Glendale Construction Accident Attorney

Dubbed ‘The Fatal Four’ by OSHA, many construction-related injuries occur by electrocution, being trapped between two objects, falls, and being struck up against an object. Worksites are already dangerous places for workers to earn their paycheck, but those hazards are intensified when employers are negligent in maintaining reasonably safe work equipment and environments.

A highly skilled Glendale construction accident attorney, Howard Craig Kornberg works diligently to bring construction site owners and third parties involved with worker accidents to justice. The level of accountability construction managers and site owners are held to far exceeds the conditions they leave their workers to deal with, which is ridiculous at best.

Construction Accidents Affect Everyone

Working on large construction projects requires long hours of physically commanding labor, many times wages being paid far less than workers deserve. The dangers of working on these construction projects are very real, especially when workers are lifting heavy objects while standing on unstable scaffolding. We can go on and on about the dangers and potential injuries one can suffer, but you get the gist.

Unless a third-party contractor or company caused your injury, most victims will undergo the Worker’s Compensation process. This entails filing a claim with the appropriate state agency, with no claim being an automatic approval. Construction companies do carry liability insurance to cover workers, however, sometimes it’s inadequate. Nonetheless, filing Worker’s Compensation benefits are the only recourse available to injured workers, especially when negligence can be proven.

Those claims denied, or those stemming from third-party negligence, automatically qualify for the personal injury litigation process. Howard Craig Kornberg is a construction accident lawyer well-versed in personal injury law, collecting no fees until you win your case.

Overall, accidents I construction sites affect everyone. If numerous workers filed suit against their employer for hazardous workplace conditions causing injury, it could very well shut the entire project down. This would leave many people unemployed, and potentially beneficial business to the community would never reach fruition. All because the employer indirectly caused personal injury to one worker.

These accidents are avoidable. All employers would need to do is comply with OSHA regulations and local ordinances, which isn’t rocket science if employers simply listen to the rules that were written. Compliant or not, Howard Craig Kornberg will hold employers accountable for their missteps which caused personal injury to his clients.

We’ll Build A Solid Case Together

Many facts must be collected to substantiate your claim. Witness testimonies helpful in situations like this. Howard will take these facts and approached the construction project owner and insurer to work on settlement negotiations. Should lines of communication suddenly close, Howard and his team will file an action in civil or federal court, depending on the project scope?

If you or a loved one has been injured while working on a construction site, but feel you have few if any options available to hold negligent parties accountable, contact a highly valued Glendale construction accident attorney, Howard Craig Kornberg, for your free initial consultation. Remember, no fees unless we win.