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IIHS: Cell Phones Contribute to More Than 800 Crashes in 2017
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Deadliest Days To Walk
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Parked Big Rig Involved in Deadly I-80 Crash: Three Siblings Dead
The Hard Facts on Pit Bulls
Motorcycle Deaths 28 Times More Frequent Than Car Accidents, NHTSA Says
Pedestrian Deaths at 28-Year High, GHSA Report Says
Three Siblings Dead in I-80 Crash
2nd Degree Murder Convict, Marjorie Knoller, Denied Parole in Dog Attack Case
Millennials and Motorcycles
Study Finds That Rideshares May Increase Pedestrian Fatalities
Tesla’s Autosteer Safety Reports Appear to Have Serious Flaws and Inaccuracies
Delayed Injury Symptoms May Hurt Physical and Financial Recovery
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Truck Accidents Cause More Fatalities
Road Rage is an Increasing Reason for Car Accidents
Increasing Dog Attacks For Postal Workers
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How Do Insurance Companies Determine Fault in Car Accidents Where Multiple Parties Are at Fault?
Here’s Everything You Need to Know If You Were Bitten By a Stray Dog
How to Determine the Value of a Dog Bite Case? Your Case Might Be Worth From $10,000 to $1 Million Dollars
Liability for Poor Truck Maintenance: How to Determine That a Truck Was Improperly Maintained?
Study Shows a Link Between E-Cigarette Liquid Flavorings And Heart Damage: Can You File a Product Liability Lawsuit?
Will The Dog That Injured You Be Put Down? California Law On Euthanization Of Dogs
Will I Have To Pay Back My Insurance Company After A Settlement?
Truck Accident At An Intersection: How To Determine Fault And Seek Compensation?
Can Parents Be Held Liable When Their Teenage Child Causes A Motorcycle Accident?
A Car Driver’s Duties After A Hit And Run Involving A Pedestrian
Long Beach Pedestrian Accidents Mapped
5 Driving Safety Tips to Avoid a Car Accident During Your Road Trip on Christmas
What Happens If You Get Into A Motorcycle Accident But Have No Motorcycle Insurance?
When Is It Legal To Injure Or Kill Someone Else’s Dog In California?
4 Long-Overdue Safety Regulations to Prevent Truck Accidents in Los Angeles
Are You a Purchaser of a Defective Product Who Wants to File a Product Liability Lawsuit?
Effects of Scars and Disfigurement After a Car Accident (Seeking a Bigger Compensation)
Facial Dog Bite Injuries in Children in Los Angeles (The Physical, Psychological, and Emotional Impact)
Not Only Cars: Who Can Be Sued After a Pedestrian Knock-Down Accident in California
Truck Cargo Spill Accidents: Determining If Cargo Was Loaded Negligently.
Why Electric Scooters Pose Serious Safety Risks To California Pedestrians
Six Federal Safety Regulations To Determine Fault In A Truck Accident (Did The Truck Driver Violate Any Of These?)
When Does A Dog Bite Amount To Criminal Charges In California?
Filing A Car Accident Lawsuit If Both Parties Have Insurance: Does It Make Any Sense?
Is Marijuana Legalization Responsible For Increase In Car Accidents In California?
Pedestrian Accidents When Walking Through A Parking Lot: Anyone Can Become A Victim
When Lane-Splitting Is Still Illegal In California (Determining Fault When A Motorcyclist Was Riding Between Lanes)
‘Can I Recover Damages If The Car Driver Claims He Did Not See Me On My Motorcycle Before The Crash?’
4 Signs You Can Sue A Trucking Company For Its Negligent Hiring Of Truck Drivers
‘I’ve Been Bitten By A Friend’s Dog, But I Don’t Want To My Friend: What Are My Legal Options?’
Fiery Crash With Big Rig Kills Four
Man Killed When Vehicle Runs Red Light
2-Year-Old Girl Dies After Getting Struck By Car
Daylight Savings Time Ends And Pedestrians Are In Danger
Two-Car Crash Caused By Drugged Driver
Three Hospitalized In 3-Car Long Beach Crash
Father Of Three Killed In Reckless Accident
Nurses Tried, But Could Not Save Motorcyclist
Plane Crashed On Los Angeles County Highway
When Accidents Lead to Tragedies
Why Are So Many Pedestrians Dying?
