Road Rage Incident Causes a Chain Reaction

August 11, 2017
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Los Angeles traffic can drive anyone mad but just recently a road rage incident spiraled out of control causing several injuries and collisions. It all started with a motorcyclist who kicked the side of a beige sedan. The driver of the sedan retaliated by attempting to swerve in front of the motorcyclist. The driver instead ricocheted off the median striking another car which then flipped over. The sedan driver’s car sent off sparks when it hit the median. The innocent driver of the truck that was hit suffered several injuries caused by the car flip. The truck proceeded to slide down the freeway until it finally skidded to a halt. The driver of the truck had no control over what was happening and could not maneuver the truck to safety. The sedan spun around several times until finally coming to a stop with white smoke emerging from the engine. The motorcyclist left everyone in their dust and continued to drive on down the highway without care. Authorities are investigating what caused the incident as the recorded video does not show the events leading up to the kick. All parties in this matter should seek representation from a hit and run accident lawyer in California to discuss their specific roles.

Hit and Run

Since the motorcyclist did not stop after the accident, authorities are looking at the incident as a hit and run. No-fault has been given as of yet until the motorcyclist is found and gives a statement. Hit and run accidents are not normally recorded on video for authorities. This causes a hit and runs incidents to be more difficult to investigate and harder for victims to be fully compensated. The motorcyclist and sedan driver will most likely both have to take a percentage of the responsibility for the accident. The truck driver has suffered the most loss from his car damages and injuries. He may also have some emotional distress as being flipped over and skidding in your truck is a traumatizing incident. A Los Angeles hit and run attorney like Howard Craig Kornberg will be able to conduct his own investigation into the incident and obtain the maximum compensation for the truck driver.

How a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Can Help

This case is unique in that there was a recorded video turned into authorities which gives them a starting point for their investigation. Most hit-and-run accidents and car accidents in general, do not have this contributing factor. Typically, police officers will arrive at the scene and have to determine who is at fault and issue an accident report along with any accident tickets. Victims of any car accident will find guidance and a compassionate understanding when contacting the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg. You will be guided by an experienced Los Angeles car collision lawyer who has over 30 years of successful personal injury case results under their belt. We will work diligently to come to a favorable outcome and are willing to dedicate the time and energy to your case while you focus on recovering from any injuries.


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