Most Common Types of Hotel Accidents (And Ways to Hold the Owner and Management Liable)

January 4, 2018
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We stay at hotels for a number of reasons. But in most cases, the reason is simple: a vacation.

It’s 2018, so people generally expect hotels to be 100% safe for guests to guarantee a stress-free and relaxing stay at a hotel.

However, many hotels in Riverside and Los Angeles – even those that are considered 5* with a solid reputation in California – fail to exercise reasonable care, putting guests and employees at a high risk of hotel accidents.

You’ve probably heard multiple stories of people finding bed bugs at hotels, or suffering food poisoning after eating an all-inclusive menu. But did you know that these are not the only types of hotel accidents that can occur in Riverside and Los Angeles?

Hotel accident attorney Howard Craig Kornberg, who was awarded the highest rating given to lawyers for legal trial skills and ethical standards, has outlined the most common types of hotel accidents in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California.

Most common types of hotel accidents

  1. Slip and fall accident in the room (especially wet floors in the bathroom);
  2. Falls down stairs (especially when hallways and stairs are poorly lit or inadequately maintained);
  3. Elevator or escalator accidents (when the hotel owner fails to conduct proper inspections and maintenance of elevators and escalators);
  4. Drowning in pools or hot tubs;
  5. Broken or defective furniture;
  6. Food poisoning (the food that hotels serve for breakfast or in all-inclusive menus often include fish and meat, which can be contaminated, spoiled, or toxic);
  7. Bed bugs or other unsanitary conditions;
  8. Fire accidents (suffering burn injuries at a hotel);
  9. Exposure to toxic chemicals;
  10. Assaults (drunk guests at hotels can be violent, which is why encountering them may become a life-threatening experience);
  11. Sexual assaults (reports of sexual assault at hotels are not unheard of across California, especially in hotels and motels with questionable reputations).

If you suffer a hotel accident, it’s not recommended to file a complaint without consulting an experienced hotel accident attorney first. Most hotels – especially the 5* ones – are equipped with a team of legal experts, insurers, and investigators who will do whatever it takes to minimize the cost of your complaint or even deny your compensation altogether.

How common are hotel accidents in Los Angeles?

The number of hotel accidents in Los Angeles has been on the rise in recent years, as hotels keep introducing new amenities to make your stay at a hotel more comfortable and relaxing.

And while such amenities as fitness centers, day SPAs, swimming pools, and massages do provide hotel guests with an extra layer of comfort, they also carry an increased risk of getting injured at the hotel.

If you suffer an injury in a hotel accident within the premises of the hotel, discuss your best legal options with our Los Angeles hotel accident attorneys to start legal action and recover damages such as medical bills, emotional trauma, lost wages, physical pain, and suffering, and other damages.

If the injury occurred during a business trip, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, as under state laws in California, a work-related vacation is covered by workers’ comp.

Hotel owners and their staff may be held liable for negligence and failure to exercise a high standard of care. When you check-in into a hotel, the hotel automatically assumes the duty to prioritize your safety and the safety of all their guests.

How to hold the hotel liable for your injuries?

The failure to take all possible precautions against any potential harm and hazardous conditions may constitute violations of California laws regulating hotels.

The owner of the hotel and its management has a duty to prevent injuries and minimize risks associated with dangerous conditions (for example, cleaning the floor when its surface becomes wet and slippery to prevent slip and fall accidents).

Liability for hotel accidents extends beyond the premises of the hotel building, as the owner of the hotel may also be held liable for your injuries and damages if the accident took place at the parking lot, garage, hotel-owned shuttle bus, guest room, SPA room, swimming pool, on-site restaurant, and a fitness facility.

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