Dog Bite Claims Rise Sharply During Thanksgiving: How to Ensure This Doesn’t Happen To You

November 21, 2017
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The number of dog bites is on the rise during the holidays and Thanksgiving. And it makes perfect sense.

Think about it: family and friends – and many other people whom a dog sees for the first time – come into the house, they make noise, they bring their children, they get drunk and act foolishly… It’s a whole lot of stress for the dog!

But that doesn’t mean, however, that dog bites during Thanksgiving should be justified and the dog owner shouldn’t be held liable for the injuries caused by his dog’s bites.

Fact: dogs are domesticated wolves, so it only makes sense that they bite.

It’s a science-proven fact that stressed dogs are more likely to bite people, as they become easily irritated and provoked. Unfortunately, only a handful of people are actually aware of this fact when they come to visit their families and friends who have friends.

A dog bite may result in minor or severe injuries, or even leave you disabled for the rest of your life, which is why it’s imperative to ensure that you don’t get bit by a dog during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend (or ensure that your dog doesn’t bite anyone if you’re planning to host your family members and friends this holiday).

Our Los Angeles dog bite attorney at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg has prepared a guide to stay safe this Thanksgiving – and making the holiday safe for everyone in your house if you have a dog.

How to prevent a dog bite during Thanksgiving

New people coming in the house, a lot of noise, lots of food, crowded rooms, children running all over the place… It only makes sense why the number of dog bite claims skyrockets during Thanksgiving, and children are usually the most likely victims of dog bites during the four-day weekend full of feasting.

Here is what the owner of the dog must do in order to ensure every guest’s safety during Thanksgiving (and do it even if the dog is normally calm and was never violent):

  • Put the dog in its crate or put a leash on the dog and tie the leash to an immobile object. Give the dog a bone or his favorite toy to keep him entertained for the evening and avoid excessive barking;
  • One adult must supervise the dog at all times and keep an eye on any signs of stress, especially when the dog is approached by children who don’t realize the danger;
  • If the dog shows any signs of stress or aggression, it’s best to put the dog alone in a separate room away from the guests;
  • Keep children away from the dog (never let children attempt to hug or kiss the dog, because stressed dogs may bite, as they don’t normally tolerate this type of behavior);
  • If the dog tries to hide under furniture or is unnaturally still and calm (and otherwise looking afraid and panicked), it may be about to bite someone;
  • Never allow your guests to provoke the dog that is stressed.

As the owner of the dog and the owner of the property where Thanksgiving celebrations take place, you’re required to ensure everyone’s safety and make sure your dog doesn’t bite anyone.

If it does, you may face a costly dog bite claim. If you got bit by a dog during a holiday party, consult our Los Angeles dog bite attorney. The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg has some of the highest-rated attorneys in Los Angeles, and our lawyers take pride in obtaining five- to seven-figure compensation payouts for our clients who were injured in dog bites.

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