Bus Manufacturer Product Liability Claim after Cyclist’s Death

March 29, 2018
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In the first ruling of its kind, a Nevada state court has determined that the faulty aerodynamic design of a bus contributed to the death of a cyclist. The product liability suit, which has been ongoing for over a month, related to the death of a surgeon who was dragged underneath a bus he was cycling alongside. Although the bus complied with all relevant regulations, the judge ruled that the manufacturer, Motor Coach Industries, failed to provide adequate warning that could have been used to avoid the tragic accident.

$18.7 million was awarded to the family of 51-year-old Kavyan Khiabani, who was crushed by a 2008-model MCI coach in 2017.

What Is a Product Liability Claim?

When you purchase a product, whether it is a power tool, household appliance, vehicle, toy, or anything else, you trust that the manufacturer has ensured it is safe to use. Unfortunately, this is not always true, and people are regularly injured or killed by defective products. While the case mentioned above is an unusual one, a Riverside product liability attorney from the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg often handles cases arising from:

  • Defective household appliances
  • Electrical fires
  • Explosions
  • Electrocutions
  • Defective car parts, components, or tires
  • Unsafe children’s toys, or baby equipment such as cribs and high-chairs
  • Dangerous toys
  • Defective drugs and medical equipment
  • Propane tank defects
  • Defective power tools

Bear in mind that this list is in no way exhaustive, and a skilled product liability lawyer can offer expert legal representation for whatever type of product caused your injuries.

A product liability case may relate solely to the injuries sustained by you or your loved one, or you may be just one of numerous plaintiffs involved in a class action where, for example, the prescribed medication caused further illness or injury.

If you believe you may have a product liability claim, speak to an experienced Los Angeles attorney immediately, as time is of the essence.

Speak to a Riverside Product Liability Attorney Today

Product liability cases can arise from all manner of tools, medical equipment, drugs, and other products, but all will fall into one of three categories:

  • Design defects occur when the design of a product renders it unsafe to use, such as a stool designed in such a way that it topples when a person sits on it
  • Manufacturing defects occur during the actual manufacturing process when a glitch, error, or oversight makes a particular batch, or single item, dangerous. This applies where it can be proven that other examples of the same product are not dangerous, as this flaw has not occurred
  • In the case of the bus mentioned earlier, the product liability claim rested on the lack of safe operating instructions. A manufacturer or supplier has a legal obligation to provide adequate instruction to enable the safe operation of their product, and avoidance of any potential hazard

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product of any kind, call a Riverside product liability attorney today to find out how we could help. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg at 310-997-0904 now.


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