Glendale Premises Liability Attorney

One of the trickiest areas of personal injury law involves premises liabilities. Like other types of personal injuries, a property owner’s negligent actions can cause serious bodily harm, or death, to those with a permissible purpose to exist on the owner’s property. Because so many variables are attached to each premises accident, retaining the services of a Glendale premises liability attorney would be prudent.

Hello, it’s Howard Craig Kornberg here briefly discussing my services related to premises injury law. For many years, I’ve successfully litigated numerous cases where accidents on construction sites, factories, hotels, apartments, even shopping malls were completely preventable. Property owners that fail in their duty to protect tenants, workers, and vacationers will be held accountable by my office.

Proof Must Be Irrefutable

Tripping over your own shoelaces at work, unfortunately, doesn’t qualify as a premises liability issue. Drinking a cup of hydrochloric acid, too, would only cause death but would not be a payable incident (unless the premises owner handed you a glass of it, which you would become a homicide victim). Premises liabilities such as slick floors that weren’t properly advertised as such, unstable scaffolding erected by a third party, and injury from roofs that caved in on hotel guests will qualify if:

  • The at-fault party gave you permission to be in the area where the accident occurred;
  • The at-fault party failed to disclose any potential dangers in the area;
  • Injury or death occurred;
  • The injury was directly connected to an owner’s negligence in keeping the property safe;
  • Injuries are substantial enough to merit asking for lost wages and other pecuniary damages.

Each loosely defined step above has its own burden of proof. Courts usually don’t entertain circumstantial personal injury cases because that would expose businesses and insurance companies to fraudulent activity. Hiring me as your premises liability lawyer, instead of representing yourself, could provide a much larger settlement and pave a much easier path toward proving your case.

Premises Care is Mandatory

When businesses open, or when companies hire employees, there’s an unspoken oath taken by these premises owners that they’ll protect each person. Of course, city ordinances and state laws enforce a property owner’s responsibility, but you won’t see many Walmart stores publicly address patron safety. Insurance policies are in place protecting the business from personal liability in the event an accident occurs, which is perhaps why so many business owners are lax when it comes to premises safety.

When you’ve been injured on another premises, follow the same protocol as you would with any other personal injury: the document is much as you can about your accident, file proper police reports, seek medical attention for injuries sustained, make sure the premises owner has been made aware, and retain the skilled representation of Howard Craig Kornberg, a Glendale premises liability attorney known for hard-hitting negotiation and the litigation tactics that get results clients are deserving of.

Premises injuries are no joke. Schedule your free consultation with my office immediately, as certain statutes of limitations apply to premises-related accidents.