High Risk Dog Breeds Known For Dog Attacks

March 16, 2018
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Before entertaining which breed of dog you’ll make your new family centerpiece, it’s vital to understand the various dog breeds in existence, their primary demeanors, and what risks children and owners could potentially face should untrained canines get hostile and bite, which forces a Los Angeles dog attack attorney to litigate.

In opening our informational article for you, let’s have a look at what society deems as ‘dangerous’ dog breeds worldwide with coinciding characteristics that have defined their riskiness throughout time.  We’d like to stress to potential owners that risk doesn’t necessarily mean ‘bad’; it just means special training and attention may be required.

Understanding Temperaments

Several variances in breeds exist, and each one of them has unique characteristics. First of all, we have a breed with a relaxed temperament. In this category, we can find the dog breeds that are very calm and kind, especially to children. On the other hand, you also have a breed with what is considered an active temperament and will respond faster to given commands or dangers. Puppies in this category tend to impress owners and tend to learn fast by following a training plan.

The third type of temperament that we find prevalent in some breeds is the aggressive type. This is the type of dog that can be aggressive, sharing instinctual behaviors with hostile tendencies towards families and children. By knowing and distinguishing each dog’s breed, we can estimate each dog’s temperament. Knowing enough about the breed can teach us the behavior and habits of dogs within it.

Temperaments simply categorize puppies for future understanding; aggressive breeds can be very loving and affectionate.  It’s the owners’ mishandling and abuse that brings ill-gotten temperaments to light.

Today, our Los Angeles dog attack attorney will examine these main breeds individually:

Pit Bull

This specific breed of dog called Pitbull is very famous and well known to each one of us. We all have heard at least once in our life or have seen them in a violent movie. It is a medium-sized dog with a short coat and very muscular. It has round eyes and small ears. These dog breeds are the most responsible for the most fatalities and injuries. This dog is well known for its aggressiveness and many states have already banned their breeding.

People have used them for hunting down bears, bet on them in dogfights and in dog races due to their fast speed, fit legs, and their aggressive and hard bite. Pit bulldogs are also very powerful and confident yet never seem to receive the benefit of ownership since owners’ widespread abuse makes them more revered than appreciated and is easily the most common breed our expert Los Angeles dog attack attorney fights in court.

Alaskan malamute

The Alaskan malamute looks identical to the husky, yet its beautiful gait and overall quiet demeanor should not be mistaken for its heritage. Though they have straight ears and mostly black and white or gray and white colors like Huskies do, they share a lot of differences between them. This kind of dog is larger than the husky and weighs around 80 pounds. They were used as labor helping dogs, and some people even used them to pull their sleds. It can sustain any hard environment yet will still manage to keep themselves motivated. Malamutes have hunting instincts that can naturally lead them to hunt smaller animals; they do have some cute puppies and, with proper training, make great family dogs.


Most commonly found with homeowners with plenty to protect is the Doberman pinscher. These dog breeds are very loyal to their owners, but can very aggressive to other people if improperly handled. They are responsible for a large number of fatalities due to defending their owners or their property. They have killer instincts and they attack the face or the neck areas. Physiologically, it is a medium-sized dog with weights reaching 90 pounds and one common breed our Los Angeles dog attack attorney sees attacking folks.

They are famous for their endurance and strength, making them formidable pets for active families. Studies have shown that this is one of the smartest dogs that exist and are easy to train. On the other hand, other studies have shown that they are one of the most dangerous and aggressive breeds if mistreated.

Great Danes

Let’s have a look at the friendly ‘Marmaduke’ breed, the Great Dane. Also called the German Mastiff, Great Danes are known as one of the largest dog breeds in existence (apart from the ridiculously large head on the Corso). It currently belongs in the Guinness World of Records as the tallest dog in the world.  Their ears are triangular and they usually have a blue or black color.

Though the temperament of this breed is calm and the dog can be a gentle loving creature, they were used initially as hunters of boars and other animals and their large size made them a threat around animals, children, and even large-sized adults. Individuals that spend their time raising these larger puppies correctly will reap the benefits of their protective nature.

In Closing

Remember, by knowing the breeds, you are becoming informed of the characteristics and overall behavior of these dogs. Bear in mind that just because dog breeds have been listed as ‘aggressive’, ‘violent’ or ‘dangerous’, it doesn’t mean they’re born that way – owners ultimately control the destiny of their family pets’ demeanor.

If you are a person looking to get a dog and you want to make a wise decision or just a person that would like to know more about some breeds you may want to avoid, make sure you read about each breed you’re contemplating.

Victim of a dog bite? Contact our Los Angeles attorney today.


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