2 Firefighters, 2 others injured in Pacoima high-speed collision

July 13, 2017
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A dramatic crash in Pacoima left two Los Angeles firemen in the hospital in fair condition along with two others. The motor vehicle collision happened one morning last month as the first responders were traveling with a patient in an ambulance to a local hospital.

Events unfolded June 28 shortly before 11 a.m. as the Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance sped down San Fernando Boulevard after picking up a patient. As they were in code three emergency mode, both the lights and the siren were deployed.

As they headed towards the hospital, an elderly man driving a white Toyota Camry attempted to turn left onto West Osborne Street right in their path, officials at the crash site announced.

A bystander nearly was hit by the wreckage as he crossed the street by the collision site.

The patient and one fireman were captured on Sky5 video camera being removed from the wreckage and taken to waiting ambulances. Their conditions were reported to be fair.

The driver of the Camry remained trapped and bleeding in his wrecked vehicle, which wound up slammed between poles in front of a local car dealership. Witnesses tried to help free him by opening the door, but it required assistance from the firefighters to extricate him.

The Los Angeles Police Department has not announced who was at fault, although one officer said that it’s known that the firefighters “were operating in a code three manner and that vehicle then moved in front of them.”

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