Los Angeles Fire Related Injuries And Fatalities Attorney

Obtaining Justice For Fire-Related Injuries And Fatalities

A serious fire in an apartment complex, office building, community association, or single-family home can expose individuals to a wide range of personal injuries. Burn injuries are the most common threat in a fire. These are among the most painful harms that people can suffer. However, traumatic injuries can arise from an explosion that leads to a fire. A domino effect can erupt during the course of ablaze as the structure of a building is compromised. Catastrophic falls, crushing blows from trampling in a crowded building, and smoke inhalation are all potential hazards in a fire.

Substantial Experience In All Aspects Of Fire-Related Injuries

Recovering from a burn injury can be excruciating. Medical treatment may take years and the costs can devastate a family’s finances. The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg is a premier personal injury firm in Los Angeles that draws on more than 35 years of experience winning personal injury claims to hold negligent actors responsible. While past results are no guarantee of the future, we have an impressive track record of success winning personal injury settlements and verdicts.

You can rely on our fire injury attorney and legal team to find answers to the complex questions to build a strong personal injury or wrongful death case if the negligence of another caused or contributed to your harm. Often, the fire itself destroys the evidence. We have access to experts and fire reconstructionists who can analyze the evidence to determine the true cause and origin of the fire.

Effective results are the product of hard work and thorough analysis. The firm has the resources, drive and exceptional legal skills to take on big business when a fire explosion involves faulty products. We leave no stone unturned in proving liability, and we aggressively value the damages to maximize compensation for our clients.

We handle all manner of fire-related negligence, including:

  • Defective construction, including faulty wiring, inadequate firewalls, or fire code violations
  • Defective household products such as smoke alarms, appliances, and gas grills
  • Negligent neighbors when a fire spreads to adjacent apartments, condominiums, or homes
  • Downed power lines that pose the threat of fire and electrocution

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a fire, contact us online or call 310-997-0904. As tenacious advocates in personal injury and wrongful death claims, we are ready to fight for your rights in holding the negligent party accountable. We represent injury victims and their families throughout California.