Riverside Construction Accident Attorney

Construction jobs are considered to be the riskiest jobs in Riverside and all across California. And yet, the demand for construction workers is still growing steadily across the nation.

While many employers, contractors, and property managers adhere to safety standards to prevent construction accidents, there is still a large number of irresponsible and negligent ones, which contribute to the high fatality rates on construction sites.

Fact: nearly 20% of all workplace fatalities come from the construction industry, while deaths at construction sites are on the rise every year.

Here at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, our experienced construction accident attorneys name four construction accidents that account for the vast majority of all deaths on construction sites. The so-called construction’s ‘Fatal Four’:

  • Falls (Roof Fallis the deadliest among falls on construction sites)
  • Getting struck by a heavy falling object
  • Electrocution
  • Getting caught-in-between

Types of construction accidents in Riverside

Our Riverside construction accident attorney Howard Craig Kornberg, who holds the highest rating given to lawyers for legal trial skills and ethical standards, insists: no matter what are the circumstances of your construction accident and injuries, your case must be thoroughly investigated to determine liability.

As one in ten American construction workers get injured every year, it’s vital to make construction sites in the U.S. safer by holding negligent employers, contractors, property managers – and even fellow construction workers – accountable for their negligent and otherwise illegal actions.

Fact: Did you know that California is the second biggest killer of construction workers in our nation, after Texas?

Aside from the above-mentioned construction’s ‘fatal four’ accidents, our construction accident lawyers also handle all of the following accidents:

How to hold your employer liable for construction injuries?

Under federal and state laws in Riverside and across California, every employer, contractor, and property manager at construction sites are required to provide workers with safe conditions to prevent injuries in the workplace.

You can hold your construction employers liable for your injuries if your construction accident attorney can prove that your employer failed to:

  • Get rid of potential hazards from the workplace (construction site)
  • Properly inspect the site to detect potential hazards (this must be done on a daily basis)
  • Provide workers with safe and non-defective equipment and tools
  • Provide employees with injury prevention training at construction sites (and warn them if some elements of the construction site pose any risks)

These are the regulations by the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

How to file a construction accident complaint?

If you have gotten into a construction accident in Riverside or elsewhere in California, it’s essential to seek the legal advice of construction accident attorney Howard Craig Kornberg, who has litigated hundreds of such accidents over the past 35 years, to know your best legal options.

An experienced construction accident attorney will give you guidance as to how your report documenting the accident must be written in order to maximize your compensation and hold the responsible parties liable for your injuries and damages.

Many construction workers face certain challenges and hiccups when filing a construction accident claim, which may delay or minimize their compensation.

What damages are covered in a construction injury claim?

After your attorney has helped you document the accident and determine liability in your particular accident, you can demand financial compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills, and all expenses resulting from your injuries (including travel visits to doctors and rehabilitation treatment)
  • Lost wages (your attorney and doctor will help you determine how many weeks or months you won’t be able to work, and therefore earn money, evaluate lost wages)
  • Lost capacity (compensation for losing some or all of your work capabilities for months or years to come – or even permanent damage, which may require you to change the job)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other damages can be collected depending on your particular case

Consult our Riverside construction accident attorney to launch an investigation into your accident, file a complaint, and recover damage for your injuries. Contact our skilled attorneys to get a free initial consultation.