Glendale Car Accident Attorney

Involved in a car accident? You’re probably researching attorneys because you deserve more than what insurers are offering you. Unfortunately, you lack both the wherewithal and knowledge to personally hold the offending party accountable. And quite honestly, you’re not interested in all the legal mumbo-jumbo being thrown at you by an insurance adjuster. You’re innocent, they’re not. End of story.

While perusing the many reputable Glendale car accident attorney firms, you’ve already decided what characteristics must be present. Perhaps you’ve done due diligence and determined what attorney has a pretty solid track record of getting people settlements indicative of their personal injuries and losses. So, you stumble upon Howard Craig Kornberg and are looking for reasons to retain his hard-hitting services.

Why Victims Prefer Howard

We don’t have to tell you how you’re feeling. Since there’s nothing pleasant about being sideswiped by a passenger or commercial vehicle, it goes without saying you’re pretty banged up and pissed off about it. And out of the million thoughts racing through your mind, you’re looking for one glimmer of hope. Let’s look at some of the reasons why past clients chose Howard Craig Kornberg and his team to represent them during some of the darkest moments of their life:

  • Thoroughness: It’s simply not enough to collect police reports and eyewitness accounts. People and paperwork sometimes don’t paint an accurate picture of how the car accident happened. Howard’s conciseness often unveils details even the savviest investigators sometimes overlook.
  • Preparedness: Poor preparation leads to poor negotiation. If Howard’s your Glendale car accident attorney, you can bet your case will be strong enough to bury any doubt.
  • Honesty: From the moment you schedule your free consultation with Howard and his team, honesty is the one policy they’ll abide by. While they’ll never promise anything they cannot perform, straightforward answers to your most pressing questions are what victims receive.

You’ve probably read in various contexts how the car accident injury litigation process works, but if not, let’s summarize their work in one sentence:

Howard Craig Kornberg and his personal injury team, by virtue of investigation and legalese, offer insurers the opportunity to pay fairly or meet in Los Angeles County courts – their choice.

It’s just that simple.

Negligent Accidents are Inexcusable

While you sit at home recovering from your car accident, bills begin piling up. Income stops coming in. Hospital bills start rolling in, and suddenly you feel like you’re reliving the very accident that caused all this. In short, your suffering from a completely avoidable accident because someone was too negligent to care about your safety, or perhaps too distracted to correct their actions.

Nonetheless, you were looking for an over-the-top attorney dedicated to you, the victim, and just needed one good reason to pick up the phone and call Howard and his team. We’ve given you many, but here’s another: you’ll never pay a dime unless Howard Craig Kornberg, the highly regarded car crash lawyer you came to the site to read about, settles your claim.

Sound good? Get started by contacting his office today.