
Why You Should Never Post About Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Case on Social Media Have you been injured due to someone else’s negligence in Los Angeles? If so, you may be understandably frustrated. Although you can pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other such losses with the help of a Los[...]
January 10, 2023
How New Technologies May Guard Against Truck Accidents in California Truck accidents are a major safety concern on the roads, causing significant injuries and deaths each year. However, new technologies are being developed and implemented to help prevent truck accidents and make the roads safer for everyone. Hopefully, trucking companies[...]
December 20, 2022
Sleep-Deprivation is Similar to Intoxication: What Driver Should Know Being sleep-deprived is a common issue in today's fast-paced world, and it has serious consequences for our health and well-being. However, many people may not be aware that being sleep-deprived is similar to being intoxicated in terms of its impact[...]
December 6, 2022
Are Motor Vehicle Accidents More Common Near College Campuses? Motor vehicle accidents are a serious issue that affect communities all over the world, and college campuses are no exception. Whether it be car accidents, pedestrian accidents, or other types of motor vehicle accidents, there are a number of factors[...]
November 22, 2022
How Proper Urban Design Guards Against Pedestrian Accidents Pedestrian accidents often result from the negligence of motorists. However, studies of pedestrian accidents in recent years have increasingly determined that another major factor can play a significant role in contributing to or guarding against such accidents: urban design. Proper[...]
November 8, 2022
When Are Motor Vehicle Accidents Most Common? Practicing safe driving habits is one of many steps you can take to limit your chances of being harmed in a motor vehicle accident in California. Additionally, whenever possible, avoiding driving during times of year and times of day when[...]
October 26, 2022
New California Law allows Pedestrain to Jaywalk without being ticketed It’s long been the case that pedestrians in Los Angeles and other cities throughout California could receive tickets for jaywalking regardless of whether they were in any danger of being involved in an accident when crossing the street. That’s set[...]
October 12, 2022
Rainy Winter Predicted for LA: How to Stay Safe on the Road The Old Farmers’ Almanac has been a trusted guide for literally centuries now. While its accuracy is up for debate, with some swearing by it and others dismissing it, many still use it to make plans for the winter. If[...]
September 27, 2022
LA Purple Line Construction Halted After Numerous Accidents LA Metro has recently undertaken a major project involving the extension of existing subway and light-rail lines, along with the addition of new lines. One of the main purposes of this project is to boost the city’s infrastructure in anticipation[...]
September 13, 2022
After California Accident, NTSB wants new cars to detect drunk driving Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is incredibly dangerous. Despite knowing This, far too many motorists get behind the wheel while drunk every day in the United States. This can result in tragic consequences. For example, in[...]
August 29, 2022
3 Tips To Guard Against Dog Bite Accidents Dogs can be very lovable and friendly animals. However, dogs can also cause harm when they bite. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately one in five people bitten by a dog will require medical attention. Most dog bite[...]
August 15, 2022
3 Street Design Ideas To Prevent Speeding Accidents In Los Angeles Negligent motorists can cause accidents that result in injury or death in various ways. Often, careless drivers cause accidents when they are speeding. This is a particularly significant problem in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. In a recent Los Angeles Times[...]
July 27, 2022
Traffic Accident Fatalities On The Rise In Los Angeles Busy cities like Los Angeles often have relatively high motor vehicle accident rates. When there is more traffic congestion, there are more opportunities for accidents to occur. However, research indicates that our city’s roadways are becoming even more dangerous for[...]
July 12, 2022
Los Angeles & Neighboring Cities Have High Rates Of Pedestrian Accidents The urban policy nonprofit Smart Growth America recently conducted a study in which the most dangerous California cities for pedestrians were identified. At the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, where Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorneys frequently monitor these topics,[...]
June 28, 2022
Do GPS Apps Cause Car Accidents? Gone are the days when motorists had to rely on paper maps to help them navigate areas with which they were unfamiliar. These days, many if not most drivers have smartphones. Thus, they can use GPS apps to help them[...]
June 14, 2022
3 Ways Technology Can Help You Avoid Pedestrian Accidents You already know that it is very unsafe to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, many don’t realize that it is also extremely dangerous to walk in a busy area when intoxicated. Many[...]
May 26, 2022
Data Indicates US Traffic Fatalities Becoming Increasingly Common Virtually everyone who operates a motor vehicle does so knowing that driving a car or riding a motorcycle involves a certain degree of risk. It’s important that motorists, vehicle designers, vehicle manufacturers, law enforcement, government agencies, and all other relevant[...]
May 10, 2022
3 Essential Dog Safety Tips for Summer Summer is upon us here in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Many dog owners enjoy this time of year specifically because it gives them more opportunities to explore the city and the region with their furry friends in tow.[...]
April 27, 2022
How to Prepare for a Consultation With a Personal Injury Attorney Have you been injured in an accident in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Inglewood, or another nearby city or community in California? If your accident resulted from the negligence of another individual or party, you may be able to recover compensation[...]
April 12, 2022
Why Walking While Drunk in LA is Highly Dangerous Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous. Most people understand this. Alcohol affects your judgment, reduces your ability to respond to hazards, and can even increase your chances of falling asleep or passing out behind[...]
March 24, 2022
Why Going For a Walk in Los Angeles Can be Dangerous Los Angeles is an exciting city. What makes the city so unique is its appeal to drivers. Since the city’s inception, the city was designed with the driver’s needs in mind. There are very few areas in Los Angeles that[...]
March 8, 2022
Spring Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in California While everyone is patiently awaiting the return of spring, there is no group more eager for the warm weather than motorcyclists. The return of spring means the return of the motorcycle. Motorcyclists who had to put their bikes away for[...]
February 24, 2022
Understanding California Dog Bite Laws If you have been attacked by a dog in the state of California, understanding the Golden State’s dog bite laws is important. Because California is a so-called “strict liability” state, pet owners are generally held responsible for the injuries their[...]
February 8, 2022
CHP: 35% Uptick in Rate of Fatal Crashes California’s roads are more dangerous than ever to both drivers and occupants in motor vehicles and pedestrians making their way from place to place by foot. Officials say that the ongoing spike in deaths on California’s highways and byways is[...]
January 25, 2022
How Insurance Companies Will Try To Play You Many questions buzz around the heads of those recently involved in car accidents. Will I be considered liable for the accident? How will I get to work without a car? Will I lose my job? How will I pay for[...]
January 11, 2022
How Violation Of Common Trucker Laws May Lead To More Accidents Becoming the victim of a truck accident is devastating. It can injure and even kill victims, leaving families with up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Yet during claims proceedings, it is sometimes overlooked that truckers may be[...]
December 30, 2021
The Sudden Medical Emergency Defense Claim Car and other automobile accidents can be extremely arduous legal battles between two parties. In nearly every case, one or both of the parties will attempt to pull out excuses in an attempt to avoid liability for the accident. Despite[...]
December 14, 2021
Avoiding Dog Bites in Long Beach, California There are many warning signs that you can look out for to determine if a dog is capable of acting out of line and biting someone. This may be your own dog biting another person, or someone else’s dog potentially[...]
November 29, 2021
Drowsy Driving: Its Impacts on Riverside and How to Prevent It Every year, millions of Californians take to the roads under the influence of something just as serious as drugs - sleep deprivation. Drowsiness at the wheel is an extremely serious problem in a society that prioritizes a fast-paced professional culture[...]
November 15, 2021
Santa Ana Freeway Pile-up Proves Fatal After a Las Vegas native returning from a night of partying in Orange County decided to drive back to his hometown, he ended up causing a mass pile-up that ended the life of one and injured many more. The Law[...]
October 28, 2021
Riverside Pedestrian Struck, 2 DUI Suspects Detained Police were called out to an unusual pedestrian accident on September 28. Authorities say that is when a Riverside pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and taken to a local hospital in critical condition, and police say two drivers in[...]
October 12, 2021
Dog Whisperer Caesar Millan And Dangerous Dog Under Fire, Queen Latifah’S Dog Allegedly Mauled To Death Celebrities who turn to the Dog Whisperer Caesar Millan for help with their dogs may be thinking twice in the aftermath of the alleged mauling death of Queen Latifah’s dog. The singer’s two dogs were left at reality star Millan’s[...]
September 28, 2021
How To Make The At-Fault Driver Pay After A Car Accident In Los Angeles? One of the most important responsibilities any driver has when operating their vehicle is to drive safely. Not only to keep themselves safe but to do their part to keep those who share the roads with them safe as well.[...]
September 14, 2021
Common Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents In Los Angeles Pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles are becoming an increasing cause for concern. Despite millions of people staying home during 2020, the number of pedestrian accidents across the state dramatically increased. But why? Let’s explore some of the more common causes[...]
August 31, 2021
Mother Of Four Killed In Wrong-Way Crash With A Commercial Truck In Los Angeles Commercial trucks are essential to businesses since they are used to carry goods. However, these vehicles can be terrifying to drive around, given how big they are compared to a standard car. In addition, commercial truck drivers often have to[...]
August 18, 2021
A Dog Is A Man’s Best Friend Or Worst Nightmare When The Dog Attacks Dogs are seen as much more than just as household pets. We welcome dogs into our homes and make them part of our family. But when a dog attacks a person, leaving serious bite injuries, it can be a tough[...]
July 28, 2021
L.A. Is The Best And Worst Place For Bicycle Enthusiasts Southern California has ideal weather for cyclists all year. The topography makes for easy bike commutes, and the hills and mountains offer bike adventurers explorations into nature. But it may all be a mirage because Bicycling Magazine recently named L.A.[...]
July 13, 2021
More Electric Scooter Rentals Mean More Injuries And Fatalities Andrew Hardy zoomed around downtown Los Angeles on a rented stand-up electric scooter. While crossing a street, a car traveling 50 mph struck him on the e-scooter, sending him flying 15 feet in the air before crashing down to the[...]
June 30, 2021
Medtronic Insulin Pump Recalled In late 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled several models of Medtronic insulin pumps. The recall is a Class 1, the most serious recall classification. It comes after almost 30,000 complaints were issued by patients and patient[...]
June 17, 2021
California Ranks First In Dog Bite Fatalities In the United States, an estimated 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs annually. According to the most recent data, medical attention is needed in more than 800,000 dog bites, and California has the most dog bite fatalities nationally. The[...]
May 28, 2021
Ridesharing Services Increases Traffic Deaths COVID lockdowns are lifting all over the United States. This is a special relief for Southern Californians with our lockdowns being more extreme than most of the country. With more and more areas opening, we will see more people out[...]
May 12, 2021
The Roundup Battle Continues The long journey of litigation regarding Bayer's RoundUp being a human carcinogen took a new twist recently when a U.S. federal appeals court blocked California from requiring RoundUp to label its weed killer with a cancer warning. This ruling does[...]
April 29, 2021
Essure Birth Control Device Is Off The Market But Injuries Continue Essure became available in the US in 2002 but it wasn’t until over a decade later complaints about the device began catching the attention of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). From relatively few complaints submitted to the FDA in previous[...]
April 12, 2021
Does California Highway + Motorcycle + Speed = Crash? The fact is, driving at a high rate of speed on a motorcycle decreases the amount of time you have to react to unexpected circumstances. And with less time to react, you must make your decision about what to do[...]
March 30, 2021
Is Drunk Driving the same as Drug Driving? There is little more to be said that we don't already know about the devastating impacts of drunk driving. For more than 35 years, our team at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg has fiercely advocated for drunk driving victims.[...]
March 15, 2021
What You Need to Know About Delayed Injuries from Car Accidents? It can happen to anyone. You’re on the way to work, to an appointment, or to pick up the kids from school, and BAM! A driver ran the red light and plowed right into you. Thankfully, they saw you and[...]
February 24, 2021
Pedestrian Accidents Fluctuate Year-to-Year but are Increasing Over Time in California  Are people walking with less care, or are drivers driving with more distractions? The truth is incidents fluctuate. Some years seem safer than others. We could assume that because of remote working due to covid-19 precautions, fewer cars on the[...]
February 9, 2021
Distracted Driving is on the Rise: What You Need to Know About Social Media and Teen Drivers? It is a funny thing to watch the generations change. I am a Millennial. I used a card catalog at my first library and now have a cell phone in my pocket to look up anything I desire. I can[...]
January 28, 2021
Winnetka Mother Killed in Canoga Park Due to a Hit and Run When we are up and out of the house early, we want to get started on the day. We may be up early enough to see the sunrise, go for a jog, and simply start being productive before anyone is[...]
January 14, 2021
Wrong-Way Driver Abandons Vehicle Injuring Others When we are watching television with our family, we get excited when there is a police chase. Hollywood has a talent show for skillful drivers weaving in and out of traffic. What we do not realize is that a police[...]
December 23, 2020
Man Struck By Three Hit-And-Run Drivers Hit-and-run crashes are often tragic. Most people understand that the right thing to do after being involved in an accident is to stop, ensure you are okay, and check on others involved. However, hit-and-run accidents are not uncommon in and[...]
December 9, 2020
Milk Truck Lands On SUV Near Downtown LA Sometimes headlines about vehicle accidents make you turn your head to look again. You might even click on the article. For instance, if you see a news story about a milk truck landing on top of an SUV, this may[...]
November 24, 2020
Motorcycle Accident in Chatsworth Ends in Fatality A motorcycle brings a lot of responsibility and freedom. The fresh air, scenery, and thrill make riding a motorcycle a thrilling adventure. But that adventure ends when the rules of the road are not adhered to and respected. A motorcycle[...]
November 12, 2020
Milk Truck Tanker Overturns on Freeway Causing Injuries Traveling down the highway is the fastest and easiest way to get places. We expect everyone to be following the rules of the road to make sure everyone gets where they need to go safely. But sometimes tragedy strikes, and[...]
October 26, 2020
Tragic Pedestrian Accident in Los Angeles Leaves One Person Dead The streets should be safe for pedestrians, most of all. Pedestrians cannot move as fast, swerve, or be insulated and protected as a driver in a car. Pedestrians should be able to walk the streets, talk on the phone, chat[...]
October 12, 2020
Tragic Car Accident in Los Angeles Leaves One Person Dead and Others Injured When we are traveling, we expect the roads to be safe; everyone is responsible and not endangering anyone else. We want our trips to be carefree with the radio and look forward to wherever we are headed. Someone driving down[...]
September 14, 2020
Do Not Underestimate The Severity Of Whiplash Injuries In A Car Accident The last thing anybody expects when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle is it they will be involved in an accident. However, accidents are not uncommon in and around the Los Angeles area. Most vehicle accident injuries are[...]
August 17, 2020
Wide-Turn Truck Crashes Can Be Devastating Driving around large commercial vehicles can seem daunting, and there are many different ways that accidents can occur. While most people think of accidents involving tractor-trailers happening while vehicles are moving down the roadway, the reality is that many truck[...]
July 16, 2020
Pedestrian Crashes And COVID-19 – Watch Out As Summer Heats Up The unfortunate reality is that pedestrian accidents often end in tragedy. The human body has virtually no protection against the force of a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds slamming into it. Pedestrian accidents are not uncommon in and around[...]
June 15, 2020
Dogs Bite Postal Workers, and Other People Too This country relies on postal service workers more than most of us realize. The employees of the US Postal Service (USPS) are known for operating regardless of the weather conditions or temperatures outside. They have incredibly difficult jobs and face[...]
May 14, 2020
Car Crashes Have Been Reduced, But For How Long? The coronavirus pandemic that has swept across the globe has caused unprecedented levels of devastation. The United States alone has passed 60,000 total fatalities due to COVID-19, and that number is expected to continue to rise. In California, there has[...]
April 14, 2020
Coronavirus Stay At Home Orders Have Reduced Traffic Accidents – But We Still Need To Drive Safely As the United States and California continue to grapple with slowing the spread of COVID-19, we are seeing many reports of a dramatic reduction in traffic accidents and traffic deaths. This is due to most people heeding Gov. Newsome’s stay[...]
March 16, 2020
13-Year-Old Boy Killed In Pedestrian Crash Despite Los Angeles being part of the Vision Zero initiative, it seems like we hear about pedestrian and bicycle accident deaths every day. A recent crash that occurred in Los Angeles took the life of a 13-year-old boy. At the[...]
February 14, 2020
Should You Go To The Doctor For A Dog Bite? Nobody ever expects they will be bitten by a dog. However, these incidents happen more often than most people realize. Dogs are arguably the most popular pet in the United States, and it is inevitable by injuries will occur. At[...]
January 15, 2020
2019 Was A Devastating Year For LA Crashes This was a rough year for Los Angeles drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. While we know that driving in this area can be complicated, it seems like traffic fatalities and injuries are increasing each year despite efforts to improve safety. At[...]
December 14, 2019
Hit-And-Run Driver Kills 11-Year-Old Boy Nobody should ever have to worry about getting injured in a hit-and-run accident. Unfortunately, there are times when careless and negligent drivers cause serious harm to other people and then flee the scene. At the Law Offices of Howard Craig[...]
