Freak Accident At Landfill Takes One Life

December 23, 2016
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An incident that has been called a “freak accident” claimed the life of a construction worker this December. The accident happened at a San Juan Capistrano landfill, and reports indicate that the worker was crushed.

The man was 38 years old at the time of his death. He was from Murrieta. He was unloading materials at the Prima Deshcha Landfill when the truck accident happened, right around 3 in the afternoon.

Investigators are still looking into exactly what happened, but the man was crushed by a dump truck. They think he may have been working on it, perhaps repairing the hydraulic lift. There was hydraulic fluid near him, along with a wrench. He was in between the frame of the truck and the truck bed. That could indicate that the bed fell against him unexpectedly while he was working. Again, there is no official report yet since the investigation is underway.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is in charge of that investigation. The reports of the man’s death came from the Orange County Coroner’s Officer, and OSHA noted that he was employed by the Redhawks Construction Company.

Reports are slightly conflicting on some of the details. While some reports claimed he was working on a dump truck, others have said it was a truck and a trailer.

His family and friends have taken to crowdfunding sites to seek financial help for those he left behind. It is also worth noting that even freak accidents often have identifiable causes, such as defective products and/or a lack of proper safety devices. In cases like this, those who have lost loved ones need to know if they have a right to claim for wrongful death.


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