Los Angeles Hotel Accident Attorney

Premises liability law refers to the responsibility of property owners for all injuries that take place on their property. This law is especially important for hotel owners, who must constantly monitor their facilities to ensure that there are no situations that could pose hazardous to patrons. Many common injuries seen from hotel negligence are the result of slip-and-fall cases and swimming-pool drownings.

Making a Claim for Premises Liability Law

There are multiple causes for slip-and-fall injuries, which include broken handrails, wet floors, warped floors, and unsecured windows. These are all examples of hotel negligence, and if someone is seriously injured, she could have a case for a premises liability lawsuit. It is important that the injured parties contact an attorney who specializes in premises liability law immediately after the accident so that the situation can be evaluated and the hazards legally documented. In Los Angeles, there are limits on when lawsuits can be filed, so it is important to file a claim as soon as possible.

Find out more about Premises Liability

Los Angeles attorneys who specialize in premises liability law are known as personal injury attorneys. They will evaluate the claim, consult with medical professionals about the extent of the injuries, and take photographs of the hazards, if necessary. Howard C. Kornberg handles personal injury cases in Los Angeles, including those involving slip-and-fall accidents and accidental drownings. He has received the most prestigious award from Martindale-Hubbell, a well-respected peer-review journal that is nationally recognized.