2 Dead After Cars Burst Into Flames

June 4, 2019
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Getting injured in a car accident is traumatizing for the victim and his or her family. Not only does the victim have to deal with the pain and suffering of an injury, but they also have to deal with the financial wreckage. Our car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg understand the feeling of loss a victim and his or her family have after getting injured in a car accident. There is an overwhelming sense of grief over a life that has completely altered; grief for a future that no longer looks the way you thought it would. The grief is stronger especially when involved in a car accident with several deaths.

Speeding Is Aggressive Driving

It is very common to see people speeding down the highway or city streets, but did you know that speeding is a form of aggressive driving? The speed limit is not a suggestion; it is a well thought out decision by the city to protect the community from people driving too fast. When people speed, they are driving negligently and putting others in danger. People speed for various reasons: he or she is running late, he or she likes to lead a pack of drivers, he or she prefers to drive “first,” or he or she wants to drive fast. Whatever the reason, it is not driving with the standard of care necessary for the roadway and can result in tragic accidents.

For example, around 9:25 AM by 108th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard, two cars collided at such speed that they bounced off of each other, and each burst into flames. The cars landed about 200ft apart from each other. Thankfully the collision happened near a fire station. Firefighters heard the crash and ran out to help any victims of the car accident. One was pulled from the car and pronounced dead on the scene. A firefighter performed CPR on a second victim, but he succumbed to the injuries and did not survive. A third person was taken to the hospital with a severely broken leg.

The police report is still under investigation, but given the outcome of the impact, the police believe that high speed was a contributing factor to the collision. There is a suspicion that both cars may have been speeding, but the investigation is ongoing.

What We Can Do

If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury due to a car accident, then you need to seek legal assistance. Our Inglewood car accident attorneys have the experience and skill necessary to investigate and put together the real story of what happened that day. We are ready to fight for you and negotiate with insurance companies to get the compensation you need. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may visit doctors for the rest of your life. Let us hold the at-fault driver accountable. Call 310-997-0904 or click here to share your story with our professional staff at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg.


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