Personal Injury From FIU Bridge Collapse? Read On

March 17, 2018
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Barely open one full week, the bridge built to connect Sweetwater to Florida International University collapsed in a tragic fashion, killing numerous persons in vehicles while injuring countless others. An estimated $14.2 million went into the construction of this bridge, and while contractors are pointing fingers at each other, attorneys are preparing their case files to attack whoever is responsible.

Whoever hired Munilla Construction Management to build this vast concrete walkway should’ve read local news prior to hiring this company; it’s now their second known snafu in Florida alone.

If you’re an individual who lives in California, you already know incidents like this merit an incredible Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Read on to learn more about how this case could unfold.

Who’s to blame? Certainly not the victims.

One accomplice to this horrific accident could be one few expect: the State of Florida. The Miami Herald reports that an engineer reached out to the state three days prior to the collapse, but that call went unanswered with no return call. While cracking in concrete could simply be slight stress fractures which are common when structures are settling, the irony of the accident alone could drag the state into this litigation.

The engineering firm and those responsible for erecting the structure will definitely settle wrongful death and other personal injury claims, too. One bicyclist was thrown when another vehicle struck him trying to avoid devastation.

As mentioned, MCM was responsible for another potentially hazardous bridge, which was litigated by SEC attorneys. Adding this incident won’t fare well when defending their actions.

Much like an astute personal injury lawyer, whoever litigates these cases down in Florida will not have to travel far to identify who’s to blame, and who’ll pay for medical bills and financial needs of victims. In fact, there will be settlements flying left and right prior to court.

How did this happen?

Because erecting heavy structures like bridges takes careful coordination of numerous parties, the only people to blame are those involved with every phase, period. End of discussion. Whether someone miscalculated load balancing, or accidentally forgot rebar, it was several screw-ups chained together that caused the untimely demise of so many innocent people.

Normally, bridge columns are built first, then the road or bridge they’re supporting is lifted in sections. If any part of this process fails, everything falls like dominoes. Which FIU unfortunately just experienced.

Given the communication between the engineer and state, the department wasn’t enough to prevent the collapse, there was no way to shut the bridge down until it could be safely inspected – a move which could’ve saved lives.

Are you hurt?

Should something similar happen in California, you’ll need to retain an exceptional Los Angeles personal injury attorney who’ll handle your claim.

Collapsing bridges are pretty rare, and our hearts mourn for those lost in this tragic accident. Remember, if you’re witnessing something like this and can save individuals, please do so. Also, be prepared to become a witness for a victim’s attorney.


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