When a Car Accident Means “Til Death Do Us Part” Lasts Only 9 Days

February 24, 2018
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After more than ten years together, long-term lovers Christine Jackson and Matthew Newells finally tied the knot earlier in February 2018 but, when they took their vows, neither spouse could have imagined that this would last for just nine days. Mr. Newells had picked his new bride up from the airport after she spent a weekend away with friends when their SUV was struck by a vehicle whose driver allegedly ran a red light at an intersection. The tragic accident took place just a few minutes from the happy couple’s Palmdale home. According to Sgt. Troy Ewing, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department homicide bureau, law enforcement officials had reacted to reports of a carjacking and a vehicle being driven erratically, shortly before the Newells family became the victims of these crimes.

Reckless Driving Leaves 3 Children Grieving for Their Mother

Thanks to the careless driving of another, Mr. Newells, Ms. Jackson’s two teenage sons, and the baby son they had together, will need to adjust to life without the devoted mother. All three children were traveling in the SUV at the time of impact, with two of the brothers sustaining injuries. Although the baby was unharmed, 17-year-old Teyve suffered an injury to his foot, while 15-year-old Taviere remains in intensive care with severe internal injuries and fractures. The negligent actions of the female driver who made a U-turn and collided with the family car will impact on the lives of the Newell’ forevermore.

Wrongful Death in Riverside

Any death can be a traumatic experience for those close to the deceased but, in circumstances where the death has been caused by the negligence or actions of another, the loss can be particularly hard to stomach. Aside from the natural grief accompanying a loss, wrongful death can have a significant emotional effect on family members trying to make sense of it all. While no amount of money can ever make up for the tragedy, a wrongful death lawyer could help you recover compensation for your loss, the pain, and suffering of your loved one, funeral expenses, lost earnings, and various other costs you may be facing.

Proving fault in any personal injury case can be tricky, and even more so where a wrongful death is involved. Before a claim can be brought, you’ll need a Riverside attorney to prove that:

  • The death was caused by the defendant
  • The death occurred as a direct result of that person’s negligence
  • Monetary damages have been sustained as a result of the wrongful death
  • The surviving family members have been affected

At the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, we understand that a wrongful death lawsuit is about far more than simply recovering financial compensation. Following such a harrowing experience, you need an attorney who is as skilled in compassion and sensitivity as they are in the complexities of California wrongful death law.

If you intend to file a wrongful death suit, our Riverside attorneys can use their knowledge and experience to get the outcome you deserve. contact us today at 310-997-0904 to schedule an initial consultation.


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