Pedestrian Accidents On The Rise In The San Fernando Valley

September 21, 2016
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Car collisions happen every day in Los Angeles and throughout the San Fernando Valley. All collisions can be potential disasters for the parties involved, but accidents between a car and pedestrian are among the most severe.

Back in May, the Los Angeles Daily News reported that pedestrian collisions were on the rise. According to the Los Angeles Police Department data, accidents involving pedestrians rose nearly 25 percent from 714 in 2011 to 884 in 2015. All one has to do is read or watch the news to see that this trend has continued throughout 2016.

All too often, these accidents can be fatal for the pedestrians involved. In fact, each year there is an average of 28 fatal pedestrian collisions involving at least one death. Severe injuries total an average of 81 per year.

“Our goal is to have zero,” said LAPD Valley Traffic Division Detective William Bustos.

What can be done to keep pedestrians safe on L.A. streets? Both drivers and pedestrians can take steps to be more aware of potential accidents. Drivers should focus solely on the act of driving with minimal distractions, especially from smartphones. Pedestrians can be vigilant about checking for oncoming traffic before crossing the street or even stepping off the curb. The LAPD also offers several other tips for walking and driving safely.

Other initiatives are also in the works by the city, with a goal of zero pedestrian deaths by 2025. In addition to education, traffic enforcement and better engineering of crosswalks and roads will help to increase pedestrian safety.

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