What You Should Know About California’s Dog Bite Laws

October 20, 2017
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We all love our dogs. They not only make wonderful companions but they are also like a member of the family. But even the most well-behaved dog can sometimes get out of control–especially when they are around strangers or someone they perceive as a threat. There are serious consequences of a dog attack for both the victim and owner. Dog bites can not only cause serious injury. In some cases, they can even cause death. If you are a dog owner in Los Angeles, it is important to be aware of California’s dog bite laws.

Dog Bite 101

It can happen in any neighborhood.  One day, you are enjoying a leisurely jog. When all of a sudden, a dog comes out of the bushes and bites your leg. The bite causes severe lacerations and requires medical attention. Under this scenario, the dog’s owner is held liable. However, if the dog had caused non-bite injuries, the owner is only subject to negligence claims. In this case, the dog attack victim would have to prove the owner failed to properly care or restrain the animal.

Can Criminal Charges Be Filed Against a Dog Owner?

Most dog bite incidents are handled as civil personal injury cases. However, there are situations where the dog owner could face criminal charges. If the dog owner refuses to provide their phone number or contact information, it is considered an infraction of California’s dog bite law. However, failure to secure or restrain a dog trained to attack or known to be vicious can result in felony charges if the bite results in a serious injury or death.

What is Considered a Dangerous Dog?

Dog owners have a responsibility to make sure their pet is secure. It is especially important for those who own dogs that are considered dangerous. Under California law, an unprovoked dog that has twice attacked people within a 36-month period is considered a “potentially dangerous dog”.

What is a Vicious Dog?

Some dogs are better behaved than others. Unfortunately, there are many dogs in Los Angeles that are a serious danger to anyone. These are known as vicious dogs. Under California law, vicious dogs are any canine with a history of inflicting serious injury and even death to another person or animal.

How a Los Angeles Dog Attack Attorney Can Help

Dog bites are no laughing matter. In some serious cases, they can cause disease or even the loss of a limb or death. For more than 30 years, attorney Howard Craig Kornberg has successfully represented many people who have suffered serious injuries due to dog bites and animal attacks. He and his legal team at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg utilize a personable and comprehensive approach to protect the rights of dog bite victims. It is part of his commitment to placing each client in the best position to succeed. To learn more, contact the dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles today and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.


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