Conduct an Inspection of Your Motorcycle Prior to Every Ride

July 11, 2018
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Do you own a motorcycle? Is the bike the only transportation you enjoy in California? If so, you need to be as careful as possible whenever you go for a ride. Getting on your motorcycle should only happen after you have run through a checklist of inspection items. When you conduct an inspection prior to every motorcycle ride you can find parts that need to be fixed, which could help prevent an accident, according to our motorcycle crash attorney in Los Angeles.


T-CLOCK is a mnemonic device for the inspection you should conduct prior to every motorcycle ride. It was created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation so riders could easily remember all the areas of their bike they should check prior to hitting the open road. Each letter in the mnemonic device stands for a different area of the bike you need to check.

T: Tires and wheels
C: Controls
L: Lights and electronics
O: Oil
C: Chassis
K: Kickstand

Tires and Wheels

It’s important for you to check the tire pressure, the condition of the treads, that the wheels spin freely, that the rims are true, that the brakes are firm, that the brake pads have sufficient depth and that there are no leaks in any of the cables or hoses of the bike.


Controls cover a wide range of equipment on the motorcycle that you should check prior to each ride. These controls include cables, levers, hoses, and the throttle. You need to make sure all of these items are lubed properly, don’t have any loose connections, and do not exhibit any leaks.

Lights and Electronics

You need to check every single light on your motorcycle before every trip. Make sure the lights are not burnt out and if so, they need to be replaced immediately. Check the lenses on every light and make sure there is no condensation on the lenses. Condensation dims the appearance of the lights when they are active. The battery also falls under this category. Make sure the connections are tight and clean.

Oil and Fluids

All fluid levels should be checked prior to hitting the road. Top off any fluid that is too low so you don’t run out while on your adventure. It’s also important to check the color of the bike’s coolant and the brake fluid. This is also a good time to check every system of the bike for any leaks.


The kickstand is important because it holds the bike upright when you are not in motion. Move the kickstand in and out of position to look for damage and to make sure it operates smoothly.

A motorcycle adventure is a lot of fun but it can also turn into stress if you are involved in an accident. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident you should call our experienced attorney at 310-997-0904 to schedule a meeting.


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