Wrongful Death and Bullying

October 12, 2018
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As parents, we know how precious life is as we go through the pregnancy process. When we bring our babies home we spend loads of money and time ensuring that the space is perfect and ready to receive this new life. We care for them and entrust caretakers and teachers to take care of them too. On average, in California, our children are in school for 6.24 hrs. and around 181 days. This means that for about 7 hours a day, not including after-school programs or sports programs, your child is in the care of other adults. It also means that your child is surrounded by other children too.

We have all been through the school system and we know that middle school to high school is some of the hardest times for anyone. At some point, we have all experienced some form of bullying, but it seems in this day and age that bullying has gotten out of control due to the pervasive use of technology. Newly released data from Common Sense Media report shows how many hours children ages 0-8 are using technology. Studies suggest that children under the age of 2 spend about 42 minutes a day, children from 2-4 spend nearly 3 hours, and kids from 5-8 spend 3 or more hours on screen time. One can infer that children become quite proficient in using technology at such an early age. So, by the time they are in middle and high school they are using technology proficiently and on a daily.

Rosalie Avila, age 13, hung herself in December 2017 due to bullying. Her parents are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District. This suit is to prove that the school was negligent for not taking care of the bullying after several instances were confirmed and Rosalie’s therapist contacted the school to address the issue too.

No one’s death should be because of the gross negligence of some person or party. No one’s family should have to suffer because of this gross negligence either. Wrongful Death suits are claims for the loved one’s family to get compensation for the loss. The compensation can cover funeral expenses, wage loss, future wages, and loss of companionship. We aren’t sure about the outcome of Rosalie’s case, but we know for the odds to be in your favor you need to hire a lawyer who has your best interest in mind.

What is Wrongful Death?

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