What is the Dog Bite Quarantine Law in California?

May 16, 2019
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Being bitten by a dog can be a scary and devastating event, especially if you suffered major injuries as a result. Regardless of what caused the dog to bite, there are regulations in place that govern what happens in the aftermath of a dog bite, including what happens to the dog. California has a dog bite quarantine law that requires dogs that bite to be quarantined to ensure that they do not have rabies.

At the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, we know that dogs can turn vicious in an instant. We’ve seen the horrific injuries a once-docile dog can inflict on an unsuspecting human being. And we’ve fought for the rights of dog bite victims in court, helping them recover their damages and hold the at-fault party responsible. If you have been attacked by a dog, contact our dog bite attorney Los Angeles now.

After a Dog Bites

In California, the law requires that all instances of dog bite attacks are reported to animal control. Animal control will send out an officer to investigate the incident. The officer will verify any facts provided in the initial report, gather additional information as necessary, and determine the severity of the bite. The animal control officer then makes a decision as to whether or not there is a potential risk for the transmission of rabies. All dogs that bite must be quarantined for a period of at least 10 days. This allows for observation of the dog to make sure that it is not rabid.

Dogs that have been vaccinated are thought to be at lower risk, but they must still go through the quarantine procedure. The quarantine law is in place to protect the victim of the dog bite as well as the dog’s owner and members of the community and the general public.

Sometimes the quarantine will be with the owner; other times, it will be at a vet’s office or local animal shelter where the staff is trained to know what to look for in rabid animals. Where the dog is quarantined is left to the discretion of animal control. If the offending dog is quarantined at home, it must be kept in an enclosed space away from people and other pets. The home quarantine area is subject to inspection at will by animal control. Once 10 days pass and the dog remains asymptomatic, then the quarantine is lifted.

Dog Bite Liability in California

Owners of dogs in the state of California have been held strictly liable for any injuries their dog’s cause. This includes all damages due to the bite, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Exceptions exist if the victim was trespassing on the owner’s property or provoking the dog. Owners are held liable for injuries their dogs cause even if the dog has never shown any aggression in the past.

Attacked By a Dog?

In California, it is often possible to collect damages following a dog bite without even proving negligence by the dog’s owner. The simple fact that the person owns the dog and that the dog bit you and caused harm generally makes the case against the owner. Contact our attorney in Los Angeles now to discuss your case details at 310-997-0904.


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