November 20, 2019
Pedestrian Struck By Car Dies from Delayed Onset Injuries It is important to understand that not all car accident injuries look the same. While many are obvious, there are many injuries that could be hidden after a sudden impact. At the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, our qualified[...]
October 15, 2019
One Killed In Big Rig Crash Driving on the roadways around large tractor-trailers can be daunting. These vehicles can cause serious injuries if they get into an accident. Today, the team at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg wants to discuss a recent crash that[...]
October 2, 2019
Allergan Breast Implants Linked To ALCL You should never have to worry about a medical implant causing you to become injured or ill. However, there are times when the careless or negligent actions of a company lead to consumer illness or injury. There has been a[...]
September 17, 2019
Young Woman Killed After Being Struck By Impaired Driver We face plenty of risks when we get behind the wheel of our vehicles each day. While most people do what they can to drive safely, we cannot control the actions of those around us. There are times when someone[...]
August 15, 2019
Riverside Hit-And-Run Crash Leaves One Dead Car crashes are terrifying for everyone involved. In the aftermath of a crash that was caused by the careless or negligent actions of another person, you may wonder what your next steps should be. At the Law Offices of Howard[...]
July 12, 2019
Man In A Wheelchair Struck By A Vehicle When you are in and around the roadways of the city, you should not have to worry about the actions of a negligent driver causing you harm. However, if you need a pedestrian accident lawyer, we are here to help.[...]
June 15, 2019
New Dog Attack Rules For Riverside Our furry friends make the best companions. From small Chihuahuas hanging out in purses to giant Great Danes prancing around taller than their owners, furry friends have a way of making us feel whole. Some people treat their pets as[...]
June 14, 2019
Reporting Car Accidents Online Earlier this month the Los Angeles Police Department announced it will have a new online platform where accident victims can report car accidents. There are some requirements for filing a report. The new system is for victims involved in a[...]
June 13, 2019
How Dangerous is Riding a Motorcycle In Los Angeles? The wind in your hair, the beautiful weather, and the possibility of avoiding traffic sound like the perfect combination. These are just some of the reasons many Los Angeles residents choose to hop on a motorcycle as opposed to a[...]
June 12, 2019
Man Runs Red Light, Kills Another Driver And Himself When you hit the road each day, we know that the last thing you think about is getting injured. However, even when you take the steps necessary to stay safe when you drive, you cannot control the actions of other[...]
June 11, 2019
Woman and Five Dogs Die In Car Accident There is nothing fun about getting injured in a car accident. Not every driver on the road is cautious. Some people drive their cars as if they are playing bumper cars. Getting injured due to a negligent driver can not[...]
June 8, 2019
DUI Arrested For Injuring Pedestrian It is about that time of year when the weather is consistently gorgeous, and people are choosing to walk instead of drive. California summers are hard to beat anywhere else. People are feeling the need to be more active and[...]
June 7, 2019
Boy and Grandmother Mauled By Neighbor’s Dog Everyone loves a cute and furry companion. Not every cute and furry companion likes other humans. Dog bites are growing in a society that is obsessed with our four-legged pets. Our dog attacks attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard[...]
June 6, 2019
5 Things You Should Know About Truck Drivers Everyone loves a good road trip. California is a beautiful long state with many attractions starting at the very north end of the state down to the very south. Because we are such a densely populated state, there is always[...]
June 5, 2019
5 Thing To Know About Lane Splitting It is all the rage: lane splitting. There is a mixed review of the lane splitting law that was passed in 2016. Between motorcyclists and other vehicles, the concept of lane splitting has its pros and cons. However, according to[...]
June 4, 2019
2 Dead After Cars Burst Into Flames Getting injured in a car accident is traumatizing for the victim and his or her family. Not only does the victim have to deal with the pain and suffering of an injury, but they also have to deal with the[...]
June 1, 2019
Woman Arrested For DUI After Fatal Crash When you are out on the roadway, you know that there are risks and that you do what you can to drive safely. However, you cannot control the actions of other drivers and sometimes their negligence can cause you harm.[...]
May 31, 2019
We Have More Trucks Than You Think If you are anything like most of us, you probably do not think about how many large trucks you see on the roadways when you are out driving. We are talking about the commercial truck, ones that we count on[...]
May 30, 2019
Mayor Crashed Into LAPD Motorcycle Officer When you head out on a motorcycle, you know that there are more risks than if you were inside a regular passenger vehicle. Most motorcycle owners take steps to be safe on the roadway, but they cannot control the behaviors[...]
May 29, 2019
Hit-And-Run Crash Kills Pedestrian Anyone who lives in and around the LA metropolitan area understands that pedestrians face enormous risk on the roadways, and not usually due to their own behavior. Negligent drivers are a plague for those who walk and jog in and[...]
May 28, 2019
Why California Leads The Way In Dog Bites? You may have missed it, but the week of April 7 through the 13 was National Dog Bite Prevention Week. We know, you may be thinking, “Why do we need a week for that?” At the Law Offices of Howard[...]
May 25, 2019
“Storage Wars” Star Seriously Injured in California Motorcycle Accident Barry Weiss, star of the long-running reality TV series "Storage Wars," was involved in a serious motorcycle crash on Wednesday in Los Feliz. The accident, which occurred around 2:30 p.m. left Weiss and a friend traveling with him on the[...]
May 24, 2019
Hit By Uninsured/Underinsured Driver: Now What? Being involved in a car accident is a tough enough pill to swallow, especially if you were not to blame. However, it's harder yet to come to terms with being hit by a negligent driver if that driver doesn't have[...]
May 23, 2019
Hit-and-Run, DUI Driver Kills Man in Wheelchair at Crosswalk Police say that a man in a wheelchair suffered injuries that led to his death while he was attempting to cross a street in Long Beach last week. The man, Kyle McNeley, age 29 of Lakewood, was struck down by[...]
May 22, 2019
Do California Pedestrians Always Have the Right-of-Way? California has a high rate of pedestrian accidents. In fact, the California Department of Motor Vehicles states that 22 percent of all traffic incidents involve pedestrian fatalities. Some safety experts have suggested that the confusion about pedestrians’ rights versus the[...]
May 21, 2019
California Top Dog Bite State, Again Once again, California has been named the top state in the United States when it comes to the number of people injured by dogs each year. According to analyses by the Insurance Information Institute (III) and State Farm, there were[...]
May 17, 2019
What Can You Do When Someone Lies on a Car Accident Report? Being hurt in an accident can turn your life upside down. It’s particularly stressful when you did nothing to cause the accident yourself. If the at-fault party misrepresents the truth (or even outright lies) when giving their version of events[...]
May 16, 2019
What is the Dog Bite Quarantine Law in California? Being bitten by a dog can be a scary and devastating event, especially if you suffered major injuries as a result. Regardless of what caused the dog to bite, there are regulations in place that govern what happens in the[...]
May 15, 2019
Lane Splitting: Is It Legal? If you ever sat twiddling your thumbs in rush hour traffic, then you know how backed up things can get. However, for motorcycles, those lanes of stalled traffic afford enough space to zip on through a bottleneck of traffic between[...]
May 14, 2019
Officials Looking for Fix for Gold Line Crash Phenomenon on the 210 Truck crashes onto the tracks of the Metro Gold Line on the 210 Freeway in Pasadena is getting costly, officials say. The April 2018 crash of a FedEx truck onto the tracks caused a day’s long shutdown of the Gold[...]
May 11, 2019
Families Push for Law Requiring Guards for Big Rigs, Tractor-Trailers Television news programs and social media feeds are frequently flooded with horrific images of the wreckage that occurs when a car or other vehicle collides with a large truck, such as a big rig or tractor-trailer. These accidents, called underrides,[...]
May 10, 2019
Pig Lying In Road Leads to Deadly Motorcycle Crash Objects lying in the roadway can be a nightmare for motorcyclists, and debris and other objects have caused many motorcycle accidents over the years. Such was the case in early March when 57-year-old Bradley St. John was riding his motorcycle[...]
May 9, 2019
Dogs Attack, Maul 1-Year-Old Boy to Death A child’s death is a parent’s worst nightmare; having a child die a violent and preventable death makes it worse still. Such was the case for one California family who experienced the loss of their 1-year-old son after he was[...]
May 8, 2019
IIHS: Cell Phones Contribute to More Than 800 Crashes in 2017 Despite all of the awareness around the dangers of cellphone use while driving (and the mountain of evidence showing that distracted driving kills), people are still risking their lives to fire off text messages and check social media while behind[...]
May 4, 2019
Pedestrian Accident Increase in San Bernardino At the end of the day, all of us want to get home safely. Whether we are driving, taking public transit, or walking, we want to arrive safely at our destination. If you were to take a quiz on which[...]
May 3, 2019
Celebrity Dogs Attack Too Typically when we hear about terrible dog attacks we go straight to Pit bulls or German Shepard. Our Los Angeles Dog Attack Attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg have represented victims of dog attacks for over 30[...]
May 2, 2019
How Does Driving Drunk Influence How You Drive? Driving your own car is second nature in our society. Almost everyone has a car. If they don't have a car then either they can't afford one or they live in a place with dependable public transportation. People are very[...]
May 1, 2019
Woman Narrowly Escapes Truck Accident When driving down the highway in your car you are surrounded by various vehicles ranging in all sizes and weights. The biggest are semi-trucks. These trucks are usually pulling trailers full of goods. Big semi-trucks are driven by professionals who[...]
April 27, 2019
Car Vs. Motorcycle: Cars Usually To Blame If you ever get the chance (if you haven’t already), ride a motorcycle. Either drive one or ride with someone. Riding on a motorcycle is a beautiful and thrilling experience. When riding on a motorcycle you get the whole view[...]
April 25, 2019
A Dangerous Beginning to 2019 for California Motorcycle Police Officers California motorcycle officers go through extensive training and instruction in order to become safe and proficient law enforcement motorcycle operators. Their training and education extend far beyond that of a typical civilian motorcycle operator. The intense training is meant to[...]
April 24, 2019
Walking: It Is More Dangerous Than You Might Imagine When you think of dangerous sports and activities, walking probably does not come to mind, but safety reports show that walking is in fact a dangerous activity in Los Angeles, throughout California, and across the country. In 2017, there were[...]
April 20, 2019
Dog Attacks Often Lead to PTSD in Children Over 4.5 million dog bites are reported each year and victims on the receiving end of those dog bites are frequently children. Parents do everything they can to make sure that their children receive the best medical care to recover[...]
April 19, 2019
Truck Accident Safety to Conquer the Partisan Divide? In what could be the most politically divisive time in the history of the United States, a bipartisan bill has been introduced that addresses truck accident safety and has party support from both sides of the aisle. California Congressman Mark[...]
April 18, 2019
5 Dangerous Driving Times Every morning you get up, get your coffee, and head to your car. In your car, you are the king or queen of your ride. You choose your favorite music or maybe stop by your favorite coffee shop. Whatever you[...]
April 17, 2019
Who Is Responsible For A Dog Bite? Dogs are wonderful creatures who bring great joy to their owners. People love their dogs and treat them as if they are their own children. Just like children, dogs act certain ways around owners, but not around strangers. Sometimes dogs[...]
April 13, 2019
Do’s and Don’ts of Lane Splitting in Los Angeles If you are a car driving on the highway then you may be seeing more motorcycles riding next to you instead of in front or behind you. This is because California, in 2017, made lane splitting legal on the road.[...]
April 12, 2019
Deadliest Days To Walk California is a big state that is known for its amazing Hollywood celebrities, Los Angeles nightlife, Disneyland fantasies, and Pacific Coast wonders. Among all these wonderful features is a deadly secret. California is home to the highest pedestrian fatality counts[...]
April 11, 2019
5 Dangerous Types Of Truck Accidents Driving is a necessity in some areas. Public transportation does its best but sometimes it is not so reliable. Or, you are just running late and it is easier to drive your own car. Driving, regardless of your experience, is[...]
April 10, 2019
Parked Big Rig Involved in Deadly I-80 Crash: Three Siblings Dead California Highway Patrol reports that an SUV carrying four siblings was traveling on westbound I-80 near Emeryville when it crashed into a parked big rig situated on the shoulder of the road near a curve. The accident occurred around 1:20[...]
April 6, 2019
The Hard Facts on Pit Bulls Whether you believe in “nature” or “nurture” when it comes to the aggressiveness of pit bulls as a breed, numbers don’t lie. Pit bulls are the very most dangerous breed of dog, bar none. One person is killed every 14[...]
April 5, 2019
Motorcycle Deaths 28 Times More Frequent Than Car Accidents, NHTSA Says There’s no doubt about it: riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun. Some say it isn’t just fun, it’s a lifestyle. Call it what you will, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that motorcycle accidents occur[...]
April 4, 2019
Pedestrian Deaths at 28-Year High, GHSA Report Says A new report out from the Governors Highway Safety Association should strike alarm in the hearts of those who make their way by foot around Los Angeles and elsewhere across the country: pedestrian deaths are on the rise. The GHSA[...]
April 3, 2019
Three Siblings Dead in I-80 Crash Three siblings on their way to see their critically ill father in a San Francisco hospital are dead after crashing into an illegally parked big rig on the shoulder of I-80 in Emeryville Thursday. A fourth sibling survived the accident[...]
March 30, 2019
2nd Degree Murder Convict, Marjorie Knoller, Denied Parole in Dog Attack Case Earlier this month, Marjorie Knoller, who had been convicted of 2nd-degree murder in 2002 for a dog mauling case, was denied parole at the California Institute for Women in San Bernardino. The denial of parole was welcomed by family members[...]
March 29, 2019
Millennials and Motorcycles It is widely reported that millennials are not into motorcycles and that sales are going down because of that. Most of the supporting evidence offered for this notion is that Harley sales are going down. It seems that for too[...]
March 28, 2019
Study Finds That Rideshares May Increase Pedestrian Fatalities Uber and Lyft often tout the benefits of using rideshare companies such as the safety that their services bring to the roads, especially because they keep more drunk people out of the driver's seat. Pedestrian crash lawyers have wondered if[...]
March 27, 2019
Tesla’s Autosteer Safety Reports Appear to Have Serious Flaws and Inaccuracies Tesla's Autosteer technology is software that was developed to help cars stay in their lanes. After the National Highway Transportation Safety Association ('NHTSA') analyzed Tesla's crash data comparison in vehicles before and after Autosteer enabling, Tesla touted NHTSA's findings that[...]
March 26, 2019
Delayed Injury Symptoms May Hurt Physical and Financial Recovery Los Angeles car accident attorneys always recommend that car accident victims seek medical treatment immediately after a car accident, even when they do not feel like they have been injured. There are a number of injuries sustained in car accidents[...]
March 23, 2019
Truck Drivers Arguing for 16 Hours of Pay for 14 Hours of Work Commercial trucking companies and drivers are subject to a large number of federal and state rules and regulations when it comes to driver training, truck operations, truck maintenance, and securing cargo. These rules and regulations are, for the large part,[...]
March 22, 2019
The Hit and Run Trend in Los Angeles Los Angeles and surrounding areas have seen an unfair share of pedestrian accident injuries and fatalities resulting from hit and run accidents recently, and a newly released pedestrian accident study ranked California at 16th for states with the highest pedestrian[...]
March 21, 2019
Top Ten Reasons for Truck Accidents In 2017, California saw 361 large truck accident fatalities and 41 of those fatalities were right here in Los Angeles County. As truck crash attorneys know, when injuries in large truck accidents are not fatal, they are often severe and[...]
March 20, 2019
Teenage Driving is Risky Business Recently, a Santa Ana teenager pleads not guilty to two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and one count of felony child endangerment by the caretaker and is awaiting trial for a car accident that occurred last year involving six Santa[...]
March 16, 2019
When the Post Office Bites Back: Delivery Suspension for Homes with Threatening Dogs Los Angeles was at the top of the United States Postal Service city dog bite list in 2016 with 80 dog bites reported by mail carriers, more than any other city in the United States. In 2017, Los Angeles fell[...]
March 15, 2019
Passenger Vehicles and the Invisible Motorcycle If you ride a motorcycle, you have no doubt experienced drivers acting like you are not even there. They may turn in front of you or into you, make an unsafe lane change into your lane even after checking their[...]
March 14, 2019
Distracted Driving Leads To More Accidents Cell phones have been around for a little more than a decade. They have become widely accessible recently now more than ever. Cell phones are great devices that allow us to stay connected, avoid talking to people by playing games[...]
March 13, 2019
DUI Causes Fatal Car Accident Everyone likes to have a good time. When Friday night arrives there is nothing better than getting out of your work clothes and dressing up in some fun and fancy clothes. Going out for dinner, watching a movie or dancing[...]
