Road Debris and Who Needs to Clean it up:

May 24, 2018
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We’ve all seen it happen and perhaps it has ever happened to you. You’re driving down a road that you are very used to and all of a sudden you are faced with debris on the road. This can be an old tire to a log. Whatever it is it can not only cause a large accident but also it can prove fatal. Even though debris on the road can be detrimental there is debris found all over the roads in Los Angeles. When you have been in an accident related to road debris, it is important to know who was responsible for the debris so you can get the financial compensation and mental closure you need.

Who is responsible for paying for the damages?

Depending on the type of accident that occurs due to debris on the road the type of insurance that covers the compensation will be determined. If the accident occurred due to debris flying in the air and ends up causing damage to your car then the best insurance claim you can put in is your car insurance.

There are times when the debris cannot be avoided and any damage that is caused to your car then you are not under liability. The liability of the damage then lies upon another party. In instances, like when someone fails to unsecure the load then it is up to the other party to claim their liability insurance to give you the financial compensation you require.

It is not always possible, however, to pinpoint blame, and in certain situations, you may be unsure as to who caused the accident. In cases like these where there is damage made to the vehicle then it should be collision coverage that is claimed.

What to do if you are involved in an accident due to debris?

While the lawyers at Howard Craig Kornberg are always here to help and guide you through the process, the first thing that needs to be done is to contact emergency medical services so that any injured parties can be tended to and any health concerns should be dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent further health concerns.

Car damage can hinder the way a car performs and cause further road traffic accidents later on. To make sure this doesn’t happen you should avoid the temptation to keep on driving and pull over and take care of the damage caused. If it will be dangerous to continue driving a tow company should be called. It is also imperative that the police are informed.

While being involved in a car crash of any sort, especially one in which you have no-fault can be traumatizing and shocking it is important to stay calm and remember that Injury lawyers in Los Angeles are here to help. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney will ensure that you receive what you are due. For advice from a personal injury lawyer please contact our experienced lawyers at 310-997-0904


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