When the Post Office Bites Back: Delivery Suspension for Homes with Threatening Dogs

March 16, 2019
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Los Angeles was at the top of the United States Postal Service city dog bite list in 2016 with 80 dog bites reported by mail carriers, more than any other city in the United States. In 2017, Los Angeles fell to number 2 with 67 dog bites. Across the country, mail carriers reported over 6,000 dog bites in 2017. Clearly, there is a problem with dangerous and out of control dogs that are causing injuries and damage to postal workers, and the problem seems to be elevated in Los Angeles. Dog bites lawyers know that mail carriers do have remedies, however, and they can use those remedies not only when they suffer a dog bite, but also when they feel threatened by a dog.

Suspension of delivery

People are often surprised when they open their mailbox to find a note from their mail carrier with a warning or notice of mail delivery suspension because of their dogs interfering with mail delivery. A dog bite or dog attack is not even required to suspend delivery; mail carriers simply do not have to make deliveries to houses where they feel unsafe and that includes dogs that make them feel unsafe.

Our dog bite experts have heard of mail carriers refusing to deliver mail when only a storm door separates the mail carrier from the dogs inside. They may also suspend delivery to several homes that are in the proximity of a threatening dog or to an entire apartment building when there is a threatening dog in one apartment.

USPS advice on responsible dog ownership

The USPS released a postal bulletin last spring in coordination with National Dog Bite Prevention Week that contained dog bite statistics and some advice on how to be a responsible dog owner, which is briefly summarized below:

  • Get obedience training for dogs.
  • Keep dogs inside the house or behind a fence, away from the door, in another room, or on a leash.
  • Dogs may view mail carriers as a threat and owners should take precautions when accepting mail from the mail carrier in the presence of their dogs.
  • Dogs that are not properly socialized, receive little attention, or are tied up for long periods of time frequently turn into biters.

Common dog attack victims

Although over 6,000 dog bites and attacks sound like a lot, the fact is that approximately 4.5 million dog bites are reported each year. Children are the most frequently attacked category of people followed by the elderly. Dog bite and dog attack injuries can be much more severe in vulnerable people like children and the elderly.

If you or a loved one has suffered a dog attack, contact a Los Angeles dog bites attorney at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg. Our experienced lawyers have handled hundreds of dog bite cases and have secured financial recoveries for our innocent dog bite victim clients. When you have sustained injuries and damages due to a dog bite, you deserve to be compensated accordingly.


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