March 9, 2019
Dog Bite Regulations Dogs are truly a human's best friend. Dogs are not only the kind of creatures who love unconditionally, but they also help protect your loved ones and your home. Puppies and dogs are what millennials are taking care of instead[...]
March 8, 2019
A Case Of Distracted Driving Takes A Life A pedestrian lost their life in a tragic accident a few weeks ago in Westlake. This incident likely never would have happened if Rosario Valdezinda had not been text messaging on her cell phone at the time of the crash.[...]
March 7, 2019
Search-And-Rescue Team Member Killed We have learned of a tragic incident that has taken the life of a Ventura County sheriff’s search-and-rescue team member. The incident happened on February 2 during a rain-soaked morning on the 5 Freeway in northern Los Angeles County. The[...]
March 6, 2019
The Postal Worker Dog Bite Myth Is Real We know that you may think it is a cliché or a stereotype, but it turns out that there is some truth behind the old “dogs hate postal workers” myth. The United States Postal Service recently released its annual list[...]
March 2, 2019
Truck Accidents Can Be Catastrophic What is the first thing you think about when you are riding down the highway and find yourself next to or behind a large truck? We are not talking about pickup trucks. We are talking about the large commercial trucks[...]
March 1, 2019
Two People Killed In Accident Involving Motorcycle Today we are bringing you a tragic story from right here in Santa Ana. Last month, two people lost their lives in a vehicle versus a motorcycle crash on Raitt Street. The incident happened at around 1:30 p.m. on January[...]
February 28, 2019
Driver Arrested for Gross Vehicular Manslaughter in Crash That Killed Grandmother and Two Daughters The Oceanside Police Department reports that a grandmother and two of her daughters died Tuesday as the result of injuries sustained in a crash. The accident occurred just before 1 p.m. on Tuesday at the intersection of Coast Highway and[...]
February 27, 2019
California Top State for Pedestrian Fatalities California has earned yet another first—and this time it’s not one to be proud of. According to a 2017 report by the Governors Highway Safety Association, 352 people were struck and killed while walking on California’s streets and roads—a figure[...]
February 23, 2019
Jogging, Running Triggers Dogs’ Prey Instinct It seems like every week or so, we hear about a vicious dog attack or dog mauling. Dogs can seemingly go from loving companions to beastly maneaters at the drop of a hat. But why do dogs attack random joggers[...]
February 22, 2019
Rules To Protect Motorcyclists Those who choose to ride motorcycles are a special breed. They are typically classified as those who love being outdoors and experiencing the fresh air. They love the danger and freedom of riding a motorcycle. Something about riding solo where[...]
February 21, 2019
Pedestrian Accident In a Hit and Run Walking is supposed to be healthy for you. There are so many perks to walking like improving your heart and lungs. It reduces your risk of heart failure, heart disease, and stroke. Walking improves your overall mood due to improvement[...]
February 20, 2019
Truck Accidents Happen More in California California is known for lots of things like Hollywood movies and Los Angeles modeling. It is known to be a progressive state with lots of opportunity and willingness to grow. The acceptance of this state has helped guide the state[...]
February 16, 2019
Police Shooting Leads To Wrongful Death There may or may not be a pattern here, but over the past few years, there has been more awareness of the biases the police force use while they are tracking down individuals. Whether or not you have been paying[...]
February 15, 2019
Truck Accidents Cause Multiple Crashes If you have ever driven on a major highway then you know that trucks are overwhelmingly present. These trucks are massive at about 70-80 feet in length and can weigh 20-30 times more than a car. A truck engine is[...]
February 14, 2019
Pedestrian Accidents On The Rise It is not as if sidewalks are anything new or different over the decades that they have been in use. It is not as if drivers are unfamiliar with what sidewalks are or how they function. So why are pedestrians[...]
February 13, 2019
Common Times For Car Accident Injuries Every day when you wake up you are bound to use your car at least once a day. Even if you work from home, you are bound to use your car to go to the grocery store, run an errand,[...]
February 9, 2019
Fur Babies Gone Wild It is no surprise to see the trend of young adults today choosing to take care of pets as a precursor to taking care of children. Dogs and cats hold a special place in our hearts. This is why videos[...]
February 8, 2019
Eye Can’t See You: a Motorcyclist’s Worst Nightmare When you drive in your car, you are able to be protected from so many elements. First, you don't feel the temperature of the outside world because you can control the thermostat from within. Second, you do not get to[...]
February 7, 2019
Getting a Rental Car After a Car Accident in California: Should You Pay Out of Pocket or Seek Reimbursement? If your car has been damaged in a car crash, you are most likely considering getting a rental car until the at-fault party’s insurance company reimburses the cost of repairing your damaged car or makes an offer of your vehicle’s[...]
February 2, 2019
How to Establish Fault In a Motorcycle Accident Caused by ‘Wobbling’? Speed wobbling is not something car drivers have to deal with or are even aware of, because only motorcycles may become unstable and begin to “wobble” due to a misalignment of the front and rear tires of the bike. You[...]
February 1, 2019
Illegally Parked Truck Causes a Motor Vehicle Crash: How to Determine Liability? Most of us have badmouthed a trucker who illegally parked his truck on the side of a freeway or highway at least once in our lives. Because when you are driving on a freeway or highway, an illegally parked truck[...]
January 31, 2019
Watch Out For These Defenses In Your Personal Injury Case If you are considering filing a personal injury claim or have already filed one, you may not be aware of what to expect from the opposing party. After all, the defendant may have the best personal injury defense attorney in[...]
January 30, 2019
How to Establish Fault in a ‘No Contact’ Motorcycle Accident? While many motorcyclists wrongly believe that it is nearly impossible to determine fault and recover damages if there is no contact or collision between their motorcycle and another vehicle, in reality, it is possible to establish fault and seek compensation[...]
January 26, 2019
Jogger Attacked By a Dog in California Park, Bitten By the Dog’s Owner Have you ever been attacked by a dog only to be bitten by the dog’s owner? This woman has. Turns out, jogging in a Northern California park can be a risky endeavor. The somewhat bizarre incident took place in Anthony[...]
January 25, 2019
Recovering Damages After a Truck Accident Involving a U.S. Postal Office Vehicle Being injured in an accident with a truck owned by the United States Postal Service is not the same as being in a truck accident involving a privately-owned truck. The process of suing privately-owned carriers such as Fed-Ex or UPS[...]
January 24, 2019
What Can You Do If Your Injury After a Pedestrian Accident Didn’t Show Symptoms Right Away? Some injuries after a pedestrian accident can take a while to manifest themselves. This can significantly complicate the process of recovering damages and can jeopardize your personal injury claim. If your injury was not immediately apparent after you were hit[...]
January 23, 2019
Soulja Boy Involved in Car Accident During California Mudslides (But Who Can Be Sued For the Damages?) Rapper Soulja Boy got into a car accident caused by devastating mudslides and floods in Southern California, but who can be held responsible for the rapper’s property damage? “While you cannot sue Mother Nature for wreaking havoc, other parties may[...]
January 19, 2019
Fatal Truck Accidents On Local Roads When you drive on a highway to work or school or just for leisure, you see tons of semi-trucks hovering around the right and middle lanes. It is expected to see these trucks as they haul massive cargo from one[...]
January 18, 2019
What To Do In A Motorcycle Accident Motorcycles are known as freedom vehicles. If you want to feel the wind in your hair, drive with a sense of real freedom, and wear super cool leather then motorcycles may be your vehicle of choice. Most Americans who have[...]
January 17, 2019
Truck Accidents Cause More Fatalities “Share the road” is a statement used to help cars remember that there are other smaller vehicles like motorcycles or bicycles. As there is an increasing desire to focus on helping the environment, many cities and towns are making the[...]
January 16, 2019
Road Rage is an Increasing Reason for Car Accidents Rush hour traffic has been an anomaly. Why call a time in which most people are standing still in traffic at rush hour? Instead, it feels more like a cement hour or a parking hour. But, for whatever reason, rush[...]
January 12, 2019
Increasing Dog Attacks For Postal Workers Online shopping is a blessing, let’s get real. At the tip of your fingertips and from the comfort of your home, you get to purchase all your essentials from bathroom products to groceries. Most main grocery stores have store side[...]
January 11, 2019
5 Driver Behaviors That Cause Pedestrian Accidents in Riverside If you live in Riverside, Los Angeles, or elsewhere in California, you have probably witnessed a pedestrian accident or two in your lifetime, or worse, have become a victim of one. Many pedestrian accidents occur because the pedestrian is jaywalking[...]
January 10, 2019
Can You Sue a Homeowner If You Slip on Wet Leaves on His Property? Is the owner of the property on which you slipped on wet leaves and injured yourself liable for your injury? Under California law, homeowners have a legal duty to maintain their property to eliminate hazards and dangerous conditions. But are[...]
January 9, 2019
How Do Insurance Companies Determine Fault in Car Accidents Where Multiple Parties Are at Fault? As you may or may not know, California follows a system of pure comparative negligence, which means that you can recover damages even if you were at fault for contributing to a car accident. As you can imagine, the system[...]
January 6, 2019
Here’s Everything You Need to Know If You Were Bitten By a Stray Dog If you suffered a dog bite injury in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California and it is not possible to identify the owner of that dog, you may have been bitten by a stray dog, which can make it difficult[...]
January 5, 2019
How to Determine the Value of a Dog Bite Case? Your Case Might Be Worth From $10,000 to $1 Million Dollars “How much is my dog bite case worth?” is one of the first questions people who have been injured in a dog attack ask themselves once they have come to terms with what just happened to them. “Calculating the value[...]
January 4, 2019
Liability for Poor Truck Maintenance: How to Determine That a Truck Was Improperly Maintained? Colliding with a commercial truck is dangerous as it is, but when the truck is not properly maintained, it increases the force of impact and can result in a more devastating truck crash. “California law has very specific and mandatory[...]
January 3, 2019
Study Shows a Link Between E-Cigarette Liquid Flavorings And Heart Damage: Can You File a Product Liability Lawsuit? Nowadays, whenever people see clouds of smoke while walking down the street, they do not freak out thinking there is a fire. Because they know for a fact that somewhere out there is a vaper, or, in other words, a[...]
January 2, 2019
Will The Dog That Injured You Be Put Down? California Law On Euthanization Of Dogs Although California law does not require putting down every dog that has bitten a person, euthanization of a dog may be possible in certain situations. On many occasions, our Los Angeles dog bites attorney from Law Offices of Howard Craig[...]
December 29, 2018
Will I Have To Pay Back My Insurance Company After A Settlement? If you have received a personal injury settlement or jury award after a car accident, and you had used your insurance coverage to pay for your medical expenses and other damages, in most situations, you will have to pay back[...]
December 28, 2018
Truck Accident At An Intersection: How To Determine Fault And Seek Compensation? Truck accidents that occur at intersections are some of the most devastating motor vehicle crashes due to the size of trucks, their lack of maneuverability as well as improperly loaded or secured cargo carried by trucks. It’s no surprise that[...]
December 27, 2018
Can Parents Be Held Liable When Their Teenage Child Causes A Motorcycle Accident? Teenagers love motorcycles, but it seems that only a small percentage of them know how to ride a bike safely. Due to their very young age and obsession with danger and thrill, many teenagers are incapable of following traffic rules.[...]
December 26, 2018
A Car Driver’s Duties After A Hit And Run Involving A Pedestrian Fleeing the scene of a car accident is both illegal and immoral, especially if the hit and the run accident involve injury or death to a pedestrian. After both a car and pedestrian accident in Los Angeles or elsewhere in[...]
December 22, 2018
Long Beach Pedestrian Accidents Mapped The map gives us a visual of something we have known for a while. There are far too many pedestrian accidents in Long Beach. The story says that there have been nearly 2,000 times when someone walking through Long Beach[...]
December 21, 2018
5 Driving Safety Tips to Avoid a Car Accident During Your Road Trip on Christmas Even those living in California may have noticed that winter weather conditions get more and more unpredictable and messy by the year. Yesterday was sunny and you were comfortable wearing a T-shirt, while today there is snow and ice all[...]
December 20, 2018
What Happens If You Get Into A Motorcycle Accident But Have No Motorcycle Insurance? Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney hears this particular question in pretty much every phone call with an injured motorcyclist calling the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg. “I have been injured and have liability insurance on my car, but[...]
December 19, 2018
When Is It Legal To Injure Or Kill Someone Else’s Dog In California? You may have heard about a recent incident in Rocklin, California, in which a resident killed a dog with his legally possessed firearm. And while you may be thinking, “I’m sure this resident is going to be punished by law[...]
December 15, 2018
4 Long-Overdue Safety Regulations to Prevent Truck Accidents in Los Angeles If you were a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles, you would know that about half of all crashes involving commercial trucks are preventable. “How can they be prevented?” you may be wondering. The short answer is this: by improving[...]
December 14, 2018
Are You a Purchaser of a Defective Product Who Wants to File a Product Liability Lawsuit? If you have been injured by a defective product and would like to recover damages by filing a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer and other parties in the chain of distribution, you have come to the right place. Our[...]
December 13, 2018
Effects of Scars and Disfigurement After a Car Accident (Seeking a Bigger Compensation) If you are reading this, chances are good that you have been badly injured or even left disfigured as a result of a car accident in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California. Contrary to the popular belief, just because you[...]
December 12, 2018
Facial Dog Bite Injuries in Children in Los Angeles (The Physical, Psychological, and Emotional Impact) Studies show that children are more likely to suffer a facial injury from a dog bite compared to adults, and it makes sense why. A dog of any breed can easily reach the face or neck of a child, and[...]
December 8, 2018
Not Only Cars: Who Can Be Sued After a Pedestrian Knock-Down Accident in California If you have sustained a pedestrian knock-down injury while strolling down the streets of Los Angeles or elsewhere in California, you may be wondering, “Who can be sued for pedestrian accidents in California?” Contrary to the popular belief, pedestrians in[...]
December 7, 2018
Truck Cargo Spill Accidents: Determining If Cargo Was Loaded Negligently. Every once in a while, we read some amusing story about a commercial truck spilling its cargo load on the road. Frozen pizzas, beer, spinach, liquid chocolate, and a wide variety of other foods and drinks… It has all ended[...]
December 6, 2018
Why Electric Scooters Pose Serious Safety Risks To California Pedestrians Electric scooters, aka motorized scooters, have been all the rage recently. Riders could not be happier about the exciting alternative to riding bicycles and walking, while scooter manufacturers and scooter rental providers could not be more thrilled to see their[...]
December 5, 2018
Six Federal Safety Regulations To Determine Fault In A Truck Accident (Did The Truck Driver Violate Any Of These?) Contrary to the popular belief, the trucking industry is not just about carrying cargo from point A to point B. The trucking industry in the United States is governed by numerous federal safety regulations designed to protect the rights of[...]
December 1, 2018
When Does A Dog Bite Amount To Criminal Charges In California? While the vast majority of dog bites fall under the category of California civil law, there are cases where the owner of the dog that has bitten or attacked another person can face criminal charges. Even without facing criminal charges,[...]
November 30, 2018
Filing A Car Accident Lawsuit If Both Parties Have Insurance: Does It Make Any Sense? So yeah, the title says it all. Does it make any sense to file a lawsuit against a person who caused your injury if both parties have insurance in California? You may be surprised how many victims of car accidents[...]
November 29, 2018
Is Marijuana Legalization Responsible For Increase In Car Accidents In California? With marijuana legalization slowly but steadily taking over the nation, people are becoming concerned about one particular side effect of making recreational sales of marijuana legal in the United States: a possible increase in car accidents. Wait, is marijuana legalization[...]
November 28, 2018
Pedestrian Accidents When Walking Through A Parking Lot: Anyone Can Become A Victim Pedestrian accidents in parking lots are more common than you think. So in order to stay safe when walking to and from your vehicle in a parking lot, it is highly advised to stay alert at all times and avoid[...]
November 24, 2018
When Lane-Splitting Is Still Illegal In California (Determining Fault When A Motorcyclist Was Riding Between Lanes) Lane-splitting… Who would have thought that just one word can trigger millions of car drivers in California? The practice of motorcyclists riding between lanes or rows of slow-moving or stopped traffic is annoying for car drivers and exciting for motorcycle[...]
November 23, 2018
‘Can I Recover Damages If The Car Driver Claims He Did Not See Me On My Motorcycle Before The Crash?’ A motorcycle rider is more likely to sustain a serious injury or die on the road than someone riding in a passenger car. That’s a fact. Car drivers and passengers are protected from the force of the crash by extra[...]
November 22, 2018
4 Signs You Can Sue A Trucking Company For Its Negligent Hiring Of Truck Drivers Did you know that a trucking company can be held liable for a truck accident if it was negligent in the hiring or training of its truck drivers? Of course, trucking companies cannot always be held liable for negligent or[...]
