3-Year-Old Injured after Fall into Pit Bull Pen

March 28, 2018
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Following an incident that saw a 3-year-old California boy viciously mauled by a dog believed to be a pit bull, an 8-month-old child has been taken into protective custody, and both parents have been arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment. The 3-year-old suffered severe facial injuries after falling from a window into the dog’s pen, only escaping catastrophic consequences because a neighbor heard the incident and came to his rescue. The child’s 25-year-old mother had fallen asleep and was unaware that he had been attacked until after the rescue. After police investigating the incident entered the family’s home and found a number of hazards making it unsafe for children, the child’s younger sibling was taken into custody, and both parents were arrested.

The 3-year-old remains in the hospital recovering from his injuries, while his parents are due to return to court on April 3, following pleas of not guilty to felony child endangerment.

Do You Need a Riverside Children’s Dog Attack Attorney?

While dogs are generally considered to be man’s best friend, a dog attack can result in very severe injuries or even death. Particularly where a child is involved, an aggressive, angry dog is very difficult to overcome and can inflict devastating injuries. A Riverside children’s dog attack attorney could help you to hold the dog owner liable by proving that:

  • The animal responsible for the dog attack, and resulting injuries were owned by the defendant
  • The attack took place on the defendant’s property, or in a public place
  • The defendant had violated state leash law or allowed their dog to roam freely

Of the 4.7 million dog attacks occurring across the United States each year, the majority can be attributed to just a few breeds, namely:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • Alaskan Malamutes
  • Huskies
  • German Shepherds

While these dogs can, of course, be perfectly well-behaved animals, poor training and handling can also cause them to act aggressively. Pit bulls alone account for more dog bite injuries and deaths than any other breed, many of which involve children.

There is no excuse for a dog attack and no reason why you or your child should have to simply accept the after-effects of such an incident.

Speak to a Riverside Dog Attack Attorney Today

When you or your child has been attacked by a dog, the physical pain is likely to be matched only by the emotional trauma and scarring. While no amount of money can undo the dog attack or the injuries you or your child have sustained, it can help to cover the medical expenses, loss of earnings, and other costs associated with a severe dog bite injury. You don’t need to have been bitten to have a valid dog attack claim either – for example, an elderly relative being knocked over by a neighbor’s dog allowed to roam free may also be entitled to compensation.

Whatever the circumstances of your injuries, you need expert legal guidance and support from a skilled attorney. Schedule your free initial consultation with a Riverside dog attack attorney today by calling us on 310-997-0904.


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