Truck Accidents Cause Multiple Crashes

February 15, 2019
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If you have ever driven on a major highway then you know that trucks are overwhelmingly present. These trucks are massive at about 70-80 feet in length and can weigh 20-30 times more than a car. A truck engine is six times larger than an engine and when you are carrying that much it can take up to two football fields to stop a truck completely. This means that if you are driving and there becomes an erratic reason to stop then you are in danger of getting in the way of a semi-truck that is also just trying to stop.

Truck Accident Injuries

Every year people are traumatically injured or die due to colliding with big trucks. It was discovered that nearly 78% of all crashes with big-rig trucks happened in the daylight with perfect weather. Truck drivers have special guidelines to which they must adhere while driving. For example, truck drivers are only allowed to drive during certain times, and in certain lanes, and they are expected to keep close documentation of their driving and sleep. They are expected to keep such detailed notes because driving long hauls can be dangerous when a car driver gets drowsy they are more than likely to run off the road and only hurt themselves. With a big rig truck, if they swerve into another lane they are more likely to hit multiple cars because of the length of the cab.

Depending on the kind of accident, if you were injured in a truck accident you may experience common neck injuries like strains and whiplash. You can also suffer from brain trauma which is when the brain hits the inner skull. Bruises or internal bleeding may arise from the incident, but there isn’t any way to see those kinds of injuries unless medical treatment is given. Other injuries include broken limbs, lacerations, and back injuries. Thankfully cars are equipped to handle more force, but when an 80,000 lb. truck abruptly stops, enters your lane, or hits you at full speed, your car cannot handle it.

What To Do

Our Los Angeles truck accident attorneys have handles a myriad of situations where our clients have been injured due to a truck accident. Our clients are our first priority. We believe in the best way to get a successful outcome is to take the time and learn from our clients. We have the resources to provide investigations, find witnesses, and other means of getting to the real story. Our truck crash lawyers commonly see cases where truck drivers were too tired to drive, inattentive while driving, recklessly driving, speeding, driving while impaired, and driving without proper training or supervision.

Whatever the reason, you should not handle the burden of getting injured on your own. Call us or click here to start a conversation with our personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg in Los Angeles. You have enough stress on your plate. Let us handle all the paperwork to create the best case for you.


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