San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Attorney

As the largest county by land area in America, San Bernardino covers 20,105.32 square miles, which doubles the next-largest California county, Inyo. With such sprawling land and magnificent scenery, motorcyclists from Redding to Maine come to enjoy some of California’s best-kept secrets. With any two-wheeled conveyance, however, comes tragic accidents. Some leading to a biker’s death.

I’m Howard Craig Kornberg, an accident attorney trusted by the thousands I’ve represented over the years. Motorcycling is easily the most invigorating way to explore the Golden State. It’s also the most dangerous. As your motorcycle crash lawyer, I make things right by holding drivers of other motorcycles, cars, and trucks accountable for causing such undue hardship during your ride.

Riding Shouldn’t Turn Deadly

525 diehard motorcycle riders found themselves injured in 2013 across San Bernardino County. Injuries and fatalities tend to rise with increased motorcycle registrations, although several cases where out-of-state bikers were injured or killed exist. A peaceful cruise down a California side road or interstate shouldn’t turn deadly, although many times it does. And that’s when I spring into action.

Apart from a destroyed bike, motorcyclists are often injured severely. The extent of these injuries includes broken bones, massive contusions, head, and neck injuries, but even spinal cord problems can arise. Paralysis, albeit partial or full, is another common post-accident injury. Regardless of what happened, it’s my duty to make things right by demanding the insurer pay your claim fairly.

Accident investigation. Police and witness report reviewing. I do everything possible to alleviate doubt and make sure your claim gets fair adjudication. Each case is prepared as if the court was imminent; whether the claim goes that far depends on how cooperative the insurer and defendant’s counsel are. Should they decide against paying our demand amount, we’ll put the case into court and possibly a jury.

I’m definitely an aggressive San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorney, fighting for justice for those two-wheeled vehicle owners wrongfully injured by another’s reckless actions. When another person causes death to motorcycle riders, families are entitled to pursue compensation which could equal much greater amounts.

Howard Knows Motorcycle Laws

You want representation that doesn’t quit when cases demand tougher stances. You want compensation that equals your injuries, lost income, and misery. And you want that beautiful two-wheeled beast replaced or repaired as it’s your livelihood. I understand.

As your attorney, my commitment to representing claims is unparalleled. I work with many outside resources to assure all facts are properly gathered then preserved. I put in late office hours when cases need deeper attention. And regardless of what it takes, I’ll work until justice is served properly. My fees aren’t collected upfront but are taken from your final settlement. Should I lose, nobody gets paid – not even me. Why should I win when clients don’t?

For comprehensive representation, I’d be honored to work on your motorcycle accident claim as your San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorney. Consulting with me costs nothing, and I’m one phone call or email from scheduling yours today.