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October 20, 2018
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Car accidents happen all the time. Most happen when the driver is under the influence. We all want to party and have fun, but we all have a duty to go about our party with a sense of caution to others around us. Recent studies have suggested that drunk driving fatalities have decreased by 48% since 1982. Overall traffic fatalities have decreased by 18%. The one caveat is that drunk drivers under the age of 21 have increased by 80%. It seems that adult drinkers are learning the lesson and understanding of not drinking and driving, but not the youth. Even though the fatalities have decreased, the accidents that do occur are from severely intoxicated people or “hardcore drunks”. Over 130,000 arrests were made in 2016 for driving under the influence. Even with all these arrests, California is still one of the worst states for driving under the influence. Four major cities with the highest drunk driving rate are found in California: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose. Even if you don’t live near the area there is a possibility that you will travel through those areas. This is why it is so important to drive sober and not distracted.

In August 2013, a gentleman remembers his car flipping and exploding while he was still inside it. By the grace of God, he survived but with severe burns. He was struck by a drunk driver while the victim’s car was disabled on the side of the road. His burns were so severe that he needed over 30 operations to rebuild his body. He is currently waiting for his first-ever face transplant. He wants to partake in this ground break surgery because his lips were burnt off and he really wants the ability to kiss his daughter on the cheek just one more time. If you are hit by a driver who is found under the influence of drugs and alcohol then your chances of getting compensation increase. However, there are other types of accidents that require more investigation and more thorough paperwork.

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Our vehicle accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg are award-winning attorneys with the knowledge, experience, and resources to ensure that you have the best representation. We deal with regular car accidents as well as specific kinds such as uninsured or underinsured drivers, hit and run accidents, and texting or distracted drivers.

Our car accident attorneys know the importance of getting your life back on track. If you or a loved are in an accident it is so important to call us first. The reason for that is most people think that police documents are the only documents that matter. Not true. Our Car Accident Attorneys have recovered more than $70 million in settlements because our clients had taken their own notes, pictures, and recorded videos of the scene. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg in Los Angeles are here to give you all the advantages necessary to get compensation for your injury. Give us a call at 310-997-0904 or click here to learn how we can get you back to healthy.


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