Could Autonomous Cars Lead to an Increase in Wrongful Deaths?

March 22, 2018
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Big corporations and large businesses are often accused of prioritizing their own profits over ethical considerations such as the safety of the general public. A recent example of this can be viewed in the introduction and testing of autonomous vehicles – if these so-called robot cars can be operated without the need for a human driver, transportation costs could be significantly reduced, but at what cost to the safety of other road users?

While autonomous vehicles may indeed benefit from the artificial intelligence’s lack of human tendency towards fatigue and distracted driving, does the absence of the human touch mean there may be a trend towards wrongful deaths on the roads? As a woman in Arizona was killed earlier this week when she was struck by an autonomous car while pushing her bicycle in the road, concerns about this matter are, understandably, running a little higher than usual.

Wrongful Death in Riverside Car Accidents

Wrongful death is classified as one which could have been avoided were it not for the negligent or deliberately harmful actions of another. While no amount of financial compensation can bring the deceased victim back to their family and loved ones, it can help to ease the costs associated with organizing a funeral, and losing what is sometimes a significant portion of the household’s income.

In cases where a motorist, passenger, or pedestrian is killed in a fatal car accident involving an autonomous car, it may be considered a wrongful death, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. One of the concerns currently being voiced both on- and offline is – if Uber, Google, and similar companies choose to go autonomous for cost-saving purposes while knowing that people can be killed by autonomous vehicles failing to respond as intended, are they liable for wrongful death claims?

As there is, as yet, no legal precedent and, importantly, no evidence that this is what is happening, it is difficult to give a definitive answer. However, if you should lose a loved one in a fatal car crash involving an autonomous vehicle, it is strongly recommended that you speak to a Riverside attorney as soon as possible.

How a Riverside Wrongful Death Attorney’s Experience Can Prove Invaluable

Autonomous car or otherwise, successfully pursuing a wrongful death suit can require significant legal knowledge and experience. While you are processing your grief and adjusting to your new life, it would not be in your best interest to attempt to represent yourself. Rather, you should allow a wrongful death attorney to handle your case, leaving you free to concentrate on picking up the pieces and moving on from the tragedy.

Through filing a wrongful death suit, you may be able to recover financial compensation for:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of predicted future earnings
  • Loss of companionship, and more

To enable a highly skilled Los Angeles attorney from the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg to expertly handle your case on your behalf, call us today at 310-997-0904 to schedule a free initial consultation.


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