Electrocution Accidents & Premises Liability: Where Can They Happen?

January 12, 2018
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I don’t know about you, but whenever I plug my phone into a charging socket, I get anxious. What if I get into an electrocution accident and suffer electrical injuries?

This is especially true when I have to charge my phone outside of my home. After all, you never know if the owner of the house or the owner of the restaurant truly cares about their guests’ safety, has taken all precautions to prevent electrocution accidents within their premises – or at least warned guests of dangerous conditions.

Fact: at least 30,000 U.S. citizens sustain injuries in non-fatal electrocution accidents across the U.S. every year, and several thousand Americans get killed after deadly contact with electricity.

Our best premises liability attorney in Riverside – Howard Craig Kornberg – is often asked by clients: where can electrocution accidents happen, and do premises liability laws apply to recover damages in these cases?

Today, our skilled attorneys are going to address your burning questions about electrocution accidents.

Do premises liability laws apply in electrocution accidents?

First and foremost, yes – premises liability laws do apply in electrocution accidents, but only when you can prove that you sustained electrical injuries as a result of negligence, action or inaction, on the part of the owner of the premises where the accident occurred.

Federal and state laws in California, require homeowners and business owners to take certain precautions to prevent their guests from getting injured in high-voltage accidents.

The city of Riverside, meanwhile, could also be held liable for your electrical and burn injuries in case you came into contact with a high-voltage line. If Riverside owns those lines, you may be able to sue the city.

If a private utility company possesses the lines that left you injured, you may also be able to take legal action to pursue damages.

While electrocution accidents can happen at your house – where, obviously, no premises liability laws would typically apply if you’re the owner and you were the only one responsible for inspection and maintenance of conditions that caused electrocution – this type of accident usually occurs at private residences, rental properties or public shopping center.

In these cases, you may hold the owner of the premises where you sustained electrical injuries liable for your damages and losses.

File a premises liability claim against the owner to seek damages

Whether the electrocution accident took place as a result of the owner’s improper action or inaction, our Riverside premises liability attorneys warn that you will have to prove that the owner of the property:

  • Created the dangerous condition that resulted in the electrocution accident;
  • Failed to eliminate the electrocution hazard even though he or she was aware of it (you or somebody else had informed the owner of the hazard prior to the accident, or, for example, someone else had been already injured before);
  • The electrocution hazard existed for such a long time that the owner should have learned about it before someone got injured.

Typically, you’d require legal help from a skilled premises liability attorney to prove the aforementioned elements and seek maximum compensation for your damages and injuries.

Never should you ever trust the owner of the property, where the electrocution accident took place, who would suggest hiring his/her own investigator to investigate the accident and assess the damages?

More often than not, the property’s insurance company will do whatever it takes to minimize the cost of your compensation or even avoid liability altogether.

Whether the owner of the property – or Riverside city – failed to exercise reasonable care in the maintenance, installation, or operation of their electrical lines, equipment, devices, and tools that may cause electrocution, you may be able to recover damages by filing a premises liability claim.

The consequences of an electrocution accident can be catastrophic, and in many cases, even deadly. Most common electrical injuries in such accidents include burns to the skin and internal organs, damage to the heart, brain, and nervous system, and others.

Also, it’s not unheard of when victims of electrocution accidents become temporarily or permanently disabled, making them unable to earn a living and have the quality of life they used to enjoy prior to the accident.

Hold the owner of the property where the electrocution accident occurred by consulting our premises liability attorneys today. Find out your best legal strategy to recover damages.

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