November 21, 2018
‘I’ve Been Bitten By A Friend’s Dog, But I Don’t Want To My Friend: What Are My Legal Options?’ Spending time with your friends is priceless, especially if your friends have dogs. Playing with your friend’s furry friend can be a fun experience, but do not forget that you are playing with fire if it’s a pit bull, Rottweiler,[...]
November 17, 2018
Fiery Crash With Big Rig Kills Four Last week, a crash between a big rig and an SUV on Interstate 5 killed four people. The crash happened at around 7:30 in the evening. While we do not yet know the cause of the crash, we do know[...]
November 16, 2018
Man Killed When Vehicle Runs Red Light A few days ago, one man died and another was seriously injured after a car ran a red light at a Riverside intersection. The crash happened early Friday morning at Van Buren Boulevard and Jurupa Avenue. A Ford Focus was[...]
November 15, 2018
2-Year-Old Girl Dies After Getting Struck By Car Last week, a girl and her father were struck by a vehicle as they crossed the street in Whittier. It was dark out and, unfortunately, there were no crosswalks in the area they were hit. The little girl’s birthday was[...]
November 14, 2018
Daylight Savings Time Ends And Pedestrians Are In Danger While everyone in the country is happy that they got an extra hour of sleep last week, experts are warning that pedestrians are in more danger now. According to the article, “More darkness makes it difficult for drivers to see[...]
November 10, 2018
Two-Car Crash Caused By Drugged Driver A woman has been accused of driving under the influence of drugs after she caused a two-car crash in Riverside. The accident left one driver dead. The accident happened last week and we wanted to bring you the story to[...]
November 9, 2018
Three Hospitalized In 3-Car Long Beach Crash A few weeks ago, we saw an accident happen near Cal Heights that hospitalized three people and left a car smashed into a fire hydrant. Long Beach police say that a red Toyota Prius was heading south on Lemon Avenue[...]
November 8, 2018
Father Of Three Killed In Reckless Accident Last week, a Santa Ana father of three was killed by a speeding vehicle as he was returning home from work. The accident happened around 7:30 in the evening on the 1800 block of Cedar Street. Police say the man,[...]
November 7, 2018
Nurses Tried, But Could Not Save Motorcyclist Last week, a McBride High School student was killed after a pickup truck collided with his motorcycle at the intersection of Gondar Avenue and Wardlow Road. After the 17-year-old was hit, he was tended to by two off-duty nurses who[...]
November 3, 2018
Plane Crashed On Los Angeles County Highway In a bizarre accident last week, a plane smashed into the westbound side of the 101 freeway in Agoura Hills. Looking at the photos of the incident, we are surprised that nobody was injured, neither the passenger nor anyone on[...]
November 2, 2018
When Accidents Lead to Tragedies We have all dealt with accidents. Some are big and some are small, but overall they never feel good. The worst is when accidents happen without our knowledge. Even more tragic is when the accident turns into a devastating life-ending[...]
November 1, 2018
Why Are So Many Pedestrians Dying? Today, we want to bring you a story from nearby Fontana because it highlights many of the same problems we face here when it comes to pedestrian safety. “You’re gone but never forgotten,” says a handwritten note tacked onto a[...]
October 31, 2018
DUI Leads To Deaths Of Four Riverside Residents We know that the last thing on your mind when you go out in your vehicle is that something terrible is going to happen. We know there are risks on the roadways, but we usually do everything we can to[...]
October 30, 2018
City Responsible For “Pedestrian Trap” Pedestrians face many dangers on a daily basis. The last thing they need is for the city to make things worse for them. The Los Angeles City Council has agreed to pay $5 million to settle a lawsuit brought by[...]
October 26, 2018
Fatal Accident Highlights Dangers To Motorcyclists A few weeks ago, a motorcyclist was struck and killed on the 110 Freeway in South LA. The driver of the white box truck that struck the cyclist then fled the scene. “He actually drove away from the scene with[...]
October 25, 2018
Road Rage Incident Could Have Been Much Worse If you live in and around Los Angeles, then you know how easy it is to get frustrated with the traffic. For most people, this means simply yelling at the steering wheel and just wanting to get home. But for[...]
October 24, 2018
Dangerous Dog Bites Everyone loves a good puppy video. Watching little puppies trying to climb stairs or learning how to swim. Dog and puppy videos are a great way to relax and laugh with family and friends of all ages. Statistics show that[...]
October 20, 2018
Life Changing Events Call for Life Changing Lawyers Car accidents happen all the time. Most happen when the driver is under the influence. We all want to party and have fun, but we all have a duty to go about our party with a sense of caution to[...]
October 19, 2018
What’s The Average Truck Accident Settlement Amount In California For 2018? “What settlement should I expect after a truck accident?” this is the question our Los Angeles truck accident attorney often hears. This question is tricky to answer, but we will do our best to estimate the average truck accident settlement[...]
October 18, 2018
When Can You Sue For Dog Bites And Scratches In California? As a Los Angeles dog bite attorney, I often get asked about cat bites and scratches. “Can I sue the owner of the cat that bitten or scratched me?” people ask me. In short, you are entitled to monetary compensation[...]
October 17, 2018
What To Do If Your Lyft Driver Suffers A Mental Breakdown In The Middle Of The Ride? Being a Lyft passenger comes with a series of risks, as incidents of ride-share drivers sexually assaulting, groping, harassing, and assaulting their passengers keep mounting all across the United States. Earlier this week, a woman had to go through what[...]
October 13, 2018
Can You Sue For Injuries If You Signed A Waiver Of Liability In California? For some activities – most often, recreational ones – you are required to sign a waiver of liability or a release of liability. A “not responsible for accidents” waiver, or whatever you want to call it, means that under most[...]
October 12, 2018
Wrongful Death and Bullying As parents, we know how precious life is as we go through the pregnancy process. When we bring our babies home we spend loads of money and time ensuring that the space is perfect and ready to receive this new[...]
October 11, 2018
UberEATS Accidents In California: Do Uber’s Regular Insurance Coverages Apply? With UberEATS, you can order delivery from your favorite restaurants straight to your doorstep. It is fast, easy to use, and super convenient when you are not in the mood to get up from the couch, but desperately crave that[...]
October 10, 2018
There’s A Law That Limits Your Compensation If Were Uninsured In A Car Accident (If You Were The Victim) Did you know that if you get injured in a car accident in Long Beach, Los Angeles, or elsewhere in California, your compensation will be significantly limited if you were driving without auto insurance at the time of the collision,[...]
October 6, 2018
Limitation Of Liability Of Property Owners And General Contractors For Construction Worker’s Injuries A construction site is one of the most dangerous places to be around, let alone work at. Roughly 150,000 workers get injured at construction sites each year, and only a small fraction of them are able to obtain the compensation[...]
October 5, 2018
Drug Overdose Deaths Skyrocketed In 2017, But Can Drug Manufacturers Be Held Liable For Overdoses? Not long ago, we were told that car accidents killed more Americans than any other non-disease cause. But this is no longer true, as drug overdose deaths hit a record high in the United States. As the opioid crisis in[...]
October 4, 2018
Understanding and Identifying Different Types of Burns Injuries from serious burns can have long-term, immediate consequences. While burns can happen anywhere, they are most common in schools, public places, workplaces, and homes. Each burn can take on a different level of severity. Our Los Angeles personal injury[...]
October 3, 2018
How to Recover Damages After a Bicycle Accident? With the state of the environment and American health issues, many commuters are making the choice to use their bicycles as transportation to and from work, especially in urban areas. Bicycles are both a healthy and clean mode of transportation,[...]
September 29, 2018
LAPD Facing Wrongful Death Claim If a loved one is killed due to the negligence or wrongful act of another person, organization, or entity, you may have strong grounds for a wrongful death claim and should contact a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney as soon[...]
September 28, 2018
Who Pays for Medical Costs Following a Car Accident? If you’ve been in a car accident, the last thing you want to worry about is who is going to foot the bill for the medical costs you’ve incurred as a result. Unfortunately, determining the “at fault” party in a[...]
September 27, 2018
Using California Med Pay to Pay For Expenses After an Accident Auto accidents are an unfortunate fact of life, with 32,000 people dying as a result of fatal traffic accidents per year. As of 2013, 3,000 of those fatal accidents occurred in California alone. This statistic doesn’t take into account car[...]
September 26, 2018
Can You Sue Your California Landlord? Premises Liability Claims If you are a renter in California and you or a loved one are injured due to the landlord’s negligence of the property you’re renting, you may be able to sue. Under California premises liability law, property owners are obligated[...]
September 21, 2018
Do You Have a Food Poisoning Claim? The Centers for Disease Control estimates that around 3,000 people die each year from foodborne illnesses. An additional 128,000 are hospitalized and 48 million people are sickened by foodborne pathogens each year. And these are just reported cases. The CDC[...]
September 21, 2018
Dog Bite Injury? Know Your Rights Nearly 14 percent of dog bite injuries in the United States occur in California, and if you are among those injured, you have rights. Most dogs are friendly, and docile, and want nothing more than a pat on the head[...]
September 20, 2018
How to Interpret Crash Test Results When Buying a New Vehicle When leasing or buying a new vehicle, it’s important to take safety ratings into consideration. Most modern vehicles are safer than their older counterparts, but you still need to know how well they will do in an accident compared to[...]
September 19, 2018
Who Is Responsible for Injuries and Vehicle Damage Caused by Road Debris? Debris on the road can turn an ordinary ride into a dangerous situation. Whether it’s something as bulky as a truck tire or as light as a cardboard box, any type of debris can be extremely hazardous when it comes[...]
September 15, 2018
Your Uber Driver May Not Be Who You Think Ridesharing is something that has transformed the transportation industry, a merging of technology with traditional services that has been convenient for so many people. When you need to get to the store or home from a night out, you no[...]
September 14, 2018
California Leads The Way In Dog Bites The results are in – California residents experience more dog bites than residents in any other state in the country. We know, the last thing you probably think about when you go out to the park or walk down the[...]
September 13, 2018
More Than Just Physical Injuries With Car Accidents Over the summer, actress Melyssa Ford got into a near-fatal car accident. It has taken her a while to speak out about the incident, but what she has to say is very telling. Yes, we know that vehicle accident can[...]
September 12, 2018
Reckless Drivers Are So Dangerous To Motorcyclists California is a busy place and we lead the nation in many categories. One of those total registered motorcycles. With nearly 900,000 registered motorcycles, California leads all states. Unfortunately, a recent Redlands motorcycle accident has highlighted just how many risks[...]
September 10, 2018
Can Amazon Be Held Liable For Injuries Caused By Defective Products Sold On Its Website? Amazon is the largest online retailer in the United States, accounting for a whopping 44 percent of 2017's e-commerce sales in the nation. An ever-increasing number of people ditch shopping malls and brick and mortar stores in favor of e-commerce[...]
September 9, 2018
How To Choose A California Rehabilitation Facility After An Injury? After a severe injury, people are taken to the hospital for medical treatment. Then there is a point when the medical condition is stabilized. However, that is not where the medical intervention ends. In most personal injury cases involving a[...]
September 8, 2018
Premises Liability: Can Stores Be Held Responsible For Injuries Caused By Falling Objects? You are walking down an aisle at your local Walmart, Target, or any other store, and, all of a sudden, you get hit by something that tumbled down from above. That object might have been inadequately secured by the store's[...]
September 7, 2018
What To Do When You Are Pulled Over In California (Guide On How To Behave During A Traffic Stop) Being pulled over by a cop is never a pleasant experience, especially when you know for a fact that you have done nothing wrong. However, many people make unforgivable mistakes and expose themselves to legal troubles simply because they do[...]
August 31, 2018
You’re Involved in A Motorcycle Accident. What Do You Need To Know? Getting into any type of accident is a scary experience. It happens out of nowhere and there's no way for you to be prepared for it. Being in a motorcycle accident is even scarier. You’re out in the open and[...]
August 30, 2018
Dog Attacks Multiple People in Maryland Heights It's unfortunate that dog attacks happen every day. Dogs are usually considered a man’s best friend. However, this isn’t always the case. You could be strolling through your neighborhood when your neighbor's dog attacks you. Dogs can sometimes leave very[...]
August 29, 2018
NYC Lead Paint Lawsuit Product liability can be a very serious matter. It can happen with any type of product and to anyone. You could get injured or even sick due to the product defect. You have a right to file a lawsuit. You[...]
August 28, 2018
You’ve Gotten Hurt On Someone’s Property. What Do You Do Now? A property owner must maintain a safe environment so that no one gets injured. However, this isn’t always the case. People can still get injured. Owners or employees may have acted negligently, causing you to have an accident. The property[...]
August 25, 2018
Lyft Is Still NOT Safe For Female Drivers!!! As much as we would love to think that both Uber and Lyft are safe for female passengers and drivers, unfortunately, we still hear plenty of unpleasant stories from female drivers and passengers alike. While the vast majority of women[...]
August 24, 2018
Situations in Which California Will Get Your Property After Your Death (Interstate Succession Laws) Did you know that under certain circumstances, the state of California can get your property after your death? Nobody ever wants to think about death, but unfortunately, it is inevitable. So you might want to know under which circumstances your[...]
August 23, 2018
You’ve been injured in a construction accident. What now? When you get injured on a construction site, it can be incredibly scary. It’s unfair. It was their fault in the first place for letting you enter their unsafe environment. You just want to focus on your recovery. You don’t[...]
August 22, 2018
You’ve got into your first car accident. What do you do now? Your whole life suddenly flashes before your eyes. It happens at random out of nowhere. It’s nothing you can really prepare for Getting into a car accident is one scary experience. It’s even worse when you’re injured in the process[...]
August 18, 2018
Trump Administration To Allow 18-Year-Olds To Drive Commercial Trucks: Here’s Why It Could Be A Mistake The Trump administration is poised to allow some younger truck drivers to operate commercial trucks across state lines, but this could turn out to be a mistake that can potentially cost hundreds of lives every year. The administration of President[...]
August 17, 2018
Motorcycle Accident Deaths In California Decrease By 30 Percent? New statistics showed that motorcycle accident fatalities in California decreased by around 30 percent in the period between 2016 and 2017. The sharp decrease in deaths on the roads of California is especially remarkable considering that the nationwide decrease in[...]
August 16, 2018
If You Get Injured In An Airbnb Rental, Who Is Liable? Airbnb is becoming the new essential app for every modern traveler. Much like Booking.com, it allows vacationers to book rooms and houses offered for rent online by hosts, all at an affordable price. Since Airbnb is a relatively new phenomenon,[...]
August 15, 2018
Are You Entitled To Damages If Another Dog Attacks Your Dog In California? California is known for being the harshest state when it comes to penalizing dog owners for causing injury to other persons, but what happens when another dog attacks your dog and causes it an injury? This is the question we[...]
August 11, 2018
Will California Set Limits On Number Of Uber And Lyft Drivers Similar To New York? New York City has recently set limits on the number of Uber and Lyft vehicles in the city, freezing new vehicle licenses until August 2019, but the biggest question is: will California follow suit? New York City has passed regulations[...]
August 10, 2018
Injured In A Construction Accident? Why Testimony From Construction Workers Cannot Be Trusted If you have been injured in a construction accident as a bystander in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California and are trying to hold the construction company, property owner, and construction workers liable for the accident, be warned that recovering[...]
August 9, 2018
What To Do If A Dog Bites Or Attacks You When dogs act out and attack and/or bite you, it is an extremely terrifying situation to be in. It comes unexpectedly. It could even be a dog that you’ve seen as non-threatening. Unfortunately, this does happen more often than you’d[...]
August 8, 2018
Handling the Aftermath of a Car Accident Many people go through it. It’s scary and may be completely out of your control. Getting into a car accident is unfortunately far too common. Many times it is the other driver who is at fault for the accident. Now you[...]
August 4, 2018
Jail Time For Distracted Driving? How Does California Punish Car Drivers For Texting And Talking On The Phone? The problem of distracted driving can no longer be ignored or overlooked, and Oregon knows it better than any other state. While other states, including California, punish motorists for distracted driving with insignificant fines, Oregon has recently introduced jail time[...]
August 3, 2018
What Should You Do If You’re Involved In An Uber/Lyft Accident Ridesharing is one of the most easiest and convenient ways to get from one place to another. All you have to do is open up the app and request a ride. Or you can easily make money being an Uber/Lyft[...]
August 2, 2018
How to bring a Wrongful Death suit for your deceased loved one It really happened. You got the call that your loved one has passed away. This is an extremely emotional time for you. It’s even worse when their death was due to someone else’s negligence. It could have been prevented. Your[...]
August 1, 2018
How to Cope with a Loved One’s Wrongful Death When you lose a loved one it is a stressful, overwhelming, and sad time in life. The matter is compounded when the loss of a loved one is due to the negligent actions of another. This is what’s known as[...]
July 28, 2018
Drowsy Driving is Just as Dangerous as Drunk Driving When you get behind the wheel of your car in California each day you likely don’t think about those around you driving with too little sleep. The fact of the matter is that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous[...]
