I-5 Closed After a Cheesy Crash

January 31, 2018
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News of road accidents can be troubling, upsetting, and, perhaps, intriguing, but we’re not sure we’ve ever described an accident as cheesy before. Of course, this isn’t cheesy like your massive grin in the countless selfies you take when out and about with friends, but cheesy as in covered, literally, in actual cheese. Unlikely and improbable as it may seem, all southbound lanes of Interstate 5 were closed for several hours on January 26 after a truck carrying shredded cheese crashed and shed its load.

Los Angeles Truck Accident Closes I-5

As any Los Angeles attorney will tell you, truck accidents on the Interstate are a regular occurrence, although the severity and the details can vary wildly. The crash on January 26 was definitely one of the more unusual incidents, as a tractor-trailer packed full of shredded cheese hit a guardrail and bridge support, before bursting into flames. Luckily, only the driver of the truck was injured and was reported to be in good condition shortly after the accident. However, although they may not have physically suffered, commuters and other Los Angeles drivers were certainly inconvenienced as crews closed the entire Interstate 5 for eight hours as they battled with packets of cheese, spilled diesel, and debris that comes along with a truck smash.

Have You Been Injured in a Los Angeles Truck Accident?

While the cheesy incident on I-5 didn’t result in any significant damage or injuries – thankfully – those involved in other truck accidents may not be so lucky. The busy roads around Los Angeles see numerous car and truck crashes every week and, if you’ve been caught up in one of them, you may need help from an attorney experienced in dealing with truck accidents.

The route you take when pursuing a claim for compensation after a truck accident will depend on the circumstances and causes of the collision. When you schedule an appointment to discuss your case with an experienced Los Angeles attorney, we can identify which category your claim is likely to fall into.

For example, If the accident causing your injuries or damage to your property occurred as a result of defects in a vehicle, you may have grounds for a motor vehicle defect claim. This will involve proving that a defect existed in the car or truck in question and that it played a key role in causing the collision. Some of the most common motor vehicle defect claims involve problems with the braking mechanism, electrical system, steering, or fuel system.

If no defect exists, any lawsuit you’re entitled to file is likely to focus on either the behavior of the driver, such as a failure to pay due care and attention while in control of a vehicle, or a failure to properly maintain their car or truck. Of course, the specifics will vary from case to case.

If you would like to discuss your case with an experienced truck crash attorney, start off by calling us on 310-997-0904 to schedule an initial consultation.


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