An Overview Of The Los Angeles Housing Safety Rules

January 20, 2017
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It is required by law in California for all who own or manage a property with two or more residential units on a piece of land and one unit is offered for rent or rented, the property must follow the laws of the Los Angeles Housing Code.

Under this code, the Housing & Community Investment Department is required to perform periodic inspections of the residential units on your property under Housing Code. In order to perform these inspections, the HCIDLA operates using the Systematic Code Enforcement Program. The HCIDLA also performs investigations based on complaints filed by renters of residential properties.

SCEP is responsible for maintaining the quality of life renters have come accustomed to in Los Angeles and are entitled to in the city. The program is also responsible for verifying that property owners comply with the standards of the building and housing codes.

Properties that fall under the scope of the Los Angeles Housing Code include residential hotels, apartment buildings, two single-family dwellings on the same lot, and duplexes. Properties that do not fall under the scope of the Los Angeles Housing Code include vacant properties, owner-occupied units, and housing accommodations found in hotels, inns, motels, or tourist homes.

The HCIDLA has a goal to inspect all residential rental properties once every three years. The inspections are very thorough and comprehensive. The inspector will inspect every single unit on the property, the common areas, and all of the buildings on the property during the visit. This is to ensure that the property follows the building codes and standards for rental housing in Los Angeles.

Complaint inspections are also performed by HCIDLA and fall under two categories: Non-Urgent and Urgent. Non-Urgent includes broken windows, peeling paint, leaky faucets, and more. Urgent complaints include any issue that poses a safety or health risk to the people living in the units.

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