How One Car Accident Can Shut Down an Entire Freeway (And Create Even More Crashes!)

December 22, 2017
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Over 15,000 car accidents occur in the U.S. every single day… That means a lot of lives are altered – and lost – each day…

Traffic collisions affect not only those directly involved in car accidents but also thousands of other drivers sharing the road with them.

It’s not unheard of when one car accident can shut down an entire freeway, causing a plethora of other factors that may contribute to even more car crashes.

Earlier this month, a violent multi-vehicle accident in Los Angeles caused two deaths as well as severe injuries to two other people. The crash took place on the northbound 110 Freeway in South Los Angeles and prompted authorities to close down an entire freeway for about 10 hours.

As a result of the multi-vehicle crash, California Highway Patrol officers, firefighters, and paramedics were called to the scene. A large number of emergency services at the scene combined with the fact that it was a fatal car accident involving several vehicles caused a complete shutdown of the freeway.

The freeway reopened after 5 am on the following day.

Why are freeways shut down after car accidents?

The importance of closing down lanes, streets, and freeways after car accidents cannot be underscored, our Los Angeles car accident attorneys say.

After all, paramedics need time to arrive at the scene, treat the injured and, if necessary, take them to the hospital. Police, meanwhile, are required to investigate the traffic collision and write a police report.

Without closing down the scene of the car accident, there’s a high risk of other cars meddling with evidence, blocking the entrance for police, firefighters, and paramedics, as well as causing, even more, car crashes (further injuring the victims and damaging the cars).

Can closed freeways cause even more car accidents?

However, our best car accident attorney in Los Angeles at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg warns that closing down the freeway has a tendency to cause even more car accidents.

Our skilled attorneys, who have handled thousands of car accidents across California in the past three decades, explain that closed freeways, streets, or even lanes can lead to traffic jams.

Traffic jams, in turn, causes a wide range of factors that contribute to car accidents (especially when freeways are being shut down during busy hours):

  • Road rage (nobody wants to be stuck in traffic jams for hours, which is why reckless and aggressive driving in traffic jams is not unheard of)
  • Speeding (if you spend an unreasonable long time in traffic jams, you’re more likely to speed once you get out of that traffic jam – that’s a fact)
  • Running red lights (similarly, being late because of traffic jams prompts many drivers to run red lights to get to work or home faster)
  • Turning the vehicle around to go the other way after seeing that a freeway or street has been shut down (this can cause unsafe lane changes and making U-turns in the middle of a busy street).

All of the above-mentioned factors are notorious causes of car accidents in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California.

If you or any of your loved ones have been in a traffic collision, don’t hesitate to consult a car accident attorney in California to find out your best strategy when it comes to negotiating with insurance companies and getting maximum compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses.

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