Steps To Take Following A California Bicycle Accident

May 9, 2017
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Bicycles are an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages. They can also be dangerous if riding in high-traffic areas. Bicycle safety is important for the rider and motorists around them. A bicycle rider needs to be vigilant when riding so that they can avoid an accident. Here are some steps to take if you are ever involved in a bicycle accident in California.

Remain at the scene of the accident in order to speak with law enforcement, be evaluated by the paramedics, and exchange information with the motorist. Even if you were not at fault, you should remain at the scene of the accident.

Evaluate yourself for injuries following the accident. Common injuries suffered during a bicycle accident include cuts, scrapes, broken bones, concussion, and whiplash.

No matter the severity of the accident is sure to call the police. An officer will be able to examine the scene, take pictures, talk to witnesses, and create a report that can be used to help recover damages at a later date.

Exchange information with the driver of the car that you collided with. This includes names, addresses, insurance information and anything else you feel is pertinent.

Even though a responding police officer will take pictures of the crash scene, you should do so too. Take pictures of your injuries, your bicycle, the vehicle, and any debris lying on the road. Also, take pictures of the surrounding area to document the road conditions and the weather.

Contact your insurance company and let them know about the accident. The insurance company will be able to inform you how the accident will be covered, including how your medical expenses will be paid for. Most bicycle accident injuries will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. If you have personal injury protection, this insurance could also cover the accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bike crash, contact our firm to discuss your case and how to recover damages for injuries incurred.


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