Lane Splitting: Is It Legal?

May 15, 2019
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If you ever sat twiddling your thumbs in rush hour traffic, then you know how backed up things can get. However, for motorcycles, those lanes of stalled traffic afford enough space to zip on through a bottleneck of traffic between lanes, allowing them to bypass the whole mess. This is known as lane splitting, and traffic doesn’t have to be stopped for motorcyclists to take advantage of this once-forbidden but now-legal practice in California. Lane splitting in California is legal on both divided and undivided streets, highways and roads.

Nearly everyone will admit that lane splitting can be dangerous, not just for the rider of the motorcycle practicing it, but also for other cars on the road. Still, it is legal and it is something that drivers must be aware of when traveling on California’s roadways so that they can avoid causing an unintentional motorcycle accident. If you have been injured while lane splitting in California, you may have grounds for a motorcycle accident claim. Contact the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg right away to discuss the particulars of your accident.

What Exactly Is Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting is not to be confused with two motorcycles traveling side-by-side in the same lane. Lane splitting occurs when the motorcycle passes in between lanes of moving or stopped traffic. The practice makes it easy for riders to get through traffic lights, and on the freeway, it helps them avoid traffic jams and stop-and-go driving. When there is a tight concentration of passenger autos and motorcycles, accidents are bound to occur. With just a moment of distraction on a driver’s or rider’s part, a rider can be hit or can hit a car.

Proponents of lane splitting say that it increases motorcycle safety. Stop-and-go driving in congested traffic is one of the most dangerous scenarios for the motorcyclist, increasing his odds of being hit by an inattentive driver. Even motorcycle vs. car crashes at low speeds can have catastrophic results for the motorcyclist who is already at a disadvantage of balancing himself on two wheels atop a vehicle with no surrounding protection and that’s less visible than other vehicles on the road. Lane splitting allows motorcycles to bypass traffic congestion and many of the dangers that come with it, putting themselves further out of harm’s way.

We’re Here to Help

Lane splitting may be legal, but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident while practicing safe lane splitting procedures, the experienced and compassionate lawyer at the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg is here to help. We have helped countless accident victims recover cash awards for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles is a staunch advocate for injured clients and will fight to help you recover 100% of your damages, making you whole again so that you can get on with your life. Call us at 310-997-0904 or click here to set up your free case evaluation today.


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