July 27, 2018
What to Do if You’re Injured as a Passenger in an Uber??? The creation of ride-sharing services such as Uber has provided people with alternatives to using taxis and shuttles to get to and from places they need to be at all times of the day. Uber drivers are private citizens who[...]
July 26, 2018
4 Reasons Why Trucks Pose So Much Danger??? Large trucks, also known as tractor-trailers, are an important part of the economy. They shuttle goods to and from manufacturers and retailers. Despite this, they also pose quite a lot of danger to other vehicles on the roads of California[...]
July 25, 2018
How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in the Workplace??? Each morning that you leave for work you likely don’t think about the safety issues that could cause you to suffer an injury unless you work in an inherently dangerous profession such as any of the emergency services or construction.[...]
July 22, 2018
5 of the Most Common and Dangerous Motorcycle Accidents Sitting on a motorcycle, hearing and feeling it start, and then heading out on the open road can be exhilarating. It can also be scary at the same time. Why? Motorcycles are very dangerous modes of transportation. They offer zero[...]
July 21, 2018
Signs That Your Hip Replacement Could be Defective Hip replacement surgery is a common procedure performed daily in hospitals all over California for patients of all ages. When your hip is replaced it’s due to medical conditions that have made your body part too difficult to live with[...]
July 21, 2018
6 Important Safety Tips for Your Early-Morning Commute The commute to work each morning can be frustrating, stressful, and altogether annoying. Does it seem like no matter when you leave you still find yourself sitting in traffic? That’s why some people like to venture out before sunrise. An[...]
July 20, 2018
How to Document Evidence Following a Car Accident??? No one wants to think about what they will do if ever involved in a car accident. It’s a thought that conjures up too much fear, stress, and worry. The fact of the matter is you should be thinking about[...]
July 19, 2018
What are the Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries? Motorcycle accidents happen all too often in the state of California. Whether you are a novice rider or have been riding for decades, you know how important it is to practice safety procedures when on your bike. You can be[...]
July 18, 2018
Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite Attack Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They provide us with unconditional love, no judgment, and plenty of companionship. But, even calm dogs can have a moment of weakness and bite someone. Whether you are a dog lover or[...]
July 14, 2018
Suffering a Slip and Fall Accident at a Neighbor’s Home Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere in life, including at your neighbor’s home. Getting injured on a friend’s property can be very stressful. You don’t want to have to pay out-of-pocket for your medical treatment or file the claim[...]
July 13, 2018
How to Prevent a Forklift Accident in the Workplace??? Heavy equipment is important to every construction site and almost every workplace in California. One type of heavy equipment that can cause severe injuries and even death is the forklift. Employees who are not licensed to operate a forklift should[...]
July 12, 2018
Tips for a Safe Swim This Summer The summer brings about the bright sun, warm temperatures, crystal blue skies, and the urge to go for a swim. Whether you like to swim in the ocean, in a lake, in a river, or in a pool, you need[...]
July 11, 2018
Conduct an Inspection of Your Motorcycle Prior to Every Ride Do you own a motorcycle? Is the bike the only transportation you enjoy in California? If so, you need to be as careful as possible whenever you go for a ride. Getting on your motorcycle should only happen after you[...]
July 7, 2018
How A Black Box After A Truck Accident Can Help Determine Liability: Preserving This Critical Piece Of Evidence You have probably heard the term "black box" in the news about plane crashes, but did you know that trucks also have these black boxes and they can become a vital piece of evidence when determining fault in a truck[...]
July 6, 2018
Injured By A Health App? Here’s Who Could Be Held Liable For Injuries Caused By Digital Health Product As the digital health industry continues to expand at an exponential rate, and an increasing number of Americans are using health-related smartphone apps, who is going to be held responsible for the injuries caused by these apps? What does California's[...]
July 5, 2018
Spotting the Signs of a Distracted Truck Driver The highways and back roads of California are inundated with traffic. You simply can’t get around it. A lot of the vehicles you see on the roads in California are tractor-trailers. These large trucks are vital to the state’s economy.[...]
July 4, 2018
Why the Truck Driver Log Book is Important in Accident Cases??? The truck driver logbook is one of the most important documents necessary for a truck accident case. Why? This book is a veritable log of each time the driver took a break from driving. It is also a record of[...]
June 30, 2018
Uber And Lyft Drivers Violating Your Privacy: Is Recording Passengers Allowed By Law? Getting into an Uber or Lyft seems like a good idea. You expect the driver to be a friendly, professional, and cautious driver. And while it is almost always the case, there are instances when ridesharing apps pose additional dangers[...]
June 29, 2018
Your Guide To Construction Accidents In California: Be Prepared For A Personal Injury Or Wrongful Death Case Many of us do not even pay attention to construction anymore, because it sure seems as if construction projects are everywhere around us in Los Angeles and other areas of California. While you do not necessarily have to gasp for[...]
June 28, 2018
What Should I Do if I See a Suspected Drunk Driver in Los Angeles? Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous things that can occur on a roadway. Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol will have trouble making decisions, judging distances, and controlling their vehicles. If you’ve ever come[...]
June 27, 2018
Premises Liability: Cleaning Up a Property after a Storm Premises liability is an important topic for any property owner. Whether you own a commercial or residential property you need to know and understand what it is you are liable for if someone gets injured on your property. A hot[...]
June 23, 2018
8 Safety Tips for Working on Scaffolding in Los Angeles Working in the construction industry can be rewarding and dangerous all at once. Depending on what job you hold at the construction site you could be in danger each time you go to work in the morning. Our Los Angeles[...]
June 20, 2018
Subcontractor Killed While Working on Southbound 605 Freeway It is no secret that construction work can be incredibly risky, with the machinery, equipment, and various other hazards present on any construction site across the globe. One California family lost their construction-worker son in incredibly tragic circumstances earlier in[...]
June 16, 2018
Cataract Surgery Reduces Risk of Car Accidents Cataracts affect the vision of thousands of people every year and are a condition likely to develop and worsen with age. It may seem obvious that improving a driver’s eyesight would decrease the likelihood of them being involved in a[...]
June 15, 2018
Appellate Victory Won in Walgreen Premises Liability Case A recent trial relating to a premises liability lawsuit against Walgreens saw an appellate victory achieved for the retailer, using the “mode of operation rule” and the res ipsa loquitur doctrine. Kathleen Shafer filed the suit on the grounds of[...]
June 14, 2018
$253 Million Awarded in Dialysis Wrongful Death Lawsuit Following the conclusion of a wrongful death lawsuit brought in Denver, the families of three dialysis patients who died after treatment by DaVita employees have been awarded a total of $253 million in compensation. The lawsuit related to the use[...]
June 13, 2018
Premises Liability For Stores And Other Commercial Premises In California: Everything You Need To Know Premises liability laws in California differ depending on the type of property you were injured in. In particular, California premises liability law imposes strict rules for owners and occupiers of stores and other commercial premises in Los Angeles and elsewhere[...]
June 9, 2018
‘Should I Contact Uber After Any Uber Accident?’ Not Really, Attorneys Say Not all types of Uber accidents are created equal, though the occurrence of accidents involving ridesharing companies and their independent contractors has been on the rise in California and all across the U.S. Despite this, Uber is notoriously unreliable at[...]
June 7, 2018
5 Situations In Which You Can Lose Your Right To Sue A Dog Owner For A Dog Attack Being attacked by a dog is almost always a traumatizing experience, especially if the injuries you suffered have negatively affected the quality of your life and your earning capacity. But recovering damages for a dog bite in Los Angeles and[...]
June 6, 2018
Construction Accidents And Personal Injury: Who Can Be Held Responsible? Without construction workers, our states and cities would never look as we know them today. A construction worker puts his or her health and life on the line to create architecture and infrastructure. So when construction accidents occur, the importance[...]
June 2, 2018
How To Prove That The Product Was Defective When It Left The Manufacturer’s Possession? If you have been injured by a defective or faulty product and are looking to recover damages, chances are you are wondering how to prove that the product was in a defective condition when it left the manufacturer's possession. California's[...]
June 1, 2018
Motorcycle Lane Splitting In California: Here’s How You Can Make It Safer To Avoid Accidents Motorcycle lane splitting is one of the most controversial and debatable practices on roads and highways in the United States. And while all other states in our country have banned the practice of lane splitting, arguing that it caused more[...]
May 31, 2018
What Is The Average Settlement Amount For A Lyft Accident Claim In California? If you have been injured in a Lyft accident in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California and you are eligible to receive monetary compensation, the question "How much can I actually recover to compensate for my injuries, damages, and losses?"[...]
May 30, 2018
Most Frequently Asked Questions about Wrongful Death Lawsuit When you lose a loved one it causes a lot of heartache and that heartache is magnified when that loss could have been prevented. In California, it is mandatory for all employers to provide medical insurance for every single employee[...]
May 25, 2018
What To Do When Dealing with a Hit and Run? Any accident is a stressful and upsetting event, but when that accident is a hit and run the problems and emotions surrounding the situation are aggravated and your emotions can run high. It is more important than ever in this[...]
May 24, 2018
Road Debris and Who Needs to Clean it up: We’ve all seen it happen and perhaps it has ever happened to you. You’re driving down a road that you are very used to and all of a sudden you are faced with debris on the road. This can be[...]
May 23, 2018
The Dangers of Distracted Driving Recently, one of the most common reasons for road traffic accidents is drivers driving with distraction. Before technology took a leap, distractions were not as often found but now with text messages, GPS, and calls on mobiles the distractions are[...]
May 22, 2018
Pitbull Legislation Brought Back to Life Dogs. They're manning best friends and have been renowned all around the world for their loyalty and faithfulness. Over the years, however, some breeds of dogs have got a bad reputation, in particular, the Pit Bull. Statistics show that 59[...]
May 18, 2018
Wrongful Death: What If Your Family Members Received Compensation, But You Didn’t? family members get along or communicate even at such a saddening moment as the loss of a family member. This is one of the reasons why there are many cases when certain heirs are left out in the cold and[...]
May 17, 2018
Premises Liability On Public Property: Your Guide To Bringing A Claim Against The Government More often than not, when people sue for premises liability after getting injured on someone else’s property, it is usually private property. But in no way does it mean that government agencies maintain public properties better than persons who own[...]
May 16, 2018
How Your Instagram Page Could Be Used Against You After A Car Accident It may seem as if anything you share on your Instagram page or any other social media account is there for two reasons: fun and entertainment. But the line between “fun” and “serious” has become more blurred than ever with[...]
May 15, 2018
Calculating Future Losses In Your Personal Injury Claim: How, When, And Why Calculating your past and current medical bills and damages in a personal injury claim is important, but far more critical in determining your future losses in the form of lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and future medical expenses. When[...]
May 11, 2018
Premises Liability Suit Settled after USC Frat Party Drone Strike Premises liability lawsuits arise when a person is injured, perhaps fatally, in an accident on property belonging to another person or entity. While working as Riverside premises liability attorneys over the past few decades, our expert lawyers have obtained significant[...]
May 10, 2018
6-Vehicle Collision Quickly Followed by Second Traffic Accident, One Car Rolls Anyone traveling along Highway 44 early in the morning of Wednesday, May 9 will have experienced significant delays due to not just one multi-vehicle collision, but two in quick succession. California Highway Patrol attended a six-vehicle collision which was backing[...]
May 9, 2018
Lawsuits Filed after Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak Spreads An E. coli outbreak that had caused a spate of illnesses across several states in recent weeks appears to have spread once more, with the number of affected consumers reaching 149. Reported cases of E. coli originating from Romaine lettuce[...]
May 8, 2018
2-Month-Old Baby Seriously Injured in California Pit Bull Attack Two-month-old Jemma-Linda Gonzalez was in her bouncy chair, supervised by her mother, in the backyard of their San Diego home on Monday, May 7, when a neighbor’s pit bull entered the garden, springing at the helpless infant and inflicting devastating[...]
May 4, 2018
Murder, Arson Charges after Elderly Woman Dies in Santa Monica A 26-year-old Santa Monica woman is facing charges of murder and arson after her elderly housemate died in a fire on Tuesday, May 1. The relationship between Victoria Renae Darlington and the unnamed deceased woman has, as yet, not been[...]
May 3, 2018
How Does Parking Your Car Turn into a Hate Crime? It Happened in Santa Monica Bad parking can be annoying, there is no denying that, but normally it does not escalate beyond a few moments of irritation and some frustration at being unable to secure a parking space. However, a video shot in the parking[...]
May 2, 2018
Unethical Drugs Manufacturers Sued for Their Part in Los Angeles Opioid Problem Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feuer, filed a lawsuit on Thursday, May 3, naming nine manufacturers and distributors of drugs for what is described as engaging in deliberately misleading business practices and failing to put a stop to suspicious drug[...]
May 1, 2018
Liability after a Los Angeles Dog Attack – What You Should Know If you own a dog in California, you have a legal responsibility to keep your dog under control at all times, including ensuring it is securely enclosed within your property while at home, and carefully controlled on a leash whilst[...]
April 27, 2018
Should You Be Concerned about the Secrecy Surrounding Autonomous Vehicles? Unless you are particularly young, driverless cars were probably the stuff of dreams while you were growing up. Sure, we all saw the movies, cartoons, and stories about robot housekeepers, personal spacecraft instead of cars, and similar futuristic technology that[...]
April 26, 2018
The Law of Attractive Nuisance, Children, and Riverside Premises Liability Cases Although the term is still used by many people when discussing premises liability law, an attractive nuisance is not a legal doctrine in California and has not been one for several decades now. This misuse of the term is understandable[...]
April 25, 2018
Tesla’s California Factory Subject to Safety Investigations Following Reports of Hazards and Injuries As a backlash against autonomous vehicles seems to take hold, potentially spelling bad news for manufacturers and suppliers of the so-called robot cars, Tesla has recently had additional woes in the guise of health and safety concerns at its Fremont,[...]
April 24, 2018
Could Backup Camera Legislation Reduce Riverside Car Accident Injuries? Backup cameras are already fitted to numerous cars in use in California and throughout the United States and, due to a new mandate, will now be equipped on all new cars. The legislation making this a legal requirement was introduced[...]
April 20, 2018
Who Is Responsible For Injuries And Damages Caused By Road Debris In Car Accidents? Apparently, aggressive, drunk, and distracted driving on the roads of Los Angeles and all across California are not the only things that can get you killed or leave you injured. Debris can be just as dangerous. But who is responsible[...]
April 19, 2018
How To Pay My Medical Bills While My Personal Injury Claim Is Still Pending? Getting injured in an accident – no matter what that accident might be – can devastate you and your family physically, emotionally, and financially. It is true that you can obtain compensation to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages,[...]
April 18, 2018
Premises Liability And Defects In Residential Premises: Duty Of Care To Invitee And Licensee California’s premises liability law recognizes two entrant statuses to which the owner or occupier of residential premises owes a duty of care: invitee and licensee. While an injured party can also be a trespasser, to whom the homeowner owes no[...]
April 17, 2018
Dog Bite Claims On The Rise In The U.S., And So Is The Average Cost Per Claim, But Why? Dog bite claims are increasing nationwide, and California leads the pack. The latest analysis of dog bite claims in the United States shows disturbing trends in the number of annual dog-related injuries in our country. Dog bites and other dog-related[...]
April 13, 2018
6 Reasons Why It’s Vital to Hire a Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney to Spearhead Your Case You were never prepared for this. No one ever is. The unexpected loss of your family member is one of the most brutal and devastating challenges one can go through in life. And while it may seem as if your[...]
April 12, 2018
Auto Insurance in California: These 4 Myths Can Ruin Your Car Accident Claim If you own a car in Riverside or elsewhere in California, chances are you are carrying an auto insurance policy (or you are among those infamous 15 percent of uninsured drivers in California). But most car drivers in California never[...]
April 11, 2018
Telling a Doctor About Your Injury After an Accident: Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes The process of speaking to your doctor about your injury after an accident may seem pretty straightforward… And yet thousands of people in Los Angeles and all across California make terrible mistakes that end up discrediting their personal injury claim.[...]
April 10, 2018
The Most Dangerous Household Products That Can Leave You Injured (And Entitle You to Product Liability Compensation) Stubbed toes and paper cuts are not the only injuries that can be caused by everyday household products in your home. Here is the scary part: unsafe household products seem to be everywhere if you look at this list of[...]
April 6, 2018
Filing a Personal Injury Claim Against Los Angeles? 4 Things You Need to Know Whether you want it or not, the city – in our case, Los Angeles – owns tons of buildings and property. Not to mention that public places are also technically owned by the city. This begs the question: can you[...]
April 5, 2018
Got Injured By a Third Party While Staying At a Hotel? Here’s Who Is Liable Love it or hate it, being a guest at a hotel is not like being at home: you have to put up with other guests and hotel staff who can be quite bothersome, noisy, annoying, or behaving in any other[...]
