Rainy Winter Predicted for LA: How to Stay Safe on the Road

October 12, 2022
On behalf of The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg Posted in Auto Accident

The Old Farmers’ Almanac has been a trusted guide for literally centuries now. While its accuracy is up for debate, with some swearing by it and others dismissing it, many still use it to make plans for the winter.

If the digital version of the Almanac is to be believed, Los Angeles is going to see above average levels of precipitation this upcoming season. This is as good a reason as any to brush up on tips for driving safely in the rain. Lesser-known safety recommendations to be aware of include the following:

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

You likely already know that it’s wise to use your headlights when driving in rainy conditions. However, it’s easy to forget that your headlights won’t do their job as well as they potentially could if your vehicle is dirty.

Dirt and grime over your headlights prevent them from illuminating the road in front of you optimally. They also prevent them from ensuring your vehicle is easier for other motorists and pedestrians to spot, which is arguably the more vital reason to turn on your headlights in the rain.

Make an effort to keep your car clean throughout the season. Doing so won’t just boost your personal pride; it will also boost your safety when ugly weather strikes.

Research Flooding-Prone Areas

Planning a safe route if you must drive in harsh weather is a smart way to keep yourself safe. Before the predicted rainy weather season begins, research which streets and zones in your area are prone to flooding, and make a point of avoiding them if possible when driving in the rain. If you can, you may also wish to plan a route that allows you to avoid zones where traffic is likely to be dense.

Stick to the Middle Lanes

Unless traffic conditions or other factors make doing so unwise, when driving on multilane highways, try to stay in the middle lanes. This is helpful because water typically pools around the outside lanes.

Have Your Windshield Wipers Checked

Don’t drive under the assumption that your windshield wipers are still in good working order. The last thing you want is for them to fail when you’re driving in heavy rains.

Early in the season, bring your car in to have all the major systems and components checked, and mention that you’d also like your windshield wipers to be checked. Address any issues right away if they’re identified.

Of course, you should also adhere to all common sense rainy weather driving tips, and you must obey the rules of the road at all times. Just be aware that it’s still possible to be involved in an accident resulting from the negligence of another party.

You may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other such losses if this happens. Learn more about your options by reviewing your case with a Los Angeles car accident attorney at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg. To get started, contact our office online today or call us at 310-997-0904.