Glendale Uber Accident Attorney

Technology has evolved to the point where people can sit in a restaurant, outside hotels, or stand at the 18th hole of the local country club and order of vehicle to pick them up. Circumvented by apps, ridesharing has become the largest means of alternative transportation outside the city bus system. But because people use their own vehicles, services like Uber aren’t impervious to car accident laws.

It’s me, Howard Craig Kornberg. My home state, California, was the first to allow ridesharing companies to mimic taxicabs. And just as quickly as this burgeoning technology rolled out, I began offering my services as a Glendale Uber accident attorney. Why? Because accidents happen – even in technology.

Ridesharing Accidents Equal Insurance Hikes. And Pain.

Uber offers drivers a $1 million liability policy, activated when a rider books their ride and the Uber driver confirms it. It’s equally enforced when the rider is picked up but deactivates during downtime when the driver is waiting for their next fare. This policy is supposed to supersede the Uber driver’s personal policy but often is difficult to file claims against. Difficult for the layman, that is.

Because the liability policy the San Francisco-based company offers covers virtually every incident, I’m usually successful finely claims against it, although exact results are on a case-by-case basis. Not many car accidents involving regular passenger cars and trucks will touch $1 million; the question becomes what position the Uber driver was in when they hit you.

During downtime, I would have to file a claim against the Uber driver’s personal policy; Uber would be held harmless unless it’s proven that Uber personally requested a favor or some type of service outside their app during the commission of the accident. You’d be surprised how complex cases can get with Uber, which is why I would always suggest you hire a Glendale Uber accident attorney.

The aftermath of Uber accidents is similar to what happens after your insurance pays out a hefty settlement: state insurance rates inevitably go up the following year, and the pains victims feel slowly heal as with any other accident case I’ve handled.

One situation where a $1 million liability policy may not cover accidents is if victims numbered three or more per vehicle. In cases like this, any overage would spill onto an Uber driver’s personal policy, payable similar to a regular car accident.

Howard Settles Uber Accident Claims.

Admittedly, companies like Uber and Lyft are relatively new to my office. However, the premise of a car accident remains the same: if you’re injured due to the willful negligence of any driver, and said negligence is provable, you can and will receive compensation for your injuries and time lost at work. It doesn’t matter what sticker is on the lower right windshield; an accident is an accident.

If you’ve been victimized by a distracted Uber driver, and want them to pay for your injuries, contact my office where a Glendale Uber accident attorney who’ll gladly take your case.