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Los Angeles has a highly developed public transportation system. Many people residing in this part of the world rely every day on MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) buses, DASH buses, trolleys, shuttle buses, and Metro Rail System trains to go about their daily activities. Families look to school buses to keep their children safe going to and from school. Also, private businesses offer casino tour buses regularly from Los Angeles and other cities in Southern California.

While public transportation is generally a safe and economical method of transportation in Los Angeles, mass transit accidents tend to happen often. Having an experienced Los Angeles bus and mass transit attorney by your side is crucial if you want to get full compensation for all the damages and injuries sustained in the accident. Although bus drivers, light rail operators, and commuter train conductors owe a significantly higher degree of care as “common carriers” to ensure the safety of passengers, they don’t always follow the rules and engage in careless or reckless behavior. Other motorists and pedestrians can suffer egregious harm when a bus driver is negligent and causes an accident.

Obtaining compensation in Los Angeles

Countless people get injured and die in Los Angeles while using alternative transportation methods. Passengers sustain injuries due to negligence and due to subways and buses not being properly maintained. This is when hiring an experienced attorney comes into play. A Los Angeles bus and mass transit attorney will find out who is responsible for the accident and ensure they pay for your damages. Bringing a personal injury claim in these scenarios can be a complex process that may take months or years. Evidence of the accident as well as records of your injuries need to be provided so you can be rightfully compensated.

Attorney Howard Kornberg is an accomplished trial lawyer who is committed to obtaining fair and just settlements or verdicts for clients of the firm. For many years, we have successfully represented clients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas managing to obtain fair compensation for their losses. We put in the hard work that is needed to build a convincing case. When you work with our legal team, you benefit from working with a highly skilled Los Angeles bus and mass transit attorney who has the resources and experience to investigate and aggressively advocate for your rights.

Mass transit and public transportation accident cases we handle

Understanding the nuances of mass transit, government-run services, insurance coverage, and personal injury law are clear strengths of the firm. Suing a government entity requires detailed knowledge of the specific rules and notice requirements that apply in these kinds of cases. We build solid cases for clients in all manner of subway, bus, and public transit accidents including:

Seek the advice of a bus and mass transit attorney in Los Angeles

At the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, we are dedicated to fighting for the rights of public transit, Uber, bus, train, rail, taxi, and subway accident victims throughout Los Angeles. We strive to obtain meaningful results in all our personal injury cases. We have more than 35 years of experience obtaining results, including lawsuits against public entities. We offer free consultations and flexible scheduling. Turn to an accomplished Los Angeles bus and mass transit attorney for results. Call today or contact our law firm online to discuss your case.