What To Do When Dealing with a Hit and Run?

May 25, 2018
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Any accident is a stressful and upsetting event, but when that accident is a hit and run the problems and emotions surrounding the situation are aggravated and your emotions can run high. It is more important than ever in this type of accident to keep a cool head and follow simple steps with good judgment to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Steps to take when faced with a hit and run:

The first step to take during a hit and run is to make sure that everyone involved is safe. It is imperative that you check that no one is hurt and any injuries that occurred are seen immediately. This is why your first point of call should be emergency services, and 911 is called straight away. After alerting the medical authorities the police need to be involved as do the California highway police. It is important to keep in mind that when these authorities are taking down a report it will be based on all your recollections. The report you give must be truthful and all the details need to be as precise as possible. These details can be about the car that hit you, the driver of the car, and especially the way the accident occurred.

Once this is done the best step to take next is to note down for your own use what has happened so that you do not forget any significant details. These details can be vital in tracking down the driver.  So, things like the license plate if you can remember it, and also any unique details about the car such as color, bumper stickers, or car make and model could really help you get the closure and compensation once you track down the driver or the car. Things like the weather and location of the accident or even road conditions are also important as they can help build a picture as to why the accident occurred in the first place.

Anything or anyone that can prove and verify your account of the events is accurate is also vitally important.  This can help build a better picture in the eyes of the police or even an insurance company. Contacting a hit and run attorney in Los Angeles is also the next most advisable step. Howard Craig Kornberg is very well versed in helping victims of hit and runs to get the results and support they require and can aid in getting you the compensation and closure you require.

In hit and runs when it can be difficult to track down the driver your insurance company will be your first point of call for financial assistance. Make sure to provide them with all the information they require such as police and medical reports and your own account of the accident.

It is very important to realize that you are not facing this event alone and that hit and run lawyers in Los Angeles are here to help. A Los Angeles hit and run attorney will ensure that you receive what you are due. For advice from a Los Angeles hit and run attorney please contact our experienced lawyers at 310-997-0904.


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