Riverside Uber Accident Attorney

We’re far removed from the days we’d stand curbside waiting to madly flail our arms to hail cab service. No, we’re in the technological age where smartphone users simply open an app, tap their destination, and someone they’ve never met will put up and cart them off. Uber, the larger of both ridesharing apps, has made taxicab companies scramble to stay competitive.

Like automobiles, Uber drivers must adhere to roadway laws. Technology doesn’t supersede common sense, either, because our Uber crash lawyer gets plenty of cases where distracted Uber drivers cause horrific accidents. Many of which are completely avoidable.

I’m Howard Craig Kornberg. My law office will hold Uber drivers accountable much like any other vehicle that slams into you. We’ll also litigate for passengers injured by their driver’s negligence.

Ubers are Great, Until You’re Injured in One.

Ridesharing will only evolve from here. Problem is, millions of vehicles will still exist on roadways, meaning we’ll always fight for Uber passengers and law-abiding vehicles wrecked by Uber drivers. Technology, despite one’s best efforts, will never replace the much-needed element of human reasoning. Drivers make bad decisions, people get hurt in accidents, and skilled legal assistance from my office will always be available.

As your retained counsel, I’ll hold Uber drivers accountable for unnecessary vehicle accidents. The process is essentially no different; these app-based cabbies aren’t given preferential treatment or silver stars for hurting you. We’re still coming after them for compensation owed to you, the only difference being we’ll start with their Uber-sponsored liability policy and, if necessary, also discuss settlement with their personal insurer.

Hiring Uber drivers are undoubtedly convenient, but I’m the Riverside Uber accident attorney who helps accident victims when inattentive drivers hurt passengers, or other vehicles.

Why Do I Need You for Uber Accidents?

Insurance companies, and their independent or staff adjusters, are sneaky. They’re predatory. Interests they have in accidents will never match yours, just know that in advance.

You’re more than welcome to deal with unkind insurance companies alone. However, many victims quickly discover that big insurers will offer them French fries when they’re entitled to half the potato farm. Victims also find dealing with insurers they’ve paid premiums to for decades could care less how badly they’re hurt. You’re going to accept this paltry settlement, and like it. That’s their mantra.

Insurance companies aren’t attorneys. They may summon attorneys after the adjusters have completed their investigation and given the company their recommendation, but they have generally had no use for insurance law. I speak legalese, a special language reserved for vultures like the insurer trying to belittle you. When they hear Howard Craig Kornberg is defending an accident victim, in fact, they’re usually done playing games.

Simply put, I am the Riverside Uber accident attorney who gets you compensated properly. Every penny you’re entitled to, I’m pulling from their greasy little pockets. My style of Uber accident victim representation is best described as ‘aggressive’, and clients concur I’m darn good at my job.

An Uber hit you. Whether you were walking down the sidewalk, driving another car, or the Uber driver’s innocent passenger, compensation is owed to you. And I’ll fight until every penny deserved is recovered.