DUI Leads To Deaths Of Four Riverside Residents
City Responsible For “Pedestrian Trap”
Fatal Accident Highlights Dangers To Motorcyclists
Road Rage Incident Could Have Been Much Worse
Dangerous Dog Bites
Life Changing Events Call for Life Changing Lawyers
What’s The Average Truck Accident Settlement Amount In California For 2018?
When Can You Sue For Dog Bites And Scratches In California?
What To Do If Your Lyft Driver Suffers A Mental Breakdown In The Middle Of The Ride?
Can You Sue For Injuries If You Signed A Waiver Of Liability In California?
Wrongful Death and Bullying
UberEATS Accidents In California: Do Uber’s Regular Insurance Coverages Apply?
There’s A Law That Limits Your Compensation If Were Uninsured In A Car Accident (If You Were The Victim)
Limitation Of Liability Of Property Owners And General Contractors For Construction Worker’s Injuries
Drug Overdose Deaths Skyrocketed In 2017, But Can Drug Manufacturers Be Held Liable For Overdoses?
Understanding and Identifying Different Types of Burns
How to Recover Damages After a Bicycle Accident?
LAPD Facing Wrongful Death Claim
Who Pays for Medical Costs Following a Car Accident?
Using California Med Pay to Pay For Expenses After an Accident
Can You Sue Your California Landlord? Premises Liability Claims
Do You Have a Food Poisoning Claim?
Dog Bite Injury? Know Your Rights
How to Interpret Crash Test Results When Buying a New Vehicle
Who Is Responsible for Injuries and Vehicle Damage Caused by Road Debris?
Your Uber Driver May Not Be Who You Think
California Leads The Way In Dog Bites
More Than Just Physical Injuries With Car Accidents
Reckless Drivers Are So Dangerous To Motorcyclists
Can Amazon Be Held Liable For Injuries Caused By Defective Products Sold On Its Website?
How To Choose A California Rehabilitation Facility After An Injury?
Premises Liability: Can Stores Be Held Responsible For Injuries Caused By Falling Objects?
What To Do When You Are Pulled Over In California (Guide On How To Behave During A Traffic Stop)
You’re Involved in A Motorcycle Accident. What Do You Need To Know?
Dog Attacks Multiple People in Maryland Heights
NYC Lead Paint Lawsuit
You’ve Gotten Hurt On Someone’s Property. What Do You Do Now?
Lyft Is Still NOT Safe For Female Drivers!!!
Situations in Which California Will Get Your Property After Your Death (Interstate Succession Laws)
You’ve been injured in a construction accident. What now?
You’ve got into your first car accident. What do you do now?
Trump Administration To Allow 18-Year-Olds To Drive Commercial Trucks: Here’s Why It Could Be A Mistake
Motorcycle Accident Deaths In California Decrease By 30 Percent?
If You Get Injured In An Airbnb Rental, Who Is Liable?
Are You Entitled To Damages If Another Dog Attacks Your Dog In California?
Will California Set Limits On Number Of Uber And Lyft Drivers Similar To New York?
Injured In A Construction Accident? Why Testimony From Construction Workers Cannot Be Trusted
What To Do If A Dog Bites Or Attacks You
Handling the Aftermath of a Car Accident
Jail Time For Distracted Driving? How Does California Punish Car Drivers For Texting And Talking On The Phone?
What Should You Do If You’re Involved In An Uber/Lyft Accident
How to bring a Wrongful Death suit for your deceased loved one
How to Cope with a Loved One’s Wrongful Death
Drowsy Driving is Just as Dangerous as Drunk Driving
What to Do if You’re Injured as a Passenger in an Uber???
4 Reasons Why Trucks Pose So Much Danger???
How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in the Workplace???
5 of the Most Common and Dangerous Motorcycle Accidents
Signs That Your Hip Replacement Could be Defective
6 Important Safety Tips for Your Early-Morning Commute
How to Document Evidence Following a Car Accident???
What are the Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?
Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite Attack
Suffering a Slip and Fall Accident at a Neighbor’s Home
How to Prevent a Forklift Accident in the Workplace???
