Long Beach Lyft Accident Attorney

Society has two types of ridesharing drivers: those mindful of motor vehicle laws, and those who’re constantly ‘distracted’ for whatever reason. You’re interested in Howard Craig Kornberg’s services because the latter, an inattentive Lyft driver, slammed into your shiny new car. And you’re pretty ticked off, to put it mildly. Not to mention banged up bad enough to merit an emergency room visit.

Lyft provides another means of transporting around big cities, but more importantly, empowers folks living in small towns across America to work and provide much-needed transportation to those unable to venture around. As accidents are prone to happen, I’m a Lyft collision lawyer capable of negotiating settlements for injured passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, even other vehicles and their passengers injured due to an impaired or distracted Lyft driver’s wrongful actions.

The Lyft Phenomenon Doesn’t Discount Liability

Turning your personal vehicle into any form of ‘for hire’ operation, such as pizza delivery or transportation service, adds another layer of liability to your current insurance policy. It’s a responsibility, which comes with an additional fee in some respect, whether that’s paying claims or docking the driver. In my years of legal representation, I’ve settled cases where taxicabs hit passenger cars and caused the injury. The process I’ll use in holding Lyft drivers accountable is essentially identical, the only difference being the make and model of car used.

Californians getting Lyft-based rides should always take note of driver demeanor. Wear safety belts. Do everything you’d do when driving your own vehicle or as another family member’s passenger. When accidents happen affecting you, liability will never be passed unto you provided you’re not distracting the driver.

Technology-enabled Lyft to exist. And I’m still the Long Beach Lyft accident attorney called upon because liability doesn’t disappear because Lyft drivers, not taxicabs or busses, are involved.

How I Help Injured Drivers and Passengers

Regardless of what happened, I’m retainable. Accidents happen so fast; many victims spend hours in shock. Injuries that weren’t visible or causing the pain before will suddenly bring seriously injured drivers or passengers to tears. Once the initial shock has worn off, you’ll have completed police interviewing and probably been admitted to your local hospital.

Once you’ve been diagnosed, treated, and given a recovery plan, you’ll head home. Either you’ll have an undrivable car, a wrecked body unable to return to work, or both. Your future may depend on where you were (in the Lyft, or other cars, or walking).

An insurance adjuster will call. You’ll probably exchange niceties, and then feel belittled by language or stipulations threw at you. Hang up before you incriminate or discredit yourself, and phone Howard Craig Kornberg, a well-known Long Beach Lyft accident attorney who’ll speak with adjusters or counsel moving forward. Dealing with professionals who treat victims unprofessionally is my specialty.

Lyft is undoubtedly convenient until it’s not anymore. Don’t let ridesharing accidents ruin your weekend, or future commutes to work. Contact my office today, and I’ll discuss your claim without cost. If retained, you’ll never pay until I produce results.