Spring Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in California

March 8, 2022
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While everyone is patiently awaiting the return of spring, there is no group more eager for the warm weather than motorcyclists. The return of spring means the return of the motorcycle. Motorcyclists who had to put their bikes away for the fall and winter cannot wait for the return of loud pipes and fast speed. However, there are some tips that motorcyclists want to keep in mind -especially motorcyclists riding around California. Here are some safety tips from our Long Beach motorcycle accident attorney that will protect motorcyclists from falling victim to motorcycle accidents in the spring.

Perform a Thorough Motorcycle Inspection

Before returning on the road, motorcyclists should thoroughly inspect their motorcycles, mainly if the motorcycle has been out of use for several months. Maintenance issues can contribute to a motorcycle accident if the motorcyclist decides to get back on the road without an inspection. Motorcyclists should ensure that a motorcycle’s tires, lights, suspension, and brakes have been properly maintained.

Make Yourself More Visible to Other Motorists

Motorcyclists are not the only motorists who experience an increase on the road during the springtime. Even though California’s highways are known for their notorious traffic congestion issues, springtime always increases the number of vehicles traveling on the streets. Even more disturbing, car and truck drivers can forget that motorcyclists are also riding along the same roadways as they are. This makes the ability to become more visible for motorcyclists even more critical. Motorcyclists can make themselves more visible to other motorists by avoiding their blind spots and wearing more reflective clothing.

Practice Caution When Lane-Splitting

California is one of the few states that allows motorcyclists to split lanes or travel in-between lanes while riding. Unfortunately, when car and truck drivers are distracted or fail to notice motorcyclists in their blind spots, these vehicles can strike motorcyclists in the process, leading to a severe accident. Motorcyclists should drive defensively to avoid this type of accident, assuming that other motorists cannot see them. Driving should be adjusted accordingly.

Check for Inclement or Poor Weather

Motorcyclists want to check the weather before deciding to ride. Riding in stormy conditions can cause motorcyclists to lose control of their motorcycles. If motorcyclists find themselves traveling amid a storm, leave enough space between themselves and the vehicle in front of them.

Stay on the Lookout for Construction and Road Hazards

Work zones and construction areas can create potential road hazards for all motorists, including motorcyclists. When motorcyclists attempt to turn a corner or drive through a pothole, motorcycles risk crashing or losing control altogether. When motorcyclists come across these conditions, the best course of action is to reduce their speed instead of swerving or slamming on the brakes.

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