Tips for a Safe Swim This Summer
Conduct an Inspection of Your Motorcycle Prior to Every Ride
How A Black Box After A Truck Accident Can Help Determine Liability: Preserving This Critical Piece Of Evidence
Injured By A Health App? Here’s Who Could Be Held Liable For Injuries Caused By Digital Health Product
Spotting the Signs of a Distracted Truck Driver
Why the Truck Driver Log Book is Important in Accident Cases???
Uber And Lyft Drivers Violating Your Privacy: Is Recording Passengers Allowed By Law?
Your Guide To Construction Accidents In California: Be Prepared For A Personal Injury Or Wrongful Death Case
What Should I Do if I See a Suspected Drunk Driver in Los Angeles?
Premises Liability: Cleaning Up a Property after a Storm
8 Safety Tips for Working on Scaffolding in Los Angeles
Subcontractor Killed While Working on Southbound 605 Freeway
Cataract Surgery Reduces Risk of Car Accidents
Appellate Victory Won in Walgreen Premises Liability Case
$253 Million Awarded in Dialysis Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Premises Liability For Stores And Other Commercial Premises In California: Everything You Need To Know
‘Should I Contact Uber After Any Uber Accident?’ Not Really, Attorneys Say
5 Situations In Which You Can Lose Your Right To Sue A Dog Owner For A Dog Attack
Construction Accidents And Personal Injury: Who Can Be Held Responsible?
How To Prove That The Product Was Defective When It Left The Manufacturer’s Possession?
Motorcycle Lane Splitting In California: Here’s How You Can Make It Safer To Avoid Accidents
What Is The Average Settlement Amount For A Lyft Accident Claim In California?
Most Frequently Asked Questions about Wrongful Death Lawsuit
What To Do When Dealing with a Hit and Run?
Road Debris and Who Needs to Clean it up:
The Dangers of Distracted Driving
Pitbull Legislation Brought Back to Life
Wrongful Death: What If Your Family Members Received Compensation, But You Didn’t?
Premises Liability On Public Property: Your Guide To Bringing A Claim Against The Government
How Your Instagram Page Could Be Used Against You After A Car Accident
Calculating Future Losses In Your Personal Injury Claim: How, When, And Why
Premises Liability Suit Settled after USC Frat Party Drone Strike
6-Vehicle Collision Quickly Followed by Second Traffic Accident, One Car Rolls
Lawsuits Filed after Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak Spreads
2-Month-Old Baby Seriously Injured in California Pit Bull Attack
Murder, Arson Charges after Elderly Woman Dies in Santa Monica
How Does Parking Your Car Turn into a Hate Crime? It Happened in Santa Monica
Unethical Drugs Manufacturers Sued for Their Part in Los Angeles Opioid Problem
Liability after a Los Angeles Dog Attack – What You Should Know
Should You Be Concerned about the Secrecy Surrounding Autonomous Vehicles?
The Law of Attractive Nuisance, Children, and Riverside Premises Liability Cases
Tesla’s California Factory Subject to Safety Investigations Following Reports of Hazards and Injuries
Could Backup Camera Legislation Reduce Riverside Car Accident Injuries?
Who Is Responsible For Injuries And Damages Caused By Road Debris In Car Accidents?
How To Pay My Medical Bills While My Personal Injury Claim Is Still Pending?
Premises Liability And Defects In Residential Premises: Duty Of Care To Invitee And Licensee
Dog Bite Claims On The Rise In The U.S., And So Is The Average Cost Per Claim, But Why?
6 Reasons Why It’s Vital to Hire a Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney to Spearhead Your Case
Auto Insurance in California: These 4 Myths Can Ruin Your Car Accident Claim
Telling a Doctor About Your Injury After an Accident: Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes
The Most Dangerous Household Products That Can Leave You Injured (And Entitle You to Product Liability Compensation)
Filing a Personal Injury Claim Against Los Angeles? 4 Things You Need to Know
Got Injured By a Third Party While Staying At a Hotel? Here’s Who Is Liable
5 Biggest Misconceptions About Dog Bites That Still Persist in California
3 Things You Misunderstood About California Product Liability Laws
Bus Manufacturer Product Liability Claim after Cyclist’s Death
3-Year-Old Injured after Fall into Pit Bull Pen
NTSB Investigating Fatal Tesla Crash in California
No Charges for Police Involved in Alton Sterling’s Death
How Does Premises Liability Apply to Amusement Parks?
