How Effective Are DUI Checkpoints in Preventing Car Accidents?

January 30, 2018
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When rumors started to circulate about a planned DUI checkpoint over the weekend of January 27 – 28, we got to thinking about effective these checkpoints really are. There’s no denying that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is an awful idea, and can potentially have devastating consequences, but do plan checkpoints actually prevent car accidents, or do Los Angeles drivers simply opt for a different route? Anything that reduces the number of DUIs happening on Los Angeles roads is very welcome, particularly if the measure is effective.

DUI in Los Angeles on the Rise

Although LAPD are carrying out checks on drivers, and there’s no shortage of information about the dangers of drunk or drug-driving available online, in leaflets and elsewhere, driving offenses in Los Angeles, and California as a whole, are increasing sharply.

A car accident lawyer elite Los Angeles is sure to be busy with statistics like these:

  • 2016 saw a 43% rise in the number of traffic deaths, with figures up again by 22% in 2017
  • Fatalities involving pedestrians shot up by a concerning 58%
  • Hit and run, DUI, and other traffic collisions grew by 27% between 2014 and 2016
  • Perhaps related to the increase in collisions, the number of speeding tickets issued is also consistently increasing from one year to the next

With regards to DUI checkpoints in specific, it has been found that a considerable proportion of the vehicles impounded, and drivers charged, as a result of these checkpoints, happen as a result of driving without insurance, a license, or other driving offenses. They can also involve a large increase in police overtime payments.

The Consequences of Being Caught out at a Los Angeles DUI Checkpoint

The decision between driving under the influence or staying away from the driver’s seat until you’ve sobered up completely should be a no-brainer, but, for whatever reason, Los Angeles drivers continue to take to the roads while their perception is affected by alcohol or drugs. If the risk of hurting or killing innocent people and causing a lot of damage isn’t enough of a deterrent, the legal repercussions of DUI are also harsh. Current Los Angeles DUI sentences include:

  • A fine of up to $15,000 even for a first offense, or up to $22,000 if the driver is under 21
  • Loss or suspension of license
  • Being terminated from your job
  • Prison time where the damage and injuries have been particularly severe
  • Court order to install an ignition device which will not allow the vehicle to start if alcohol is detected
  • More expensive insurance premiums
  • No payment for any injuries you sustain in a car accident where you were at fault

If you or a loved one have been involved in a Los Angeles car accident, whether it resulted from a DUI or not, an experienced car crash attorney could help you to recover the compensation you’re entitled to.

Before relying on your insurer to get you compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses, speak to us on 310-997-0904 to find out how we could fight your corner.


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