April 4, 2018
5 Biggest Misconceptions About Dog Bites That Still Persist in California Whether you are a dog owner in Riverside or elsewhere across California or you have recently been bitten or attacked by a dog, it is equally essential that you become familiar with California dog-bite laws. The following information will most[...]
April 3, 2018
3 Things You Misunderstood About California Product Liability Laws Every week or so, we hear about product recalls or stories of people across the United States getting injured as a result of using defectives products. And the bizarre thing is that most of these products can be commonly found[...]
March 29, 2018
Bus Manufacturer Product Liability Claim after Cyclist’s Death In the first ruling of its kind, a Nevada state court has determined that the faulty aerodynamic design of a bus contributed to the death of a cyclist. The product liability suit, which has been ongoing for over a month,[...]
March 28, 2018
3-Year-Old Injured after Fall into Pit Bull Pen Following an incident that saw a 3-year-old California boy viciously mauled by a dog believed to be a pit bull, an 8-month-old child has been taken into protective custody, and both parents have been arrested on suspicion of felony child[...]
March 27, 2018
NTSB Investigating Fatal Tesla Crash in California The National Transportation Safety Board has announced it is to send two investigators to examine the scene of a fatal Tesla collision in Northern California. The driver of the Tesla Model X SUV, which struck highway barriers near Mountain View[...]
March 26, 2018
No Charges for Police Involved in Alton Sterling’s Death 37-year-old Alton Sterling was selling CDs outside of a Baton Rouge convenience store when he was fatally shot by police officers. The officers involved, who have been on paid administrative leave since the July 2016 incident, claim that Sterling had[...]
March 23, 2018
How Does Premises Liability Apply to Amusement Parks? Whether you are a thrill-seeker who plans your vacations around the next gravity-defying rollercoaster on your list, or you are a little more cautious and just chaperone your children on their outings, amusement parks can be fantastic fun – until[...]
March 22, 2018
Could Autonomous Cars Lead to an Increase in Wrongful Deaths? Big corporations and large businesses are often accused of prioritizing their own profits over ethical considerations such as the safety of the general public. A recent example of this can be viewed in the introduction and testing of autonomous vehicles[...]
March 21, 2018
Should Universities and Colleges Have a Duty to Protect Students from Violent Attacks? After a former UCLA student was stabbed in a university lab in 2009, an appeals court ruled that universities and colleges could not be held liable for failure to keep students safe on campus, as they had no duty to[...]
March 20, 2018
With No Breathalyzer Alternative, How Can Los Angeles Police Catch Marijuana-Using Drivers? While recreational marijuana has been legalized in various U.S regions, it remains an offense to drive while under the influence of the drug. For police attempting to crack down on DUIs involving marijuana, there is one massive problem – there[...]
March 19, 2018
Roundup Is Killing More Than Weeds In Product Liability Suit For decades, scientists and other researchers have contended Roundup, an above-average weed killer designed to destroy weeds on contact contains chemicals that may cause cancer. However, the lawsuit against Monsanto, which produces the weed-killing product, could be dealt an unforeseen[...]
March 17, 2018
Personal Injury From FIU Bridge Collapse? Read On Barely open one full week, the bridge built to connect Sweetwater to Florida International University collapsed in a tragic fashion, killing numerous persons in vehicles while injuring countless others. An estimated $14.2 million went into the construction of this bridge,[...]
March 16, 2018
High Risk Dog Breeds Known For Dog Attacks Before entertaining which breed of dog you’ll make your new family centerpiece, it’s vital to understand the various dog breeds in existence, their primary demeanors, and what risks children and owners could potentially face should untrained canines get hostile and[...]
March 15, 2018
ECSO Tasered Themselves Into A Wrongful Death Suit While short jolts of ‘manageable’ electricity are supposed to render an incorrigible person unharmful, how many zaps are actually necessary? The case of Escambia County Sheriff’s Office vs. Bridges will more than likely answer that question. Filed in Federal court[...]
March 12, 2018
Xarelto Product Liability Lawsuits to Be Heard Separately In what appears to be a landmark ruling in multidistrict litigation, a New Orleans judge has ruled that approximately 18,000 product liability lawsuits filed against the manufacturers of the drug, Xarelto, are to be heard in separate jury trials in[...]
March 11, 2018
America’s Got Talent, and a Wrongful Death Suit Best known for encouraging people to showcase their talents in front of the judging panel and, perhaps, the entire nation, America’s Got Talent has hit the news for reasons other than controversial eliminations. The family of a woman who died[...]
March 9, 2018
Harvey Weinstein Facing Male Sexual Assault, Premises Liability Lawsuit The disgraced media mogul, Harvey Weinstein, has had his name in the press quite a few times in recent months, both due to multiple sexual harassment and assault allegations and the impact on Weinstein Co. A further lawsuit has now[...]
March 8, 2018
Does Shouting at Robot Cars Help after a Car Accident? Of course, it does not help to shout at an inanimate object and, despite seeming to be smart in some ways, autonomous cars and other artificially intelligent technologies are, in fact, inanimate. According to figures released by the California Department[...]
March 4, 2018
9 Best Legal Tips For When You’re Injured In a Car Accident A motor vehicle accident can happen to anyone. In fact, chances are – if you’re reading this now – you have probably been in a car accident just recently and are looking to get some legal advice. Luckily, we brought[...]
March 3, 2018
Let’s Be Honest: Why Do Some Premises Liability Claims FAIL? You can’t surprise anyone with a slip and fall accident nowadays, as the number of premises liability claims filed in our country is booming. Needless to say, not all of these claims are successful. But why? Why can’t an injured[...]
March 2, 2018
Be Prepared, Dog Owner Can Use THESE Bizarre Defenses After a Dog Bite Don’t be naïve to think that you’re guaranteed to win a personal injury claim against a dog owner just because you were bitten by his/her dog. If the dog owner is represented by a Los Angeles dog attack attorney, chances[...]
February 24, 2018
When a Car Accident Means “Til Death Do Us Part” Lasts Only 9 Days After more than ten years together, long-term lovers Christine Jackson and Matthew Newells finally tied the knot earlier in February 2018 but, when they took their vows, neither spouse could have imagined that this would last for just nine days.[...]
February 23, 2018
Is Venice Boulevard’s Road Diet Causing More Accidents? In May 2017, city officials took away one driving lane from Venice Boulevard, transforming the space into a parking lane and bicycle lane instead. While this road diet was intended to alter the flow of traffic and reduce the frequency[...]
February 22, 2018
Media Mogul Murdoch Injured after Slip and Fall Accident Proving that, no matter how much power and money you may have, you’re as susceptible to injury as any of the rest of us, media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, has apparently been confined to bed for several weeks, following a slip[...]
February 21, 2018
Makers of Blinds Sued after 3-Year-Old Dies Following the tragic death of their 3-year-old daughter in 2016, former Brigham Young University football coach, Reno Mahe, and his wife have filed a lawsuit against various companies involved in the manufacture of window blinds. Elsie Mahe died by strangulation[...]
February 17, 2018
Can You File a Car Accident Claim Without Police Report? Even if you’ve never been in a car accident, you probably know that calling the police is one of the first steps you should take after a motor vehicle accident. But a large number of people choose not to call[...]
February 15, 2018
What Treatment for a Dog Bite? Medicine, Injections, Antibiotics? Dogs are our best friends, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are domesticated wolves. And wolves can bite. A lot. Fact: more than 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year. And the worst part is that[...]
February 14, 2018
Premises Liability: Can You Sue Los Angeles For Your Injuries? How to File a Claim? If you look at premises liability laws in California, it may seem as if there is no way to hold the city accountable for your injuries and damages. But it’s not entirely true. If you slip and fall in a[...]
February 9, 2018
Road Rage Kills – How to Handle Aggressive Driving Safely If you’ve ever driven a car, been a passenger in any vehicle, or even seen a movie featuring driving, you’ll know exactly what road rage can look like. It’s absolutely everywhere – basically, where there are drivers, there are incidences[...]
February 8, 2018
New Bird Rides Scooters Causing Mayhem Remember that scooter you had so much fun on as a kid? If you haven’t experienced the joy of zooming along on two wheels for yourself, maybe your own kids are inseparable from their Razors, Micros, and Mini scooters, and[...]
February 7, 2018
Could Your Injury Have Been Avoided with Better Security? Amusement parks, movie theaters, and sports centers are just a few of the venues many of us love to spend our leisure time, not to mention a significant amount of money, in many cases. While you’ll head off to your[...]
February 6, 2018
The Emotional Effects of Dog Attacks When you read or hear about someone being injured in a dog bite attack, you probably imagine the physical injuries caused by the incident. It’s true, dog bites can have very severe consequences, but they run deeper than those you[...]
February 1, 2018
When Can You File a Wrongful Death Claim? When a loved one dies because of someone else’s behavior, what would already have been a great loss can become even more painful. Wrongful death is a statutory action, which can provide compensation to the surviving family of a person[...]
January 31, 2018
I-5 Closed After a Cheesy Crash News of road accidents can be troubling, upsetting, and, perhaps, intriguing, but we’re not sure we’ve ever described an accident as cheesy before. Of course, this isn’t cheesy like your massive grin in the countless selfies you take when out[...]
January 30, 2018
How Effective Are DUI Checkpoints in Preventing Car Accidents? When rumors started to circulate about a planned DUI checkpoint over the weekend of January 27 – 28, we got to thinking about effective these checkpoints really are. There’s no denying that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs[...]
January 29, 2018
Dangers Of Riding A Motorcycle Without A Helmet If you’re a biker, you may not be all that keen on wearing a helmet while navigating your motorcycle along the open road. It’s understandable – after all, what could beat the feeling of the wind in your hair as[...]
January 27, 2018
Not Even a Month into the Year and There Are Many Dangerous Product Recalls Already Although we're not yet a month into 2018, a number of potentially dangerous products have already been recalled by retailers and manufacturers. When a product is defective, potentially causing injury to users, the manufacturer will tend to recall the full[...]
January 26, 2018
Driving Without Insurance Is Not Only Illegal but Also Dangerous Liability auto insurance is a legal requirement in most parts of the USA, including here in Riverside. If you are a driver, this means you are legally obliged to hold a valid auto insurance policy and be able to produce[...]
January 25, 2018
Intoxication Has Led to an Increase in Wrong-Way Car Accidents Wrong-way driving is something we see all too often in Los Angeles. In fact, it's one of the three most common causes of car accidents in the area. The other two are distracted driving and driving while intoxicated and, in[...]
January 24, 2018
A FedEx Truck Crashes into a Hotel. Who Can Be Held Liable? Driving is a very convenient way to get to and from home, work, shopping, hobbies, and everything in between, but you're sure to be familiar with the devastation that can result from road accidents. Car accidents can be bad enough,[...]
January 20, 2018
Dangers of Lane Splitting (And How They Can Cause Motor Vehicle Accidents) Did you know that roughly one in six motorcycle accidents in California involves a motorcyclist who is lane-splitting? Even our Los Angeles motor vehicle accident attorney Howard Craig Kornberg can’t argue that riding a motorcycle around Los Angeles can be[...]
January 19, 2018
Father Of Two Boys Files a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Los Angeles County’s Sheriff Department The father of two young boys – ages 7 and 9 – is suing Los Angeles County’s sheriff department for wrongful death after a fatal high-speed car accident left his boys dead. The father, Luis Hernandez, issuing the county after an[...]
January 18, 2018
A Pit Bull Changed This Man’s Daily Routine Forever: How to Hold Dog Owners Liable For Dog Attacks? A dog attack can cause life-threatening injuries, leave you disfigured for the rest of your life, and result in the death of your beloved pet. A Santa Clarita man learned it the hard way when he encountered a huge black[...]
January 17, 2018
What is Considered Unsafe Stairs for a Premises Liability Claim? Stairways can be just as deadly as cars. In fact, staircase and stairway accidents are the second leading cause of personal injury in the U.S., after motor vehicle accidents. Fact: every year, over 1 million Americans suffer injuries from stairway[...]
January 13, 2018
Alcohol (And Drugs) And Wrong-Way Car Crashes: Is There a Link? You’ve probably seen wrong-way drivers in Los Angeles multiple times, and thought to yourself, “That driver is putting his safety and the safety of others at risk!” Well, you had a point. While wrong-way driving is one of the most[...]
January 12, 2018
Electrocution Accidents & Premises Liability: Where Can They Happen? I don’t know about you, but whenever I plug my phone into a charging socket, I get anxious. What if I get into an electrocution accident and suffer electrical injuries? This is especially true when I have to charge my[...]
January 11, 2018
Consequences Of Car Accidents With a Pole: Are YOU Always the ONE to Blame? You may not realize this, but single-vehicle car accidents account for more than half of all fatal car crashes in Los Angeles and elsewhere. In fact, a car driver is more likely to die in a single-car accident than in[...]
January 10, 2018
Here’s How a Dog Bite Can Damage Your Child Permanently Even though laws against owners of dangerous dogs in California have gotten tough in recent years, the number of dog bites against children in Riverside keeps rising. Fact: every year, more than 4.5 million Americans get bitten by dogs, over[...]
January 4, 2018
Most Common Types of Hotel Accidents (And Ways to Hold the Owner and Management Liable) We stay at hotels for a number of reasons. But in most cases, the reason is simple: a vacation. It’s 2018, so people generally expect hotels to be 100% safe for guests to guarantee a stress-free and relaxing stay at[...]
January 3, 2018
Fire Accidents: When Do Premises Liability Laws Apply? As wildfires continue to wreak havoc in California, local authorities are assessing the full value of damages, injuries and fatalities suffered in the largest fire in the state’s history. But not only consequences of wildfires can be devastating and life-threatening,[...]
January 2, 2018
Will Los Angeles See More Marijuana-Impaired Car Accidents After Weed Legalization in 2018? It’s been less than a week since marijuana was legalized across California, but the California Highway Patrol officers are already on high alert to prevent car accidents involving weed-impaired motorists. On New Year’s Eve, the CHP issued a statement to[...]
January 1, 2018
Weed Legalization 2018 in California Has Increased Car Accidents Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California, the state is seeing a noticeable increase in car accidents. When Californians voted to legalize recreational weed in 2016, only a handful of them actually weighed the pros and cons of making[...]
December 22, 2017
How One Car Accident Can Shut Down an Entire Freeway (And Create Even More Crashes!) Over 15,000 car accidents occur in the U.S. every single day… That means a lot of lives are altered – and lost – each day… Traffic collisions affect not only those directly involved in car accidents but also thousands of[...]
December 21, 2017
Rolling Loud Festival: Is It Responsible For Uptick in Car Accidents? (Weed and Alcohol-Impaired Drivers Alert!) The Rolling Loud festival is often referred to as the No. 1 hip hop festival in the U.S., but its superb rap performances are not the only signature attribute of every Rolling Loud festival. The nation’s biannual hip hop festival,[...]
December 20, 2017
Dog Attacks on Mail Carriers: How Common is it in Los Angeles? Dogs in Los Angeles are responsible for thousands of dog bites every year. In fact, California has the highest number of dog bite claims in the U.S. Fact: Los Angeles is the leading city in the nation in dogs biting[...]
December 16, 2017
Insurance Companies Are Giving False Information to Wildfire Survivors in California A wildfire is one of the worst types of natural disasters that can hit any part of California. And it’s one of those natural disasters that you never see coming and cannot properly prepare to minimize damage and losses. And[...]
December 14, 2017
Drunk Driving in Riverside: 7 Surprising Consequences Alcohol-Impaired Drivers Are Facing for DUI A Riverside drunk driver was taken into custody after nearly killing a police officer with his truck. The DUI incident took place on Thursday night, December 7, when Daniel M. Vazquez caught the police’s attention. Vazquez wasn’t among millions of[...]
December 13, 2017
How Lack Of (or Unclear) Terms of Conditions Lead to Bad Faith Insurance Claims If you believe your insurance company has engaged in unfair insurance practice and provided you with lack of (or vague and unclear) terms of conditions, you may be able to hold the insurer liable under bad faith insurance laws. What[...]
December 8, 2017
When Slip and Fall Accidents Are Covered Under Premises Liability (Don’t Miss Your Compensation These Holidays) The holiday season is just around the corner, which means the likelihood of slipping on an icy walkway is about to skyrocket. Whether you miss a step and fall on poorly lit stairways or trip over fallen merchandise at a[...]
December 2, 2017
What Are Unfair Insurance Claim Practices (Check If You’ve Been Screwed Over By Your Insurer at Least Once) Sadly but true, insurance companies take an inordinate amount of our money and then refuse to recover our damages; or are trying to stall for time to reduce the size of an insurance claim. This and many other unfair and[...]
December 1, 2017
Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Disfigurement Claim in Los Angeles Disfigurement and permanent scars have devastating effects on a person’s life. Disfigurement may affect a person’s ability to land jobs, find a romantic partner, get married, and enjoy his/her life to the fullest. Not to mention that disfigurement in an[...]
