Makers of Blinds Sued after 3-Year-Old Dies

February 21, 2018
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Following the tragic death of their 3-year-old daughter in 2016, former Brigham Young University football coach, Reno Mahe, and his wife have filed a lawsuit against various companies involved in the manufacture of window blinds. Elsie Mahe died by strangulation when she became caught in the cords of a window blind, an accident the Mahes believe could have been avoided had the makers included adequate safety mechanisms in their manufacturing process. Blind vision, Century Blinds, Hunter Douglas Inc., Hunter Douglas Fabrication Company, Turnils North America Inc., and Does I-X are all named in the product liability claim brought by Mr. & Mrs. Mahe.

How Safer Blinds Could Save Lives

As the blinds were manufactured in a way that meant they posed an avoidable risk of strangulation, as evidenced by the death of Elsie Mahe, a product liability lawsuit has been filed, in which her parents seek compensation for her wrongful death, medical bills, funeral costs, and related expenses they have incurred as a result of the accident. Damages are also being sought to cover the pain and suffering experienced by the young girl, legal costs, and whatever punitive damages may be allowed under Utah law.

According to the lawsuit, the Mahes is claiming that the various manufacturers have exhibited negligence, breach of warranty, and breach of product liability laws. The negligence, say the plaintiffs, occurred when the window blinds were sold without an adequate mechanism to prevent strangulation from being included, while the lack of warning about these strangulation risks makes the plaintiffs eligible to file under product liability law. The suit also cites failure to recall or redesign the blinds when the fault became evident. A trial by jury has reportedly been requested by Mr. & Mrs. Mahe.

Product Liability Law in Los Angeles

When you purchase any product, you do so in the belief that you will be able to use it without encountering unreasonable risks. You have the right to expect that this product will not cause injury when used for its intended purpose. However, due to faults in the design or manufacturing process, or a lack of adequate instructions, you or a loved one may sustain an injury. When this occurs, you may be entitled to claim damages under Los Angeles product liability law.

As experienced Los Angeles product liability attorneys, the team at the Law Office of Howard Craig Kornberg have encountered cases involving:

  • Defective household appliances
  • Electrical Fires
  • Explosions
  • Electrocutions
  • Defective motor vehicles
  • Unsafe children’s equipment, including cribs and highchairs
  • Dangerous toys
  • Drugs and medical products
  • Defective power tools

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as product liability can apply to a very wide range of items.

Let Howard Craig Kornberg Recover Your Product Liability Damages

Whatever product you’ve been injured by, and regardless of the type of injury you’ve sustained, a Los Angeles product liability attorney from the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg could use their extensive legal knowledge and experience to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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