How Los Angeles Strives To Protect Citizens From Animal Bites

May 4, 2016
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Without a doubt, pets are members of the family in the eyes of most California residents. However, it is becoming impossible to refute that they can pose a hazard to citizens. Most pet owners strive to teach their animals not to attack humans and most pets are friendly and love people. However, attacks do happen despite the best efforts of the government and animal owners.

Los Angeles’s Department of Animal Care and Control plays a big role in protecting people from animal bites. Some of the services offered by the Department include the following.

  • Investigating reports of vicious animals
  • Responding to reports of animal bites and launching an investigation
  • Promoting safety from animals in conjunction with government agencies like the police and fire departments
  • Working to make sure pet licensing and rabies vaccinations are complied with
  • Addressing the city’s stray dog issues

The work done by the Department can go a long way towards keeping vicious animals away from citizens. A lot of this work is done through the Department’s Critical Case Processing Unit or CCP. By investigating animal attacks, the CCP can impose conditions on people who own offending animals. If the owners want to keep these animals, they must comply with these conditions.

Animal bites can cause serious tissue damage and in some cases may pass the disease on to the victims. You should know that you can take legal action if you or a loved one have been attacked or simply bitten by an animal. If you would like to learn about these options, you should consider speaking with an attorney who serves Los Angeles residents.


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