November 30, 2017
As Construction Accidents Skyrocket in Los Angeles, Attorneys Answer 4 Most Common Questions About Workers Rights Thanksgiving is over, which means construction workers face even more aggressive deadlines and great workloads to finish projects at construction sites by the end of the year. Whether your employer wants to debut the tallest building in Los Angeles by[...]
November 24, 2017
Thanksgiving Gone Wrong: How the Four-Day Holiday Weekend May End in a Premises Liability Claim Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year, full of family, friends, love, thanks, feasting, and fun. There’s no doubt about that. But it’s also a very dangerous holiday that not only contributes to the rise of car accidents on[...]
November 23, 2017
Wrong-Way Driving is a Top Cause of Car Accidents (What to Do If it Happens to You?) Wrong-way driving and making a sudden left turn are one of the leading causes of car accidents that kill hundreds of other drivers and pedestrians on the streets of Los Angeles every year. Making a sudden left turn in front[...]
November 22, 2017
During Thanksgiving, DUI Arrests Skyrocket Across Nation (But Are Those Roadblocks Even Legal?) It’s practically impossible to find sober people on the streets of Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Eve, which is – fairly – referred to as ‘Black Wednesday’. And unfortunately, it’s also quite a challenge to find drivers whose blood alcohol content[...]
November 21, 2017
Dog Bite Claims Rise Sharply During Thanksgiving: How to Ensure This Doesn’t Happen To You The number of dog bites is on the rise during the holidays and Thanksgiving. And it makes perfect sense. Think about it: family and friends – and many other people whom a dog sees for the first time – come[...]
November 18, 2017
Hit-and-Run Epidemic is Growing in Los Angeles (And Here’s How You Can Profit from It) The epidemic of hit-and-runs in Los Angeles is getting larger and scarier in Los Angeles, and there’s actually a way to take advantage of it and earn up to $50,000 (or more). Experts have been tracking every hit-and-run in Los[...]
November 18, 2017
Handling Juvenile Wrongful Death: How Do You Find Strength to File a Claim After Something So Horrible? Losing your child is one of the most horrible challenges life can throw at a parent. This is something parents never see coming, and something that can destroy their lives in an instant. But what to do if your child[...]
November 17, 2017
Celebrities Arrested for DUI with Marijuana: Weed DUI on the Rise in Los Angeles Driving under the influence (DUI) is nothing out of the extraordinary in Los Angeles, where an estimated 100 people get arrested for DUI every day. In fact, we’ve even gotten used to celebrity DUI arrests in LA and all across[...]
November 17, 2017
Car Subscription Services: Pros vs Cons (Can They Make Car Accidents Even Worse?) As Cadillac announced on Monday it is expanding its subscription car service to Los Angeles, many LA residents became aware of a promising worldwide trend: driving a car without having to buy, maintain or sell it. (Hint: that’s not the[...]
November 10, 2017
How to Not Fall Into a Trap When Filing a Pothole Injury Claim Tripping or falling in a pothole in Los Angeles is not something out of the extraordinary, as the streets of Los Angeles are not always properly and timely inspected and maintained. While falling in a pothole may cause serious injuries[...]
November 9, 2017
Surprising Truth About Road Shoulder Accidents (Why You Should Never Park on the Side of the Road) If you park your car on the shoulder of the road, you’re never safe. In fact, you’re much more likely to end up getting into a car accident while parked on the side of the freeway than driving along the[...]
November 9, 2017
How to File a Defective Motor Vehicle Lawsuit Against a Car Maker? (As in Paul Walker’s Case With Porsche) Defective motor vehicles can be deadly, but is there even the slightest chance you could sue a giant car maker such as BMW? It may be an airbag that fails to deploy in a crash, brakes that won’t listen, or[...]
November 3, 2017
These Are the Most Common Slip & Fall Accident Causes to Watch Out For Don’t let it slip your mind: slip-and-fall accidents keep doctors very busy in our country. Falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room trips every year and surpass all other reasons for ER visits (over 21%). Slips and falls,[...]
November 2, 2017
Defective Washing Machines: Can You Get Compensation? Samsung phones are not the only things that explode in 2017. Defective washing machines, particularly those manufactured by Samsung between March 2011 and April 2016, may explode in your home and leave you or your loved ones injured. But not[...]
October 28, 2017
Do Auto Insurance Companies Discriminate Against Women Drivers? It’s a constant reminder to everyone watching television. During every commercial break, there is either a talking gecko or a funny spokesperson telling us about the importance of saving money on our car insurance. But did you know not everyone[...]
October 28, 2017
Spectator Violence: Can You Sue a Sports Stadium for Fights and Beating? Violent actions of sports fans in stadiums have been a long-standing issue dating back to Roman times. Romans used to whack one another in the nuts while watching Coliseum battles, and folks got away with it. But times have changed.[...]
October 27, 2017
Dangers of Trucks on Riverside Freeways: Scary Statistics Driving next to a truck can be a scary experience when you’re driving a car resembling a mouse trying to survive a life-threatening encounter with an elephant-like truck. In fact, you can literally feel the hairs on the back of[...]
October 21, 2017
Puppy Mills Affect How Dangerous a Dog Will Be (Beware of Dog Bites) California is about to become the first U.S. state to ban the sale of dogs from puppy mills. What are puppy mills and why should you care about them? A puppy mill is a facility where workers breed dogs for[...]
October 21, 2017
Power Tool Gone Wrong: How to Determine Product Liability Millions of people in the U.S. have to use power tools as part of their job or simply to repair things around the house. Power tools, which include saws, rotary saws, drills, and power wrenches, usually involve rotating parts that[...]
October 20, 2017
This Scary Brain Injury Statistics Will Make You Think Twice Before Engaging in These Activities Every day, at least 150 people in the U.S. die from brain injuries. Even those who survive a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can face life-damaging effects, including impaired thinking or problems with memory, impaired movement or emotional functioning, and depression,[...]
October 20, 2017
What You Should Know About California’s Dog Bite Laws We all love our dogs. They not only make wonderful companions but they are also like a member of the family. But even the most well-behaved dog can sometimes get out of control--especially when they are around strangers or someone[...]
October 13, 2017
Car Accidents And Children: Scary Statistics A car accident is one of the leading causes of death among children. While fatalities in car accidents vary from one state to another, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says many fatal car accidents involving children can[...]
October 13, 2017
Truck Drivers With Limited Experience Are a Major Cause of Truck Accidents If you live in California or anywhere in the U.S., you’ve probably heard countless radio ads from trucking companies looking to hire new drivers. There are currently more than 3.5 million truck drivers employed in the U.S. trucking industry. And[...]
October 7, 2017
The Surprising Most Common Cause of Brain Injury Waking up in a hospital gown is never good. Waking up and not being able to recall what happened, or even your name is even worse. An estimated nearly 3 million Americans hear these words in hospitals, “You have suffered[...]
October 7, 2017
Isn’t it Illegal to Walk Your Dog Without a Leash in Los Angeles? “Isn’t it illegal to walk a dog without a leash in Los Angeles?” you’re probably wondering right now. And if you are, chances are that you or any of your friends or relatives recently got bit by a dog. Dogs[...]
October 6, 2017
What Are the Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle? Riding a motorcycle can be addictive. Here at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, we know it better than anyone else, because our finest attorneys ride motorcycles themselves. But you know what they say about addictive things. They can[...]
October 6, 2017
Are New Cars Safer Than Old Cars? The Debate is Over, Here’s the Answer You get behind the wheel of your car knowing that no matter what happens today, you’ll return home in one piece. Your car’s airbags are reliable as ever, seat belts are super tight, and all humans inside your car will[...]
October 1, 2017
How Do You Prevent a Motorcycle Accident? And What if You Fail? Whenever we see a motorcyclist on the streets of Los Angeles, a lot of us tend to think, “Oh, look. He is on a suicide mission.” Up to 5,000 motorcyclists are killed in motorcycle accidents in the U.S. every year.[...]
October 1, 2017
Bike Accidents in the Busy Streets of Los Angeles If you are male, older than 20, and riding a bike in the busy streets of Los Angeles, know this: statistics are not on your side. California had the most bicyclists killed than any other state of America in 2012,[...]
September 30, 2017
Dog Bites: Is it the Dog or Owner’s Fault? You’ve probably been bitten by a dog at least once in your life (especially in your childhood). And if you have kids, you most likely keep them at a safe distance from dogs, because… well, dogs bite. An estimated 4.5[...]
September 29, 2017
In Case of Uber and Lyft Accident, Who You Gonna Call First? More than 12,000 Uber drivers (the company is looking to add 15,000 more) and about 30,000 Lyft drivers are flooding the streets of Los Angeles every day. The popularity of Uber and Lyft is rising by the day, with more[...]
September 28, 2017
If a Dog Bites You in Los Angeles, Follow This Guide to Receive Compensation If you get bit by someone’s dog, you bite back! Not literally though. With dog bites on the rise all across the United States, and billions of dollars spent by Los Angeles residents to recover from dog bites every year, what should[...]
September 25, 2017
How to Make A Truck Company and Driver Pay for a Truck Accident? Truck drivers spend sleepless nights transporting a staggering 80% of all cargo in America. A whopping 3.5 million drivers are employed in the U.S. trucking industry to transport stuff from point A to point B. That means millions of trucks[...]
September 22, 2017
Dog Bites: Havoc and Animosity In a society where there are various natural disasters befalling more often than not, it is sad to see that dog bites are also causing havoc and animosity amongst neighbors. However, it is more saddening to see dog bite victims[...]
September 21, 2017
Car Accidents Caused by Teens Every year in the United States more than two thousand teens are being killed while over 200.000 were injured (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARS). According to the Insurance Institute for Highway[...]
September 15, 2017
A 22% Increase in Los Angeles Car Accidents Car accidents are unavoidable. As careful as you may be to obey all the rules of the road, mistakes happen. Gross negligence by other motorists with whom you share the road is another factor that may lead to an increased[...]
September 14, 2017
Aggressive and Comprehensive Representation Most car accidents are hectic and getting the right evidence and winning the case in court can seem strenuous. Our injury attorneys have experience with several types of car accidents and have been able to obtain compensation on behalf of[...]
September 9, 2017
New Study Finds A 3% Increase in Marijuana Related Accidents A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway safety analyzed insurance data for states that have legalized medical marijuana as opposed to states that don't and found an exponential increase. The data covered claims from January 2012 to October[...]
September 1, 2017
Los Angeles Hospital Sued for Negligence and Premises Liability At some point or another, you have visited a hospital either for a loved one or yourself. You assume that it will be a safe environment and you do not have to worry about any life-altering accidents. It is a[...]
August 25, 2017
Pain and Suffering Determination Many have heard the term pain and suffering related to legal cases like a car accident or serious injury, but do you really know how it’s calculated and what it means for your case? Most victims are aware that they[...]
August 18, 2017
Exploding Washers Turn Into Never Ending Cycles Samsung had a rough 2016, but it seems their problems are still not over. They had to recall several washers that were reported to be exploding. The company had to recall 2.8 million machines due to a design defect. The[...]
August 17, 2017
Been in a Car Accident? Don’t Make These Mistakes Car accidents can be a traumatic event for anybody in Southern California. Even a minor fender bender can be an extremely stressful situation. It can be easy to get flustered and angry at the other driver. When your emotions are[...]
August 12, 2017
How Much Marijuana Is Too Much? As recreational marijuana becomes legal in many states including California the dangers are coming into the spotlight. The biggest concern amongst residents and authorities is the dangers of driving while high on marijuana. Driving while under the influence of alcohol[...]
August 11, 2017
Road Rage Incident Causes a Chain Reaction Los Angeles traffic can drive anyone mad but just recently a road rage incident spiraled out of control causing several injuries and collisions. It all started with a motorcyclist who kicked the side of a beige sedan. The driver of[...]
August 4, 2017
How do I Protect My Dog and My Neighbors Your furry pet quickly becomes part of the family and you could never imagine them harming someone. However, strangers and police officers do not share the same view. They can see your lovable pet as a ferocious monster. That is[...]
August 3, 2017
Dealing With Wrongful Death In The Family When you lose someone you love, whether a relative, friend, or spouse, you can go through intense feelings of anger, grief, and seclusion. This is particularly true for children who feel their world has fallen apart. Healing will eventually come[...]
July 17, 2017
Is That Driver Motoring Along Next To You … Sleeping? "Staggering." That is the term used in a recent Forbes article to describe what is clearly a top-tier safety concern on roadways in Southern California and across the country. That concern is this: Behind-the-wheel sleeping. Although most people welcome the[...]
July 13, 2017
2 Firefighters, 2 others injured in Pacoima high-speed collision A dramatic crash in Pacoima left two Los Angeles firemen in the hospital in fair condition along with two others. The motor vehicle collision happened one morning last month as the first responders were traveling with a patient in an[...]
July 3, 2017
Actress Sues Accountant For Misconduct Actress Alyssa Milano has filed a lawsuit against her former accountant, alleging that the man and his firm did not pay bills and taxes on time, forged her signature on checks, and advised her to invest in a company without[...]
June 28, 2017
Example Of A Typical Lottery Dispute Playing the lottery usually comes with minor disappointment in the end, but it's preceded by great hope, and that's why we play. In most cases, the disappointment is minor -- because we only spent a few dollars -- but in[...]
June 27, 2017
Marijuana Use While Driving A Growing Threat? Now that recreational marijuana use is legal in California, drivers may face heightened risks on the road. "Drugged driving" has become a key issue for law enforcement statewide. After alcohol, marijuana is the most common substance involved in intoxicated driving,[...]
June 26, 2017
Caring For A Loved One With A Traumatic Brain Injury When someone you hold dear suffers a traumatic brain injury or TBI, the consequences are anything but temporary. Sure, the chain of events that caused their cranial injury may have unfolded in the blink of an eye. Your loved one,[...]
June 20, 2017
How Often Is Paralysis Caused By Car Accidents? Paralysis is much more common than a lot of people assume. According to the Christopher Reeve Foundation, about 5.4 million people suffer from it in the United States. To get a better grasp of what that means, it indicates that[...]
June 13, 2017
Freak Accident Claims Life Of San Jose Woman A freak accident on June 2 that involved a golf cart and wine glasses ended with the death of a San Jose woman. She was 58. According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, around 11:15 p.m. the woman and[...]
June 6, 2017
Filing A Lawsuit Because Of Injuries Related To Vehicle Defects If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident and have reason to believe that defects in a car, truck or other vehicle contributed to the accident or the injuries sustained, then you might be able to file a lawsuit[...]
June 6, 2017
Summer Heat Poses A Threat To Truck Drivers And Others As with any extreme weather conditions, hot weather poses its own unique challenges to truck drivers. As a result, it can potentially be a dangerous time of year for truck drivers and others on the roads as well. One of[...]
May 24, 2017
What If My Accountant Messes Up My Taxes? When you employ an accountant to prepare your taxes, it is reasonable to trust that he or she will simplify your relationship with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), not complicate it. Unfortunately, even accountants can make mistakes, especially when it[...]
May 23, 2017
How Can You Tell If An Architect Or Engineer Was Negligent? What happens when you hire an architect or an engineer to build your dream home, a development of condos you can sell, or some other project, and you're vastly disappointed with the results? Can you sue that architect or engineer?[...]
May 9, 2017
Steps To Take Following A California Bicycle Accident Bicycles are an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages. They can also be dangerous if riding in high-traffic areas. Bicycle safety is important for the rider and motorists around them. A bicycle rider needs to be vigilant[...]
May 2, 2017
Why Lottery Pool Disputes Start And How To Avoid Them Lottery pools work by letting friends or fellow employees pool their funds and buy their weekly lottery tickets together, thereby increasing their chances of winning. For a few bucks a week, they each get an equal share of a dream.[...]
April 29, 2017
LA’s Deadliest Times And Places For Traffic Accidents Vehicle collisions may not be one of your top worries in life, but what if it were possible to minimize your risk? Although there's no such thing as a sure bet, choices as simple as restricting when and where you[...]
April 25, 2017
Motorcyclist Decapitated When Car’s Driver Loses Control Motorcyclists face so many dangers already on the road that it seems terribly unfair that a young man with so much to live for would lose his life when he was decapitated by a low-hanging wire in a bizarre accident.[...]
April 21, 2017
How Do I Educate My Child About Animal Bites? Animal bites are scary, especially for children. Being bitten by an animal at a young age, no matter how minor or severe the bite is, can scar a child for life. When you talk with adults who are scared of[...]
March 31, 2017
What California Boaters Can Learn From 2015’S Boating Statistics While California's weather is generally favorable to boaters all year, spring and summer do see an increase in the number of boats actually out in the water. The warmer weather, school breaks, vacation time, and increasing daylight all give people[...]
