Could Backup Camera Legislation Reduce Riverside Car Accident Injuries?

April 24, 2018
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Backup cameras are already fitted to numerous cars in use in California and throughout the United States and, due to a new mandate, will now be equipped on all new cars. The legislation making this a legal requirement was introduced due to the increased risk involved in maneuvering a vehicle in reverse, and the subsequently height number of accidents. According to figures published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 210 people lose their lives each year due to being struck by a vehicle that is backing-up, with an additional 15,000 sustaining injuries in similar circumstances. The group most at risk from injuries or death from a backup crash are children under the age of 5, who are involved in 31% of the accidents, while elderly people aged at least 70 accounts for around 26% of victims.

Under the new law, which has been implemented to give drivers better visibility while moving in reverse, thus saving lives and preventing injuries, all cars, buses, and trucks weighing less than 10,000 pounds which are manufactured within the United States, or made to sell here, must now be fitted with a backup camera as standard. The field of vision offered by these cameras must include at least 10 feet by 20 feet behind the vehicle. While these backup cameras have been fitted to certain models for some time now, this move puts them within reach of those who may have invested in the technology had they had the funds to do so. The additional safety and reduced risk offered by using a backup camera are no longer exclusive to those who can afford to add extra features when purchasing a new vehicle.

It has also been ruled that all vehicles falling into the qualifying categories must be fitted with automatic emergency braking systems by 2022, designed to work in conjunction with the backup cameras, reducing the number of injuries and fatalities even further.

Injured by a Backing-Up Vehicle? You Need an Expert Riverside Car Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one have been injured by a backing-up vehicle, you may be entitled to recover damages in respect of your injuries, covering costs such as loss of earnings, and the medical expenses you have incurred because of the accident. Through working with a car crash attorney, you could put an end to the financial hardship associated with being unable to work, instead of being free to focus on what is really important – recovering and moving on with your life.

While you may think that a car accident will never happen to you, these statistics shared by our expert Riverside car accident attorney illustrate just how great the risk is:

  • Between 35,000 and 40,000 Americans die in road accidents each year
  • Over 2.3 million more are injured or disabled by motor vehicles annually
  • Nearly 8,000 teenagers aged between 16 and 20 die in road accidents annually, with fatal injuries affecting around 1,600 younger children
  • An estimated 10 million traffic accidents occur in the United States every year
  • 50,000 Los Angeles residents are injured in road accidents every year, with the number of fatalities increasing by over 20% between 2016 and 2017

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