San Bernardino Wrongful Death Attorney

The careless and negligent actions of others will cause death. People who drive recklessly or with malicious intent, employers who consistently keep unsafe workplaces, or medical facilities who act with blatant disregard for human safety when injecting them with drugs are culprits of avoidable fatalities. Loved ones left behind to pick up the pieces are often left broke, feeling hopeless and alone.

I’m Howard Craig Kornberg, a highly sought-after wrongful death lawyer. Wrongful death cases that I’ve litigated over have been favorably resolved, giving surviving loved ones financial security for the interim while punishing those who acted irresponsibly in terminating someone’s life.

No longer will you, the survivor of a decedent, feel hopeless or without a means to survive.

Common Causes of Avoidable Deaths

The fourth leading cause of unintentional death recorded in 2014 was accidental death. Although unintended, a good portion of these deaths came at the hands of another party. 37,939 deaths during the same year stemmed from transportation-related accidents, more commonly known as vehicle or automobile accidents. 1.1 deaths per 100,000 occurred from accidental drownings, with a startling 13.2 per 100,000 deaths coming from accidental poisoning or other chemical exposure.

All above death statistics may not accurately reflect acts of negligence; however, the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg have fought great deals of accidental death cases falling into one or all the above categories. All it takes is one person, group, or company acting carelessly towards another to cause an innocent person to leave this earth far sooner than they deserved.

Premises accidents, such as tumbling down hotel stairs or being electrocuted, encompass a large number of wrongful death cases our San Bernardino wrongful death attorney litigates.

How I Approach Wrongful Death Suits

To properly litigate cases where someone lost a loved one at the hands of another, I need to collect facts. The burden of proof is much stronger, so therefore, we need to witness testimonies and a much deeper investigative process. All I know going into a wrongful death claim is that there’s a decedent, and a loved one seeking justice and compensation for their untimely loss. It’s my duty, and responsibility, to fill in blank areas to make victims’ cases stronger.

Once I’ve put together all facts, I’ll reach out to the negligent party, their counsel, and insurer if applicable to determine if they’re prepared to settle this case without putting it before a jury. Settlements in wrongful death cases are expected to be much higher, therefore, I work diligently to collect the compensation you deserve before entering the often-emotional trial phase.

Employers or people, in general, have no right to act recklessly, but they do. You’re here because you may have heard my experience and excellent client rapport have built my law firm to what it is today. You’ve lost a loved one, and you need a San Bernardino wrongful death attorney who cares, but more importantly, get justice for your deceased loved one.

I fight wrongful death cases. Contact my office to learn how.