March 30, 2017
Cycling To Work In The City: How To Do It (And-Survive) Los Angeles is home to a robust community of avid cyclists. Few, however, take the bold step of cycling to work - and for understandable reasons. On top of LA's notorious traffic, cyclists face numerous challenges. Bike lanes are in[...]
March 16, 2017
School Declared Too Dangerous For Students Officials with California's board of education have barred two campuses of the Bright Futures Academy, a school serving special-needs children, from taking new students. Officially, the decision is related to the school's inability to meet its contractual obligations and a[...]
March 10, 2017
Complex Wrongful Death Suit Settles In Eleventh Hour While it isn't unusual for a wrongful death case to settle out of court, it is somewhat unusual to see one settle just as it is about to go to trial. A jury was already chosen in the case of[...]
March 2, 2017
Distracted Driving Can Impact Your Future Distracted driving is a major problem on the roads. It takes the driver's eyes off the road, making it more likely for the vehicle to drift or for the driver to rear-end another vehicle. Distracting driving occurs any time you[...]
February 24, 2017
How Can You Tell When A Dog Bite Is Likely? One of the best ways to avoid a dog bite is simply to know when there is an elevated risk and seek to take yourself out of that situation. Many bites occur because people don't see the warning signs fast[...]
February 17, 2017
Attorney Faces Probation After Misconduct In Divorce Case A California lawyer is facing probation and other possible consequences after he mishandled filings and procedures in a divorce case and failed to respond in a timely manner to the State Bar after his client filed a complaint. The issues[...]
February 10, 2017
Understanding The Reasons Vehicles Get Recalled When it comes to automobiles, there are a number of parts that, if found to be defective, can cause it to be recalled. Among the many reasons one may be ordered, it could be for anything from floor mats to[...]
February 3, 2017
Elements Of A Bicycle Accident Case Los Angeles bicyclists are no-doubt aware of the dangers and risks involved with sharing the roadway with motor vehicles. Some bicyclists may have even suffered serious injuries as a result of being hit by a negligent motorist. These individuals might[...]
January 27, 2017
Should Apple Be Held Responsible For Drivers Who Text? Is Apple's iPhone really behind a staggering average of 52,000 vehicular accidents and 312 fatalities per year in California alone? Those are the figures according to a class-action lawsuit filed by a plaintiff who was rear-ended by an iPhone user[...]
January 26, 2017
Is Your Landlord Responsible For Your Injuries? Injuries often happen in the home - and often due to unsafe conditions such as missing handrails, tripping hazards, and general disrepair. Trips, slips & falls, and other injuries can lead to lasting physical problems and significant medical expenses. Who[...]
January 20, 2017
An Overview Of The Los Angeles Housing Safety Rules It is required by law in California for all who own or manage a property with two or more residential units on a piece of land and one unit is offered for rent or rented, the property must follow the[...]
January 13, 2017
Los Angeles County Sees The Most Pedestrian Fatalities For pedestrians, the Auto Insurance Center recently determined that no county in the nation is as dangerous as Los Angeles County. According to a report they compiled, there were more motor vehicle accidents resulting in the death of a pedestrian[...]
January 6, 2017
Avoid A Legal Battle Over The Office Lottery Pool With A Contract The office lottery pool is an increasingly common feature just about everywhere. While they're mostly a source of dreams and entertainment, someone has to win, right? Right. And if it happens to be your office lottery pool that does, hope[...]
December 23, 2016
Freak Accident At Landfill Takes One Life An incident that has been called a "freak accident" claimed the life of a construction worker this December. The accident happened at a San Juan Capistrano landfill, and reports indicate that the worker was crushed. The man was 38 years[...]
December 21, 2016
Should App Developers Be Required To Lockout Users Who Are Driving Every driver has a responsibility to avoid distractions while behind the wheel. This is especially true when it comes to high-risk behaviors such as texting or using cellphone apps while driving. But do the developers of those apps also have[...]
December 14, 2016
Truck Crash Kills Two On Interstate 5 Most people want to be good drivers. They understand that driving a motor vehicle can be dangerous and that they should stay alert and focused driving when they are behind the wheel. However, driving long stretches of highway in California[...]
December 11, 2016
Roadside Marijuana Tests Proposed With the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana in California, motorists will have yet another large concern about highway safety when driving on the streets and roads of the state. While the effects of drugged driving can be similar[...]
December 10, 2016
New Study Warns Of Drowsy Driving Risk In a city like Los Angeles, it is easy to lose sleep. Many people have to work late nights or overnights, whether in medicine, law enforcement, transportation, or entertainment, and there are many businesses that rarely or never close. Those[...]
December 8, 2016
Hours Of Service Rules: Obscure, But Important For Highway Safety Highway safety is an important issue in California. With hundreds of thousands of miles of road across the state serving more than 38 million people and 24 million licensed drivers, issues like distracted driving, vehicle safety equipment, and road design[...]
November 12, 2016
California Ranked At 8th Most Bicycle Friendly State When people think of transportation in California, particularly near Los Angeles, they think of automobiles. In fact, our city and most of our state are known for their car-dependency. Things are slowly changing. The League of American Bicyclists ranked California[...]
November 8, 2016
Reducing Teen Driving Fatalities The United States has been working to reduce teen deaths in car crashes for the past decade. Unfortunately, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), teen-involved accident deaths rose 10 percent in 2015, the first increase since 2006.[...]
November 2, 2016
The Driving Implications Of Sleep Quality How much sleep a person gets and the quality of their sleep is an incredibly impactful thing. For one, it can majorly affect their own health (physical and emotional) and life. A person not getting good enough sleep could also[...]
November 1, 2016
Casino Tour Bus Rear Ends 18-Wheeler On Way Back To Los Angeles Early morning on Sunday, October 23, a tour bus returning to Los Angeles from Red Earth Casino in Salton Sea Beach ran into an 18-wheeler. The truck was driving only 5 mph when the bus rear-ended it, killing 13 people and[...]
October 27, 2016
Keeping Trick-Or-Treaters Safe From Dog Bites With Halloween just around the corner, many individuals here in the San Fernando Valley are getting ready for the trick-or-treaters that may be visiting their houses on Halloween night. For homeowners with dogs, the important preparations can go far beyond[...]
October 15, 2016
Will Us Drivers Embrace A Future With Driverless Cars? The automobile industry is buzzing with excitement over the possibilities for autonomous vehicles, and they are already being tested on U.S. roads. But what do average Americans think of driverless cars? Will they be embraced in the future? Kelly Blue[...]
October 11, 2016
Road To Zero Coalition Aims To End Traffic Fatalities In 30 Years In response to the rising number of traffic fatalities in 2015, a new partnership has formed to reduce these deaths to zero. The Road to Zero coalition, which includes the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Federal[...]
October 8, 2016
What To Do After A Car Accident The National Safety Council estimates that in 2015, 38,300 people were killed on U.S. roads, and 4.4 million were seriously injured. This data doesn't take into account the accidents resulting in minor injuries or just property damage. Given the statistics, many people will[...]
October 3, 2016
What Should You Know About Lane Splitting In California? With the passage of state Assembly Bill 51, Californian motorcyclists can now legally share the lane with other vehicles when passing. The contentious bill allows motorcyclists to lane split, which is also known as white-lining or lane sharing. Now that lane splitting[...]
October 2, 2016
Uber’s Self-Driving Taxis Raise Concerns Among Safety Experts Uber began testing autonomous cars on the streets of Pittsburgh in mid-September, as we discussed in an earlier blog. Safety experts, however, worry that these trial runs were launched to the public prematurely. Autonomous cars have problems driving in bad[...]
September 27, 2016
Passengers May Be At Risk For Serious Injury In Some Small Suvs Automobile manufacturers must comply with a number of safety inspections for vehicles they bring to the market, including small SUVs. These standards help to protect drivers from severe injury in an accident, but what about the passengers? A recent car[...]
September 25, 2016
U.S. Releases Safety Recommendations For Driverless Cars Many people claim that driverless cars are our future and that technology will reduce accidents by eliminating human error. Others feel vehicles without a driver open us up to a host of safety issues and potential hazards. One thing about[...]
September 21, 2016
Pedestrian Accidents On The Rise In The San Fernando Valley Car collisions happen every day in Los Angeles and throughout the San Fernando Valley. All collisions can be potential disasters for the parties involved, but accidents between a car and pedestrian are among the most severe. Back in May, the Los[...]
September 18, 2016
The Science Behind Distracted Driving Most people understand that texting, checking social media or using phone apps while driving is dangerous. Yet many of us find ourselves doing it, whether we admit it or not. Why do we feel compelled to respond to every notification[...]
September 14, 2016
How Serious Are Animal Bite Infections? Most of the animal bites suffered in the United States today are from domestic animals. Dogs cause more injuries, but infections occur in more cat bites. According to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, dog bites become infected[...]
September 12, 2016
What Should You Do After A Dog Or Animal Bite? After a dog bites or attacks another animal, the most important thing to do is to seek medical attention. Even if the bite seems minor, failure to treat the wound could result in a serious infection. Additionally, California law requires[...]
September 7, 2016
You Can Seek Compensation For A Wrongful Death With around 5 percent of people aged 65 or older living in nursing homes, it's important to reduce the number of falls that take place to prevent injury, disability, and wrongful death. Ten to 20 percent of falls result in[...]
September 4, 2016
Car Accident Deaths In 2015 Rose At The Highest Rate In Decades Newly released data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports a 7.2 percent increase in car accident deaths nationwide from 2014 to 2015. In total numbers, this is 32,744 in 2014 and 35,092 in 2015. This may not[...]
August 28, 2016
The Reality Is Grim For Southern California Bicycle Accidents Nobody walks in L.A. - but they do bike. Bike ridership increased 7.5 percent in Los Angeles from 2011 to 2013, including more than 20,000 commuters. Some of this increase has been attributed to additional bike lanes, which eases the[...]
August 27, 2016
Will Uber’s Self Driving Cars Create Liability Issues? Automobile manufacturers are in a race to bring the first self-driving cars to the public market. Uber, the popular ride-hailing company, may have helped to accelerate this process, as they will start using autonomous cars in Pittsburgh within a matter[...]
August 23, 2016
U.S. Leads The World In Fatal Car Accidents From 2000 to 2013, the United States reduced car accident deaths by 31 percent. While this figure is impressive, our country still is falling behind when it comes to the prevention of these tragic accidents. In 2013, compared to 19[...]
August 20, 2016
What Should You Avoid Doing When You Encounter Heavy Traffic Heavy traffic is something that many drivers here in the Los Angeles area are all too familiar with. When in heavy traffic, a driver may feel helpless, and that what they do behind the wheel really doesn’t have much of[...]
August 14, 2016
Is Your Teen Engaging In Distracted Driving? Although devastating, it is not shocking that car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers ages 15 to 20 in the United States. It also is not surprising that many of these deaths were caused by distracted driving,[...]
July 24, 2016
Californias Distracted Driving Law Explained Nearly as long as there have been cars, there have been ways for drivers to get distracted from their tasks. But as recently as a few decades ago, phones were not an issue. Then, the first car phones became available.[...]
July 24, 2016
Is Pokemon Go The Latest Cause Of Distracted Driving Crashes? For many cellphone app-based game enthusiasts, the new game Pokemon Go is the latest fun diversion. For the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the game is just another way for motorists to take their focus off the road, where it[...]
July 20, 2016
Will Las New Bike Lane Lights Improve Traffic Safety? The city of Los Angeles recently took a small step toward making the roads safer for bicycle riders. Officials recently celebrated the addition of four bicycle traffic lights in the downtown area. The lights hang alongside the regular traffic lights[...]
July 12, 2016
California Lawmaker Moves To Legalize Motorcycle Lane Splitting Back in April, we discussed a study of lane splitting by the University of California - Berkeley. As readers may recall, the study concluded that lane splitting, or the practice of motorcyclists riding between lanes of four-wheeled traffic on the[...]
July 11, 2016
Self Driving Tesla Hits Semi Truck Killing Driver A deadly car crash announced by automaker Tesla Motors Inc. may reveal a vulnerability in self-driving auto technology. Tesla says a motorist died when the Tesla he was driving crashed into a tractor-trailer while on autopilot mode. The fatal wreck occurred in May,[...]
July 4, 2016
How The Age Of The Victim Can Affect Wrongful Death Litigation Most of us would agree that our lives are worth more than our income. We are more than our jobs; we are spouses, parents, children, friends, and members of the community. Nevertheless, when someone dies, one of the ways that[...]
July 2, 2016
Los Angeles Postal Workers Learn Self Defense Against Dog Bites It’s an old joke that United States Postal Service workers are constantly getting chased off their appointed rounds by neighborhood dogs. But it’s not funny to mail carriers who have been the victim of dog bites while on the job.[...]
June 26, 2016
New App Uses Gift Cards To Stop Distracted Driving California is among the vast majority of states with some form of anti-distracted driving law in place, but motorists continue to use their cell phones while driving, especially teen drivers. Traffic tickets and public-service campaigns explaining the risk that distracted driving[...]
June 25, 2016
Insurers Predict Huge Crash Drop Off Due To Self-Driving Cars While many of us are intrigued by the potential safety effects self-driving cars could bring to American society, not everyone is excited. Insurance companies make a lot of money selling car insurance policies: The Los Angeles Times reports that auto[...]
June 19, 2016
Family Says Marijuana Caused Dad To Kill Mom Medical marijuana is now legal in several U.S. states, including California. Like any other medication, marijuana can have side effects for some users. If a user is not warned by the manufacturer or distributor of those potential side effects and[...]
June 14, 2016
Motorcycle Deaths Dropped In CA Rose Nationwide, In 2015 Statistics from the Governors Highway Safety Association about motorcycle fatalities are a mixed bag for California riders. First, the bad news: nationwide, motorcyclist deaths in traffic collisions jumped about 10 percent from 2014 to 2015. Last year, more than 5,000[...]
June 12, 2016
California #1 In Instagram Distracted Driving Selfies While it may not yet be clear how much of an impact California’s anti-distracted driving law has had on traffic safety, one would think that it would at least make using your phone while driving a shameful act. Something that[...]
June 6, 2016
8-Year-Old California Boy Killed By Garbage Truck A terrible collision with a garbage truck has cost the life of an 8-year-old Orange county boy. The incident shows what can happen in seemingly the blink of an eye. According to the O.C. Register, the collision took place in[...]
June 5, 2016
How To Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Hurt In A Motorcycle Wreck May was national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Though the month is just about over, it is not too late for a reminder that riders are frequently at risk of harm at the hands of negligent car and truck drivers. Both[...]
May 16, 2016
Snapchat Sued Over Distracted Driving Wreck A driver who uses his or her cellphone behind the wheel should be prepared to face the consequences if he or she hurt someone in a car crash. But what about the companies behind the smartphone apps the distracted driver[...]
May 12, 2016
$6.1 Million Awarded to Injured Violinist A woman who was seriously injured in a bicycle-car accident in 2014 has been awarded $6.1 million by a jury in Los Angeles. The woman who struck the bicyclist ran a Santa Monica red light. It took the jury just[...]
May 11, 2016
Are Some Police Officers Prejudiced Against Bicycle Riders? Statistics about bicycle crashes often claim that bikers are to blame the majority of the time. But if you dig past the numbers, you may find that the official record can be deceptive. An interesting opinion piece in Bicycling Magazine[...]
May 4, 2016
How Los Angeles Strives To Protect Citizens From Animal Bites Without a doubt, pets are members of the family in the eyes of most California residents. However, it is becoming impossible to refute that they can pose a hazard to citizens. Most pet owners strive to teach their animals not[...]
May 1, 2016
Widower Files Lawsuit For Wife’s Death Related To Talcum Powder A man in California is fighting back after his wife's death. The man has filed a lawsuit claiming that his wife's ovarian cancer was caused by the talcum powder used in some Johnson & Johnson products. He is seeking unspecified[...]
May 1, 2016
More About Wrongful Death Litigation We have spoken before in this blog about wrongful death litigation, and why families of a person killed as a result of someone else’s negligence often choose to file suit. Though the circumstances of a wrongful death case are usually[...]
April 25, 2016
How Does The Law Deal With Dangerous Dogs In California? In our blog post about dog bites a few weeks ago, we referred to “vicious dogs” attacking and injuring people. In California, “vicious dog” is a legal designation applied to certain dogs, which can lead to authorities requiring the dog[...]
April 3, 2016
Lapd Launches Anti-distracted Driving Billboard Campaign The Los Angeles Police Department is fighting distracted driving, and with good reason. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, L.A. is the second-worst city in the country for pedestrian accident fatalities, with 99 deaths in 2012 alone. The[...]
April 1, 2016
Holding The Owner Responsible After A Dog Bite Incident Californians love their dogs. Residents across the state own pet dogs, most of which are well-trained, friendly, and carefully monitored by their owners while out of the house. But not all dogs are safe to be around people, and sometimes[...]