Could Autonomous Cars Lead to an Increase in Wrongful Deaths?
Should Universities and Colleges Have a Duty to Protect Students from Violent Attacks?
With No Breathalyzer Alternative, How Can Los Angeles Police Catch Marijuana-Using Drivers?
Roundup Is Killing More Than Weeds In Product Liability Suit
Personal Injury From FIU Bridge Collapse? Read On
High Risk Dog Breeds Known For Dog Attacks
ECSO Tasered Themselves Into A Wrongful Death Suit
Xarelto Product Liability Lawsuits to Be Heard Separately
America’s Got Talent, and a Wrongful Death Suit
Harvey Weinstein Facing Male Sexual Assault, Premises Liability Lawsuit
Does Shouting at Robot Cars Help after a Car Accident?
9 Best Legal Tips For When You’re Injured In a Car Accident
Let’s Be Honest: Why Do Some Premises Liability Claims FAIL?
Be Prepared, Dog Owner Can Use THESE Bizarre Defenses After a Dog Bite
When a Car Accident Means “Til Death Do Us Part” Lasts Only 9 Days
Is Venice Boulevard’s Road Diet Causing More Accidents?
Media Mogul Murdoch Injured after Slip and Fall Accident
Makers of Blinds Sued after 3-Year-Old Dies
Can You File a Car Accident Claim Without Police Report?
What Treatment for a Dog Bite? Medicine, Injections, Antibiotics?
Premises Liability: Can You Sue Los Angeles For Your Injuries? How to File a Claim?
Road Rage Kills – How to Handle Aggressive Driving Safely
New Bird Rides Scooters Causing Mayhem
Could Your Injury Have Been Avoided with Better Security?
The Emotional Effects of Dog Attacks
When Can You File a Wrongful Death Claim?
I-5 Closed After a Cheesy Crash
How Effective Are DUI Checkpoints in Preventing Car Accidents?
Dangers Of Riding A Motorcycle Without A Helmet
Not Even a Month into the Year and There Are Many Dangerous Product Recalls Already
Driving Without Insurance Is Not Only Illegal but Also Dangerous
Intoxication Has Led to an Increase in Wrong-Way Car Accidents
A FedEx Truck Crashes into a Hotel. Who Can Be Held Liable?
Dangers of Lane Splitting (And How They Can Cause Motor Vehicle Accidents)
Father Of Two Boys Files a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Los Angeles County’s Sheriff Department
A Pit Bull Changed This Man’s Daily Routine Forever: How to Hold Dog Owners Liable For Dog Attacks?
What is Considered Unsafe Stairs for a Premises Liability Claim?
Alcohol (And Drugs) And Wrong-Way Car Crashes: Is There a Link?
Electrocution Accidents & Premises Liability: Where Can They Happen?
Consequences Of Car Accidents With a Pole: Are YOU Always the ONE to Blame?
Here’s How a Dog Bite Can Damage Your Child Permanently
Most Common Types of Hotel Accidents (And Ways to Hold the Owner and Management Liable)
Fire Accidents: When Do Premises Liability Laws Apply?
Will Los Angeles See More Marijuana-Impaired Car Accidents After Weed Legalization in 2018?
Weed Legalization 2018 in California Has Increased Car Accidents
How One Car Accident Can Shut Down an Entire Freeway (And Create Even More Crashes!)
Rolling Loud Festival: Is It Responsible For Uptick in Car Accidents? (Weed and Alcohol-Impaired Drivers Alert!)
Dog Attacks on Mail Carriers: How Common is it in Los Angeles?
Insurance Companies Are Giving False Information to Wildfire Survivors in California
Drunk Driving in Riverside: 7 Surprising Consequences Alcohol-Impaired Drivers Are Facing for DUI
How Lack Of (or Unclear) Terms of Conditions Lead to Bad Faith Insurance Claims
When Slip and Fall Accidents Are Covered Under Premises Liability (Don’t Miss Your Compensation These Holidays)
What Are Unfair Insurance Claim Practices (Check If You’ve Been Screwed Over By Your Insurer at Least Once)
Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Disfigurement Claim in Los Angeles
As Construction Accidents Skyrocket in Los Angeles, Attorneys Answer 4 Most Common Questions About Workers Rights
Thanksgiving Gone Wrong: How the Four-Day Holiday Weekend May End in a Premises Liability Claim
Wrong-Way Driving is a Top Cause of Car Accidents (What to Do If it Happens to You?)
