San Bernardino Uber Accident Attorney

If you’re one of the millions experiencing the ‘Uber revolution’, you may notice getting around town is much cheaper in many instances. The rise of ridesharing services has taken California – the first state to allow such activities – by storm. Founded in 2009, the globally accessible app-based cab service shares one common trait with other Golden State motorists: car accidents.

Rideshare accidents aren’t different from taxicab accidents my firm, featuring an aggressive Uber crash lawyer, handled in years past. In fact, the only difference is the name of the company or insurer we’re holding accountable.

Passenger or Passenger Car, We Protect You

Uber drivers do work uncharacteristically long hours. This is because only a small percentage of fares are given to drivers. Long hours, mixed with already congested California traffic, create an imminent disaster for passenger cars and Uber passengers alike. Regardless of the excuse, we’re able to hold these drivers legally responsible for whiplash, breakages, strains, or head injuries caused by their negligence.

Procedurally speaking, we approach Uber-related accidents like any other. We’ll gather all facts surrounding the incident, poll witnesses, gather camera footage, bundle the entire case into a pretty package and present our findings to the insurer and, in extreme cases, Uber themselves. Settle fairly or face the jury, it’s up to them. The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg isn’t picky; we’ve won in either venue.

Pedestrians, you’re also covered by Uber drivers who illegally crossed into a protected area. Bicyclists, too. In fact, anywhere you’re living or existing now is protected when you’re there, provided you have permission to be there. This means an Uber driver who plows into your house is liable for damages there, too.

Uber’s $1 million in liability coverage usually activates when drivers have secured their passengers. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll nail them for that amount; it just means Uber-sponsored liability coverage will cover accidents that cause that much damage. Personal insurers can be held liable, too, but that’s usually only when Uber’s rider doesn’t cover passengers or other vehicles.

Remember, consultations with our San Bernardino Uber accident attorney cost nothing but your time.

I’m Knowledgeable of Uber Accident Laws

Innocent accident victims have their respective recoveries to worry about. Besides, litigating insurers with little care for your well-being often frustrates you more than it produces results. Why take chances on your accident settlement? Nobody should.

I’ve been practicing personal injury law for years. When I say I’ve seen many cases through, believe me, it’s true. My no-quit attitude and infectious attention to claim details make my office an easy choice when victims need skilled representation. Failure isn’t an option; only victory is acceptable.

If you or someone you love has been battered by some negligent Uber driver, your reaction is important. Waiting too long may disqualify your claim or deem it frivolous to another party; contact my office I’ll provide an exceptional San Bernardino Uber accident attorney.

No fees if we lose. No cost to look over your Uber-related case, either.