During Thanksgiving, DUI Arrests Skyrocket Across Nation (But Are Those Roadblocks Even Legal?)
Dog Bite Claims Rise Sharply During Thanksgiving: How to Ensure This Doesn’t Happen To You
Hit-and-Run Epidemic is Growing in Los Angeles (And Here’s How You Can Profit from It)
Handling Juvenile Wrongful Death: How Do You Find Strength to File a Claim After Something So Horrible?
Celebrities Arrested for DUI with Marijuana: Weed DUI on the Rise in Los Angeles
Car Subscription Services: Pros vs Cons (Can They Make Car Accidents Even Worse?)
How to Not Fall Into a Trap When Filing a Pothole Injury Claim
Surprising Truth About Road Shoulder Accidents (Why You Should Never Park on the Side of the Road)
How to File a Defective Motor Vehicle Lawsuit Against a Car Maker? (As in Paul Walker’s Case With Porsche)
These Are the Most Common Slip & Fall Accident Causes to Watch Out For
Defective Washing Machines: Can You Get Compensation?
Do Auto Insurance Companies Discriminate Against Women Drivers?
Spectator Violence: Can You Sue a Sports Stadium for Fights and Beating?
Dangers of Trucks on Riverside Freeways: Scary Statistics
Puppy Mills Affect How Dangerous a Dog Will Be (Beware of Dog Bites)
Power Tool Gone Wrong: How to Determine Product Liability
This Scary Brain Injury Statistics Will Make You Think Twice Before Engaging in These Activities
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Car Accidents And Children: Scary Statistics
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Bike Accidents in the Busy Streets of Los Angeles
Dog Bites: Is it the Dog or Owner’s Fault?
In Case of Uber and Lyft Accident, Who You Gonna Call First?
If a Dog Bites You in Los Angeles, Follow This Guide to Receive Compensation
How to Make A Truck Company and Driver Pay for a Truck Accident?
Dog Bites: Havoc and Animosity
Car Accidents Caused by Teens
A 22% Increase in Los Angeles Car Accidents
Aggressive and Comprehensive Representation
New Study Finds A 3% Increase in Marijuana Related Accidents
Los Angeles Hospital Sued for Negligence and Premises Liability
Pain and Suffering Determination
Exploding Washers Turn Into Never Ending Cycles
Been in a Car Accident? Don’t Make These Mistakes
How Much Marijuana Is Too Much?
Road Rage Incident Causes a Chain Reaction
How do I Protect My Dog and My Neighbors
Dealing With Wrongful Death In The Family
Is That Driver Motoring Along Next To You … Sleeping?
2 Firefighters, 2 others injured in Pacoima high-speed collision
Actress Sues Accountant For Misconduct
Example Of A Typical Lottery Dispute
Marijuana Use While Driving A Growing Threat?
Caring For A Loved One With A Traumatic Brain Injury
How Often Is Paralysis Caused By Car Accidents?
Freak Accident Claims Life Of San Jose Woman
Filing A Lawsuit Because Of Injuries Related To Vehicle Defects
Summer Heat Poses A Threat To Truck Drivers And Others
What If My Accountant Messes Up My Taxes?
How Can You Tell If An Architect Or Engineer Was Negligent?
Steps To Take Following A California Bicycle Accident
Why Lottery Pool Disputes Start And How To Avoid Them
LA’s Deadliest Times And Places For Traffic Accidents
Motorcyclist Decapitated When Car’s Driver Loses Control
How Do I Educate My Child About Animal Bites?
What California Boaters Can Learn From 2015’S Boating Statistics
Cycling To Work In The City: How To Do It (And-Survive)
School Declared Too Dangerous For Students
Complex Wrongful Death Suit Settles In Eleventh Hour
Distracted Driving Can Impact Your Future
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